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I Am a Sexually Dominant Woman
. Hi Te-Erika, I know where youre coming from with your concern for men abusing women and manipulating them into being dominant. I have the same concerns and feel sad for women who do not feel that they can speak up and say No when a man is being aggressive.
Jan 19 3:56AM Loving FLR

I Lost Her Because I Wanted Her to Focus On Me
. With the right Gentleman by her side a Powerful Woman can expand her power exponentially because he will add his power to hers. A Powerful Woman is attracted to power in a man, not meekness or neediness.
Jan 18 3:37PM Loving FLR

Readers HATE The Enlightened Submissive -Book Review
. My latest book- The Enlightened Submissive has only been out for ONE DAY and the very first feedback I received was that the reader found it to be untrue and unnecessary. She reached out to me via social media to share her opinions and I welcomed the conversation out of sincere appreciation for someone who+ Read More .
Jan 17 7:03PM Loving FLR

. Yay! After hearing from both men and women that they want to have a more accessible way to meet singles interested in FLRs outside of the PREMIUM FLR Matchmaking Service, I created an option called the LADIES CHOICE FLR Date Night and the first night was a success! The LADIES CHOICE FLR Date Night is+ Read More . The post SUCCESS! FLR Date Night RECAP appeared first on Loving FLR.
Jan 13 1:35AM Loving FLR

What are the Requirements for a Loving Female Led Relationship?
. Considering that a Loving Female Led Relationship is a relationship where the womans happiness is the priority in the relationship and the man willingly agrees to support her happiness, there are only two requirements for a Loving Female Led Relationship. The first requirement is that the woman must openly express what she wants from the+ Read More .
Jan 12 2:20AM Loving FLR

Is Monogamy The Best Indicator of Love?
. It baffles me when I read articles about people who were devastated by infidelity and had to get a divorce and go to counseling for trauma. I mean, I understand that dishonesty is hurtful and sneaking around is deceitful and even cruel to a person who has promised to be vulnerable with you and trust+ Read More .
Jan 5 7:51PM Loving FLR