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#1663 Why you shouldn't ignore text messaging for lead conversion
If youve ever gotten a sales call in the middle of your day from an insurance company, for example, you know that is not an experience you want for your own customers. Its very disruptive. Well, todays guest is an entrepreneur who came up with a solution for that.
Oct 15 1:00PM Mixergy

#1662 How to be a CEO that scales from idea to a $100M exit
The people you trust to find out what's going on with products in the tech industry go to iSuppli for their market research. I'm proud to have the founder on today. I want to find out how they've become such a staple for publications like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.
Oct 12 1:00PM Mixergy

#1661 This founder combined influencer marketing and subscription boxes into one really cool startup
Sherri Langburt is founder of Babbleboxx which places your products in the hands of heavyweight influencers by delivering customized experiential and contextual marketing campaigns. I invited her here to talk about how she has built this company. I want to find out how someone who considers herself to be very shy has reached out and built relationships with so many people and brands.
Oct 10 1:00PM Mixergy

#1660 How does a founder driven by creativity build a profitable company?
Today's guest is on a mission to bring people together through games all while accepting the fact that we are all connected to our devices. Alex Fleetwood is the founder of Sensible Object which builds inclusive social games augmented by software. I invited him here to talk about his ideas and how he turned them into a REAL business.
Oct 8 1:00PM Mixergy

#1659 How can a platform modernize an industry like insurance?
My guest, Jennifer Fitzgerald, saw how ancient the insurance space was and knew it didn't have to be this way. She had a background in insurance and felt she could modernize this enormous industry. Well, shes done it.
Oct 5 1:00PM Mixergy

#1658 How Infusionsoft was built
Infusionsoft started out as a company that was doing just okay. But then I noticed how they started dominating the market and now it feels like they've always been there. In this interview I want to find out how Infusionsoft has gotten as big as it has.
Oct 3 1:00PM Mixergy

#1657 The $200M company behind device trade-in programs
I used to think if I went to the store to buy a new phone and traded in my old phone that my phone was going back to the manufacturer to be refurbished and resold. It turns out that is not at all true. Turns out whoever you got your phone from is actually using another company to handle all that.
Oct 1 1:00PM Mixergy

#1656 How to overcome skepticism around your physical product
Today's guest is the founder of a company that makes sunglasses for kids. My first thought was, What babies are wearing sunglasses?! Turns out a lot of them. Molly Fienning is a co-founder of Babiators, which makes sunglasses for kids and babies.
Sep 28 1:00PM Mixergy