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Smiling Dog: Bailey
. Dog's name and age: Bailey, 1 year How was he named? Named for one of his person's favorite films, It's A Wonderful Life, he's named for George Bailey. Adoption Story? Bailey was found with his siblings on the side of a highway and taken to the local animal shelter. The family spotted him at the shelter and it was love at first sight.
Oct 11 9:45PM The Bark

Helping Dogs Lose Weight
Changing guardian behavior can help. Despite the actions of the dog in this video, not a lot of dogs are stressing out over their weight loss woes. It's wonderful that they are not suffering the esteem issues and other misery so many people face due to our society's obsession with being thin.
Oct 11 1:12AM The Bark

Poem: Precautions
. My aging buff cocker, forever the runt in my mind, has to take these heart pills that I pick up for her at the drugstore where I get my own people medicine. And so Dink has my last name, at least the pharmacists say so. She and I talk about our health; one day I may be given enalapril too.
Oct 9 11:18PM The Bark

Ending Greyhound Racing
. History awaits the Greyhounds this fall. On Election Day 2018, the voters of Florida will have an opportunity to turn back the hands of time and end dog racing in its most established state. As many as 8,000 lucky Greyhounds stand to receive the second chance they deserve, released from nearly 100 years of exploitation and cruelty.
Oct 9 10:55PM The Bark

Dog-Friendly Fall Travel Ideas
Lake Placid, NY; Asheville NC; Taos, NM; Mount Ranier, WA. Autumn is an ideal season for hitting the road or trail with your canine co-pilot. Cooler temperatures bring a riot of reds, yellows and oranges.
Oct 9 10:43PM The Bark

Billie Asks: What's My Ancestry?
Oct 8 9:26PM The Bark

Toffee and Shadow & Jacqueline
Park Slope, Brooklyn. From the new book: City of Dogs New York Dogs, Their Neighborhoods, and the People Who Love Them . We were learning to walk the Brooklyn streets as though we had always belonged to them our voices loud, our laughter even louder, Jacqueline Woodson wrote in her novel Another Brooklyn.
Oct 8 9:08PM The Bark

Veterinarian Saves Senior Dog from a Brain Tumor (Twice!)
. I've spent a lot of time over the past few months lying on the floor weeping beside my 13-year-old Border Collie, Echo. She has always been particular about how she wants to be petted so I do my best to focus on her neck and belly but not her face - she doesn't like that. .
Oct 8 8:58PM The Bark

On Woofsconsin! University of Wisconsin highlights dogs
Dogs are college material. The badger is the most revered animal at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, being the mascot and all. However, Wisconsin dogs are now receiving the adulation they are accustomed to by showing off their college gear and their interest in the campus.
Oct 8 5:43PM The Bark

On Woofsconsin! University highlights dogs
Dogs are college material. The badger is the most revered animal at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, being the mascot and all. However, Wisconsin dogs are now receiving the adulation they are accustomed to by showing off their college gear and their interest in the campus.
Oct 8 5:43PM The Bark

Training To Recognize Canine Fear
Mixed results on its effectiveness. In large scale scientific studies based on surveys, people are frequently asked to report information about fearfulness in their dogs, but it's hard to determine whether people are able to do so accurately. A new study called Effect of training for dog fear identification on dog owner ratings of fear in familiar and unfamiliar dogs asked 1) Which fear behaviors can guardians reliably recognize in dogs? and 2) Does training people how to recognize fear in dogs change the way that they rate fearfulness in familiar and unfamiliar dogs?Tags: behaviorscienceblog
Oct 5 6:44PM The Bark

Smiling Dogs: Bruce Wayne
. Dog's name and age: Bruce Wayne, 1 year . Tell us the story of how you adopted your dog? I saw Bruce's photo posted on a local Corgi enthusiasts page because he was thought to be part Corgi. It was love at first sight! A few days later I stopped by the adoption event where he would be but I learned that the foster family had decided to keep him.
Oct 4 10:03PM The Bark

Kitchen Hazards for Your Dog
Watch out for these food-related toxins and hazards with your pup. We all know that raisins, grapes and chocolate are off-limits for our canine companions. But did you know that there are other kitchen items and foods that can pose a risk to your beloved pet? For instance, you've just left a loaf of bread to rise on your counter.
Oct 4 6:52PM The Bark

Hike the Continental Divide with Your Dog
. This year the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) will celebrate its 40th anniversary alongside the National Trails System Act which will mark its 50th anniversary. The Continental Divide Trail is a 3,100-mile long trail that follows the U.S.
Oct 4 6:28PM The Bark

Poem For Daniel
Mariah . A scent assails her senses, a redolence from long ago bursts into vivid canine memory:She is lying next to him inside a sleeping bag, her nose nuzzled into his neck. .
Oct 4 6:22PM The Bark

Training Rescued Pit Bulls as Service Dogs for those with Disabilities
In Conversation with Animal Farm Foundation. When Fiona Gilbert, biohacker and movement therapist, was diagnosed with a debilitating degenerative neurological disorder, she looked for ways to adapt to the realities of the condition. One involved finding a service dog trained for bracing worknot an easy thing.
Oct 3 11:25PM The Bark

My Achy-Breaky Dog
. My eleven-year-old Schnauzer, Odie, is an old man at heart. He always has been. But when he started wobbling and having trouble walking up stairs, I knew the problem was deeper than his grumpy-old-man demeanor.
Oct 3 8:11PM The Bark

Dachshund with Cancer Gets 3D-Printed Dog Skull
The procedure is thought to be the first of its kind in North America. A 9-year old Dachshund became the beneficiary of a miracle in modern veterinary medicine when she received a custom made titanium skull courtesy of 3D printing technology. Patches had a bump on her head for years, prompting her guardians to call her their little unicorn.
Oct 2 8:35PM The Bark

?Bark Likes This: Stoneware Pet Bowl
. ?Add some class to your collection with this gorgeous hand thrown ceramic dog bowl. The brilliant sea mist green pet bowl was designed by artist Gary Benn from white stoneware clay. Features a heavier build to ensure it stays put while your pup eats her food.
Oct 1 10:29PM The Bark

?Bark Like This: Watercolor Pet Portraits
. ?Unique watercolor dog portraits make for a wonderful gift or a treasured keepsake. Artist Daniela Timarn of Juanita's Colored Book in Texas makes whimsical watercolors with a splash of color. Available in two sizes 5x7" and 8x10" Tags: bark likes thisproducts
Oct 1 10:23PM The Bark