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Inside the DNSpionage hacks that hijack domains at an unprecedented scale
KrebsOnSecurity details how attackers took control of sensitive domains around the world.
Feb 18 9:48PM Ars Technica

With elections weeks away, someone sophisticated hacked Australia's politicians
Hacks come on heels of attack on Parliament House network earlier in February.
Feb 18 7:00PM Ars Technica

Electric truck startup announces $700 million funding round led by Amazon
The company says its truck and SUV will be ready for delivery by late 2020.
Feb 17 3:00PM Ars Technica

Behold, the Facebook phishing scam that could dupe even vigilant users
HTML block almost perfectly reproduces Facebook single sign-on Window.
Feb 16 11:30AM Ars Technica

Shell buys Sonnen, Tesla's competitor in the home battery business
The acquisition follows Shell's purchase of EV charging company Greenlots.
Feb 15 8:54PM Ars Technica

Researchers, scared by their own work, hold back deepfakes for text AI
OpenAI's GPT-2 algorithm shows machine learning could ruin online content for everyone.
Feb 15 8:10PM Ars Technica

Ajit Pai orders phone companies to adopt new anti-robocall tech in 2019
Pai threatens "regulatory" action if carriers don't use Caller ID authentication.
Feb 14 7:14PM Ars Technica

Startup will store energy by forcing compressed air in a defunct zinc mine
The adiabatic process will be built with AUD $9 million in government-funded grants.
Feb 14 6:20PM Ars Technica

Amazon caught selling counterfeits of publisher's computer booksagain
Bill Pollock says Amazon is printing themand even the product photo is fake.
Feb 14 2:56PM Ars Technica

Citing lack of demand, Airbus cancels A380 superjumbo aircraft
What we're seeing here is the end of the large, four-engine aircraft.
Feb 14 2:17PM Ars Technica

MalwareTech loses bid to suppress damning statements made after days of partying
Researcher said statements he made after taking intoxicating substances should be thrown out.
Feb 14 12:19AM Ars Technica

Microsoft patches zero-day vulnerabilities in IE and Exchange
IE info bug was under active exploit; exploit code for Exchange flaw was circulating.
Feb 13 6:25AM Ars Technica

Catastrophic hack on email provider destroys almost two decades of data
VFEmail says data for virtually all US users is gone for good.
Feb 12 6:25PM Ars Technica

Since Trump tariffs, solar jobs have atrophied
Solar jobs slip for the second year in a row, says The Solar Foundation annual report.
Feb 12 5:30PM Ars Technica

Hackers keep trying to get malicious Windows file onto MacOS
Clever trick may be designed to bypass Gatekeeper protections built into macOS.
Feb 11 10:59PM Ars Technica

Texas lawmaker wants to ban mobile throttling in disaster areas
Democrat proposes ban apparently in response to Verizon throttling firefighters.
Feb 11 9:38PM Ars Technica

SpaceX seeks FCC OK for 1 million satellite broadband Earth stations
SpaceX Starlink team wants quick FCC approval to support "ambitious timetable.
Feb 11 6:10PM Ars Technica

Google Play caught hosting an app that steals users' cryptocurrency
Clipper" app replaced user's wallet address with addresses controlled by developers.
Feb 9 4:45PM Ars Technica

AT&T sued by Sprint, must defend decision to tell users that 4G is 5G E
Sprint says AT&T's "5G E" campaign violates laws against false advertising.
Feb 8 7:52PM Ars Technica

Google Fiber's biggest failure: ISP will turn service off in Louisville
Google Fiber will leave city and try to clean up the mess it made.
Feb 8 4:15PM Ars Technica