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How Nigeria Can Escape the Natural-Resource Curse
Investing in health and education is the key to breaking its unhealthy dependence on oil.
Oct 16 6:00AM Bloomberg View

Shrinking Hasn't Stopped Japan From Growing
More immigration allows much-needed growth in the workforce. A higher sales tax shores up government finances.
Oct 15 8:00PM Bloomberg View

Housing Market Is Raising Serious Red Flags
Real home price growth looks to have already entered a cyclical downturn that is likely to intensify as affordability worsens.
Oct 15 5:00PM Bloomberg View

The Fed's 1 Million Lost Jobs
The Federal Reserve's insistence on raising interest rates is preventing more Americans from working.
Oct 15 11:00AM Bloomberg View

Global Economic Leaders Point to Mounting Risks
Central bankers and finance ministers gathered in Bali dismiss prospects for a synchronized pickup in growth.
Oct 14 11:28PM Bloomberg View

Trump Is Risking an Even Greater Chicken War
A trade spat over poultry between the U.S. and European nations in the 1960s left lasting damage.
Oct 14 2:00PM Bloomberg View

Trump Turns Fed Critics Into Fed Defenders
Members of the policy club don't like it when Trump assails the Federal Reserve. They agree with the president, but still: It's gauche for a head of state to weigh in.
Oct 11 2:12PM Bloomberg View

Unsteady Paychecks Are Making Americans Anxious
Stable earnings are increasingly a thing of the past. Income swings are hard on everyone, but especially the poor.
Oct 11 12:00PM Bloomberg View

This Economy Can Take Bad News, Just Not All at Once
The expansion chugs along despite higher freight costs last winter, a blow to consumer products this spring, and slumping auto and housing stocks this fall.
Oct 11 10:00AM Bloomberg View

Pakistan Bailout Exposes Potholes in Belt and Road
A program meant to draw countries into China's orbit may just end up pushing them back into Western arms.
Oct 11 2:40AM Bloomberg View

China Can't Grow Like an Emerging Market Forever
That's OK. The world needs Beijing to keep moving toward the normalcy of slower growth, complete with ups and downs of the business cycle.
Oct 10 10:00PM Bloomberg View

Amazon's $15 Minimum Wage Might Cost Some Workers
Keeping low-paid underperformers on the payroll will be harder to justify, while others who benefited from bonuses may see pay cuts.
Oct 10 2:00PM Bloomberg View

Trump Puts Supply-Side Economics to Its Final Test
The president's tax cuts were supposed to lead to faster growth and bigger wage increases. So far, there's no sign that pay has gotten a boost.
Oct 10 12:00PM Bloomberg View

The Midwest Tells Us an Interesting Growth Story
In the Northeast, the biggest cities have been sucking up what little population growth there is. In the Midwest, there's lots more going on.
Oct 9 6:00PM Bloomberg View

'Trumponomics' Takes a Heavy Toll on the World
IMF report shows the impact of U.S. tax cuts and tariffs on global growth and emerging markets.
Oct 9 1:20PM Bloomberg View

New Era of Free Trade Leaves Mexico More Isolated
Its economy was already uncomfortably reliant on the U.S. Now diversification is even less likely, and Asia will suffer.
Oct 9 9:00AM Bloomberg View

Brexit's Economic Damage Is Getting Real
The costs of Brexit are growing, and that dividend is still elusive.
Oct 9 4:00AM Bloomberg View

A Nobel Reminder of Why R&D Matters So Much
Paul Romer, co-winner of this year's economics prize, showed that new discoveries create a virtuous cycle of growth.
Oct 8 7:35PM Bloomberg View

Fed Is Intent on Raising Rates Even If Economy Sours
All FOMC members expect policy rates to rise above long range estimates of what is considered neutral.
Oct 8 5:00PM Bloomberg View

China Resorts to Old Tools for New Economic Problems
Central Bank efforts to fight a slowdown will stifle the critical shift to growth based on consumption.
Oct 8 4:30PM Bloomberg View