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AUDIO: Listen to Chapter 1 of How to Love a Powerful Woman
. Have you had a chance to read the Loving FLR book called How to Love a Powerful Woman yet? I love this book! Yes, I wrote it and I think its great! I believe in myself! I took the time to create an audio version of the first chapter so that you can get a sneak peek.+ Read More .
Nov 11 5:27AM Loving FLR

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle In a Loving FLR?
. Weve all been enchanted by Prince Harry and Meghan Markles royal romance, but when you watch the two together do you see what I see? Whenever I watch the two together, I can detect a slight hint of a Loving Female Led Relationship. Sometimes he will speak and she will gently raise her hand to+ Read More .
Nov 9 5:43AM Loving FLR

Our FLR Set Her Free
. I couldnt be more lucky. At the same time I wonder how far she is going to take this.
Nov 8 5:07PM Loving FLR

How Do We Sabotage Our Female Led Relationships?
. Whether you are single or currently in a relationship, the state of your happiness may be related to your own doing. For those who consistently report that they cant find a Loving Female Led Relationship, it may not be that there is no one to create one with, it may be that you are standing+ Read More .
Nov 6 9:45PM Loving FLR

What a Powerful Woman Really Needs
. Last week I heard from a man who wanted to know how he could be a better support to his wife. He shared with me some of her personal issues and asked for my advice on how best to support her.
Nov 4 4:18AM Loving FLR

Nearly All Men Ask This One Question about FLRs
. When I offer surveys, or brief polls or even when people write in to this blog, the questions that they ask seem to mirror each other. The most common themes from women are about developing the confidence to lead a Loving Female Led Relationship.
Nov 1 10:16PM Loving FLR

My Boyfriend Is Too Passive
. Found this on Reddit. We are in an LDR and I keep sending him postacards and letters, but in 4 years he never sent me one.
Oct 30 10:41PM Loving FLR

DIVORCE COURT's Judge Lynn Toler Describes Her Amazing Husband
. Judge Lynn Toler was a guest on IHeartRadios The Breakfast Club recently where she discussed the new season of her show, her mental health issues and her amazing husband. When she described her husband it nearly brought me to tears.
Oct 27 1:09AM Loving FLR

She Was Hanged Because She Wouldn't Submit to Her Husband's Authority
. Anne Hibbins is in the history books for being one of the women accused of being a witch and hanged in Salem, Massachusetts. Do you remember the famous Salem Witch Trials that happened in the late 1600s? Well, according to Historys website, some 35 years before it became a trend to accuse random women of+ Read More .
Oct 25 4:02AM Loving FLR