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New Entry Light Fixture, Flooring Option, and Half Bathroom Wall Inspiration
. Progress on the studio was slow but steady over the weekend. After much frustration, I finally got the walls painted.
Mar 18 2:37PM Addicted to Decorating

Back Entry Wall Color, Studio & Back Entry Lighting Selections, And More
. I made a wall color decision for the back entry, and the winning color isGREEN! And, as you can see, the doors will be black. Things are still very much in progress, so theyre looking kind of rough at this point.
Mar 15 3:02PM Addicted to Decorating

My Electrical Scare (Plus, How To Rewire A Pendant Light)
. Yesterday I showed yall my brand new lighting in the studio. What I didnt share was the behind-the-scenes story about an electrical scare that made me lose sleep the night before last.
Mar 13 3:29PM Addicted to Decorating

The Studio Has Lights! (Ultra Thin LED Recessed Lights)
. Yall, the studio finally has lighting!! This area hasnt had lighting since it was a garage almost two years ago. The lighting all came down before the garage-to-studio conversion started, and it hasnt had lighting (or electricity, for that matter) since.
Mar 12 5:15PM Addicted to Decorating

Studio Painting Progress And A Slight Change Of Plans
. Ive finally started the pretty stuff in the studio! Well, that is, if painting is included in the pretty stuff category. It is, right? I think it is.
Mar 11 3:28PM Addicted to Decorating

Electrical Basics - How To Wire An Electrical Outlet
. Today I want to share yet another electrical basics post with you. This one is super simple, but its one that a few of you have asked for specifically how to wire an electrical out.
Mar 7 4:49PM Addicted to Decorating

Studio Progress An Amazing Back Entry Transformation!
. The work on the drywall is still in progress, but every day, these areas are looking more and more like actual rooms. Its so exciting! I showed yall the studio progress a couple of days ago, so while it does look better now, its not a huge difference.
Mar 6 3:15PM Addicted to Decorating

The Search For Studio Lighting
. Ive been trying to finalize some decisions for the studio so that I can get everything ordered and ready to go so I can get started as soon as the drywall is finished. One of the big decisions is lighting.
Mar 4 3:56PM Addicted to Decorating

Studio Progress - We Have Drywall!
. Its been a slow week on the blog, but its been a full week of progress in the studio! Progress at this stage on a room this big seems kind of slow, but its steady. And while its not all installed yet, we do have drywall! That means the studio is really starting to look like an actual room.
Mar 1 2:40PM Addicted to Decorating

Studio Progress Electrical, HVAC and Spray Foam Insulation
. Three out of the four things that I hired the contractor to take care of have been finished. All of the electrical has been finished to the point it needs to be before drywall goes up.
Feb 26 3:39PM Addicted to Decorating