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#1689 The app builder who is killing robo calls
Today's guest had an experience like many people and thought, Man, these automated phone calls are frustrating! They had to be stopped. So he entered a competition to come up with a solution. He won that competition.
Dec 17 2:00PM Mixergy

#1688 How third generation entrepreneur Godard Abel builds a company
Joining me today is a guy who has built three phenomenal companies. Two of them have sold. This guest is so big I don't even know why he's on Mixergy to be honest.
Dec 14 2:00PM Mixergy

#1687 An insider look at Mixergy's pre-interview process
Today I have one of the key members of the Mixergy team, Arie Desormeaux the Mixergy Producer. I invited her here to talk about how Mixergy operates and our iterative process. It takes a lot of work and it took us a long time to change the way we worked internally.
Dec 12 2:00PM Mixergy

#1686 How to scale gut-feelings with media buying
Today's guest has been running his company for five years. It's huge but still under the radar. I'm wondering why, so I've invited the founder here to talk about it.
Dec 10 2:00PM Mixergy

#1685 How to turn your blog into a real business
One of my big challenges is that I have a San Francisco mindset. So when I see a small blog that isn't in the league of, say, TechCrunch, I really don't think much of them. And that was true of Social Media Examiner.
Dec 7 2:00PM Mixergy

#1684 A former stand-up comic builds a hair care company for children
You guys know I have two kids. Well, it seems like every six months I get a letter from their school telling me their is a lice outbreak. It's a total pain for a parent.
Dec 5 2:00PM Mixergy

#1683 Founder of Google Docs takes on a big problem
You may not know Steve Newman, but you probably regularly use the software he created. In 2005 he launched Writely, a pioneer online word processor which sold to Google and became the basis for Google Docs. At Google he noticed a massive problem.
Dec 3 2:00PM Mixergy

#1682 How to work through leadership growth pains (through writing)
Today's guest is Dave Hanley, the founder of Tomorrow.me. It's an app that allows people to create a trust with a free will and a free trust, and then back it up with just the right amount of insurance.
Nov 30 2:00PM Mixergy

#1681 How a founder must change as the company grows from startup to IPO
Joining me today is an entrepreneur who was working on a startup during the dot com boom and he was shaped by the foolishness of that era. Most recently he is the founder of a company called MobileIron which he took public. Bob Tinker is the co-founder of MobileIron which helps companies enable their employees to choose the best devices and best apps they want to do their work.
Nov 28 2:00PM Mixergy