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Pantry Cabinet Progress The Finalized Layout
I have pantry cabinet progress to share! Its not much yet. As you probably know, plain cabinet boxes really arent pretty or exciting to look at. Theyre just plain plywood boxes, after all.
Oct 16 3:18PM Addicted to Decorating

Two Things (One Product And One Process) That Have Changed My DIY Life
Yall, my life (my DIY life, that is) has been changed. Revolutionized. I know that sounds dramatic, and maybe it is, but I dont think Im being overly so.
Oct 15 2:59PM Addicted to Decorating

The Print Shop Is Open! (Art Prints Of Colorful And Mesmerizing Macro Photography For Sale)
First of all, thank you so much for all of your amazing feedback on Mondays post where I shared my new obsession macro photography of alcohol inks in resin. And as promised, I finally have some of the images available for purchase. So far, I have five collections edited, uploaded and ready to go.
Oct 12 2:49PM Addicted to Decorating

One Room Challenge, Week 2: How To Make Marbled Resin and Alcohol Ink Wall Tiles (Video)
I had planned for my first week of the One Room Challenge to be all about making and installing cabinets in the pantry, but after giving it some thought, I realized that the first project right out of the starting gate really needed to be the marbled resin and alcohol ink tiles that I planned []
Oct 11 2:21PM Addicted to Decorating

Macro Resin Petri Photography Artwork
Well, I have a new obsession. I mean, yall already know that I cant get enough resin, and I want to resin all the things. And I cant seem to get enough of these little four-inch resin petries.
Oct 8 3:26PM Addicted to Decorating

My Pantry Freezer Form Over Function, or Function Over Form?
The pantry fun starts today! Im finalizing my purchase list this morning and heading to Home Depot to get all of my plywood and supplies. Im so excited to jump right in. But after reading a few comments about the freezer placement yesterday, I do need to make one big decision before I can get []
Oct 5 1:54PM Addicted to Decorating

One Room Challenge, Week 1: The Pantry Plan
Yall, Im doing it! I decided to finally do a One Room Challenge as a guest participant. After years of following the other participants, making an afternoon of admiring all of the reveals each season, and wishing I had the nerve to participate, Ive finally decided to do it. Since I have two areas in []
Oct 4 2:00PM Addicted to Decorating

Backsplash Tile Experiment #2 (Much Better This Time!) - Resin and Alcohol Inks
Yall, I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday doing more experimenting with tiles and resin. And this time, at the suggestion of several of you, I tried alcohol inks. After many, many tries (and fails), I finally got my technique down where I could get fairly consistent results.
Oct 2 3:10PM Addicted to Decorating

My Backsplash Experiment - DIY Marbled Resin Subway Tiles
A couple of weeks ago, I showed yall these marbled resin tiles made by an artist I follow on Instagram. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ann Upton (@annupton.art) on Sep 10, 2018 at 12:11pm PDT At the time, I had this idea that Id love to use those on []
Oct 1 2:56PM Addicted to Decorating

A Tiny Bit Of Pantry Progress My Freezer Decision
Ive been struggling with this decision for quite some time. And quite honestly, I think it is the one thing that has been holding up progress on my pantry for so long. And that decision is What kind of freezer should I get? If I were using modular, movable storage in my pantry, it wouldnt []
Sep 27 2:21PM Addicted to Decorating