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My Finished DIY Writing Desk
Yesterday I showed you how I built a large no-frills writing desk for my studio. I didnt want any drawers or a fancy design.
1 hr ago | Addicted to Decorating site

Simple DIY Writing Desk - Part 1
Im excited to start building studio cabinets and my big workroom table, but a desk is at the top of my priority list for the studio. This is the desk that will go in my home office section of the studio, and its where Ill sit every day to edit photos, write blog posts, work on my blog, etc.
1 day ago | Addicted to Decorating site

Little Progress, Lots Of Frustration
To say that this has not been a very productive week would be an understatement. This has been a week filled with one frustration after another.
4 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

First The Bedroom-To-Master Bathroom Conversion, Then The Addition
Matt and I have finally reached a compromise on the addition. If youll remember, Matt was ready at the beginning of the year to start on the addition.
8 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

If You Paint Your Hardwood Floor, Beware Tannin Bleed Through
A little over a week ago, I painted a black and white chevron design on the back entry floor. Before I painted that design, the floor had been wood filled, sanded and stained with one coat of white tinted wood stain.
10 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

My Finished DIY Whitewashed Red Oak Hardwood Floors
My floors are done, and while whitewashing red oak hardwood floors is a huge job, I think it was very well worth the effort and hard work. My studio is so light and bright, and I dont think it would look like that with dark stained floors.
11 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

How I Trim My Windows And Doors (Easy DIY Window & Door Casings With No Miter Cuts!)
Ive had a few requests lately for a step-by-step demonstration of how I trim my windows and doors. Ive shown this a couple of times before, but I looked back at those posts, and they were kind of confusing even for me.
13 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

You Can Buy My Wallpaper! (Plus, A Few Studio Details)
I had enough people ask me about purchasing the big, bold, watercolor floral wallpaper that I created for my studio that I went ahead and purchased the commercial license from the artist who originally painted the watercolor flowers so that I could offer the wallpaper to the public via Spoonflower. You can find the wallpaper here.
14 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

Studio Wallpaper Is Up! (Plus, Tips For Installing Spoonflower Wallpaper)
My plan for the weekend was to finish my floors. As of Friday, they still needed three more coats of polyurethane.
15 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

Whitewashed Studio Floor Progress
I had hoped to be able to show you my completely finished studio floor today, but I didnt quite get everything done. BUTI did get the entire whitewashing process finished, and I was way too excited about how things turned out to wait until Monday to show you.
18 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site

Painted Black And White Chevron Floor Design
Yall know that for months now, Ive been dreaming of having a black and white design on the floor in the back entry of my studio. Whether I used tile or hardwood flooring, I was determined to have a black and white design in place of a rug.
20 days ago | Addicted to Decorating site