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Blind Man To Run Half Marathon With Guide Dogs
Unusual team to toe the starting line. Three guide dogs will lead Thomas Panek in the New York City Half Marathon on March 17, 2019. He will be the first blind runner to finish the race with the guidance of dogs rather than of other human runners, and his Labrador Retrievers will be the first athletes from their species to participate in the race.
Mar 17 2:46AM The Bark

PetJoy: Supplements Quiz
. Test your knowledge on mobility, joint pain, heart health, and overall dog health with our quiz! Tags: Paid Advertising
Mar 15 11:51PM The Bark

Greta Thunberg
The Young Environmental Activist Challenges the World. Congratulations to all the young people who are marching in cities around the world today to support action to solve the climate change crisis. It is inspiring that it is studentsincluding Greta Thunbergwho are leading this movement to help save our planet.
Mar 15 6:11PM The Bark

Contaminants Affect Fertility in Dogs and Men
Different species, same problem. Changes in sperm motility and damage to the DNA in the sperm are issues for males of both the human and the canine species. Over roughly the last 75 years (from 1938 to 2011), researchers have documented a 50-percent reduction in sperm quality in humans and the trend occurs worldwide.
Mar 15 5:21PM The Bark

Smiling Dog: Loki
. Dog's name and age: Loki, 2 years . Adoption Story: I spotted Loki on a Korean rescue organization's Facebook page. In a video clip, a volunteer was walking Loki and gave him a pat on the head.
Mar 14 6:43PM The Bark

Smiling Dog: Riley
. Dog's name and age: Riley, 1 year . Adoption Story: Riley was adopted from the Canine Connections program at Echo Glen Children's Center, a youth correctional facility in Snoqualmie, Wash. This long running program pairs the at-risk youth at Echo Glen with local shelter dogs who are looking for a leg up in getting adopted.
Mar 14 6:03PM The Bark

National Champion Names Her Dog Pie
A shout out to this pair on Pi Day!. I love dogs, I love running, and I love dessert, so any time that two or more of them come together is a source of joy for me. Newly crowned national champion and 2016 Olympian Colleen Quigley beautifully combined all three.
Mar 12 9:07PM The Bark

Dog Summits Peak In Nepal
It's the highest known canine climb. Many hikers have stories about stray dogs who have joined them on an adventure, but Don Wargowsky of Seattle has a story that literally tops them all. That's because a dog named Mera joined his mountaineering party and summited Baruntsea peak near Mount Everest in Nepalwhich may be the highest place a dog has every climbed.
Mar 8 3:47AM The Bark

Smiling Dog: Murphy
. Dog's name and age: Murphy, 3 years . Adoption story: When Murphy was a puppy, he and his sister were placed in a box, then abandoned on the side of the road in Northern Canada. He was rescued and a home was found for him with a family.
Mar 7 9:21PM The Bark

Heartwarming or Distressing Video? Interpreting Dog Body Language
Describing this interaction as heartwarming is way off base. In a video of a soldier's reunion with his family, an adorable baby and an upset dog are both in the man's lap. The soldier is clearly ecstatic to be back with his baby girl and his dog, but the dog's emotional state leads me to feel sorry for her.
Mar 6 6:28PM The Bark

Tips on Calming a Nervous Dog
. Is your pet acting nervous or anxious? This can come seemingly out of nowhere and become a big concern. After all, you love your dog and want them to be happy and healthy. Seeing them dealing with nervousness or anxiousness can be an upsetting experience.
Feb 28 7:22PM The Bark

Baby Gifts With A Dog Theme
A reminder of one's identity. When my first son was born, it came as no surprise to me that my life changeda lot. What really caught me off guard as quite a shock was how much my identity changed, especially in the eyes of the people around me.
Feb 27 9:11PM The Bark

Your Dog's Personality Can Change Over Time
. Like humans, dogs' personalities likely change over time, according to new research. . When dog owners spend extra time scratching their dogs' bellies, take their dogs out for long walks and games of fetch, or even when they feel constant frustration over their dogs' naughty chewing habits, they are gradually shaping their pets' personalities.
Feb 26 6:07PM The Bark

Dog And Tortoise Rescued From Tunnel
Strange bedfellows indeed!. Taylor the German Shepherd and Godzilla the 70-pound tortoise got themselves into quite a pickle. When firefighters arrived at the scene, both animals were trapped in a tunnel a couple of meters from the entrance.
Feb 25 7:23PM The Bark