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Model Airplane News Celebrates Our 90th Anniversary
Inspiring readers since 1929, Model Airplane News was there right at the beginning. It was 1929 and during the golden age of flying when our founder, George C. Johnson, launched the magazine.
Oct 16 4:32PM Model Airplane News

Rage RC X-Fly VTOL
If youre ready for a unique RC flying experience, the Rage X-Fly VTOL is the aircraft for you. In addition to typical 4-channel drone control, the X-Fly is capable of high alpha flight like an aircraft thanks to software that allows pilots to fly at either 20- or 35-degree angles of attack. It also includes [] .
Oct 16 2:10PM Model Airplane News

Troubleshooting Gas Engines
OK, so you've installed your gasoline engine properly, and made sure that the fuel tank is properly installed and the fuel lines and fuel filter are all hooked up correctly, but you still can't get any fire in the holethe engine just wont start. As a safety note here, we always recommend using a properly sized heavy [] . The post Troubleshooting Gas Engines appeared first on Model Airplane News.
Oct 15 12:00PM Model Airplane News

First Flight P-40 Warhawk
Did you hear? The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was first flown 80 years ago today on October 14, 1938! Wow! The XP-40 was flown in Buffalo, NY. Do you have an RC model of the P-40? let us know! . The post First Flight P-40 Warhawk appeared first on Model Airplane News.
Oct 14 1:10PM Model Airplane News

MAN Plans: 25% Fokker E.V.
This 1/4-scale Fokker E.V., designed by David Johnson (plan no.
Oct 9 7:54PM Model Airplane News

Graupner HoTTigger V2
Graupner's latest offering, the HoTTrigger 1400S V2 Competition Plug-and-Play (PNP), includes many performance and durability upgrades to the original high-performance aerobatic model. According to Graupner, the HoTTrigger combines the best attributes of the Extra 330SC and Edge 540 designs and incorporates a NACA 63A-mod airfoil for outstanding performance at any speed. Like its predecessor, it [] .
Oct 9 2:33PM Model Airplane News

Tips for Formers and Stringers
As my current workshop project continues, I thought it would be a good time to address proper installation and alignment of fuselage formers and stringers. There are some tips that make it easier to keep everything straight and properly aligned. Just take your time.
Oct 8 3:41PM Model Airplane News

Pro Tips for Flying Twins
Theres just something special about twin-engine airplanes. Whenever a twin shows up at the flying field, most modelers stop what theyre doing and go over to check it out. Maybe its the sound of the engines as they sync into and out of phase while the model is in the air; or perhaps its the [] .
Oct 8 1:08PM Model Airplane News

Pro Tips for Flying Twins
Theres just something special about twin-engine airplanes. Whenever a twin shows up at the flying field, most modelers stop what theyre doing and go over to check it out. Maybe its the sound of the engines as they sync into and out of phase while the model is in the air; or perhaps its the [] .
Oct 8 12:00PM Model Airplane News

The latest News from the AMA
Today, the Senate passed the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018, and we expect President Trump to sign it into law soon. This bill includes significant modifications to our hobby. While some of the changes are positive, and include provisions that AMA has championed, overall the bill is problematic, such as a 400 AGL altitude cap [] .
Oct 3 8:27PM Model Airplane News

New for Premium Members
Mastering Adverse Yaw. As the name implies, adverse yaw is an adverse or unfavorable flight condition that, among other things, delay student pilots from achieving their solo abilities. Until his or her skills improve, struggling and committing to many hours of practice before soloing has been the burden of the student pilot.
Oct 2 7:29PM Model Airplane News

19-foot RC Caproni Bomber
The hit of the Dayton 2018 WW I Dawn Patrol Rendezvous was the amazing RC 1/4-scale Italian Caproni Bomber built and flown by Greg Hahn of New Castle Indiana. The recent WWI Dawn Patrol Rendezvous drew dozens of impressive giant scale WW I aircraft both full size and RC, and the star of the radio [] . The post 19-foot RC Caproni Bomber appeared first on Model Airplane News.
Oct 2 7:14PM Model Airplane News

Giant Morane Saulnier Type N
This RC French fighter has fully functional wing warping and an all-flying stabilizer/elevator set up. Brian Dean of East Hampton, New York, is a member of the Long Island Skyhawks and an accomplished giant-scale modeler. His latest build, a 33%-scale Morane Saulnier Type N, is the culmination of his modeling experience to date.
Oct 1 8:09PM Model Airplane News

Monster Mitchell Bomber!
The amazing 1/3-scale B-25 bomber wowed the spectators and attendees at the Weston Park RC Show in the UK with its performance and its sound! The monsterous 326-pound B-25 Mitchell was flown by Roland Sabatschus, one of three brothers who spent more than 5 years building it. The 20-foot-span bomber is powered by twin 400cc [] . The post Monster Mitchell Bomber! appeared first on Model Airplane News.
Oct 1 3:00PM Model Airplane News

Durafly EFX Racer
The Terracotta Edition. This high performance sports model has a 43.7 inch (1100mm) winspan and is a PNF for quick assembly.
Oct 1 2:56PM Model Airplane News

New Building Project: Nieuport 27
MAN editor Gerry Yarrish just cant seem to stay out of the workshop, and is always thinking of new projects to build. Gerrys newest is a 27.5% scale Nieuport 27.
Oct 1 2:35PM Model Airplane News

Radial powered Giant Telemaster
What do you do when you have a new Moki 180 5-cylinder gas engine and you want to test run it before you install it in your 1/3-scale WW 1 Nieuport 28? Our good friend and flying buddy Whitney Philbrick decided to come up with a stable and easy to fly flying test bed! Mating [] . The post Radial powered Giant Telemaster appeared first on Model Airplane News.
Oct 1 1:58PM Model Airplane News

Durafly Mitsubishi J8M Shusui PNF
The Mitsubishi J8M Shusui was a World War II jet designed for the Japanese Navy based on the German ME-163 Komet design. Only a small number of development planes were built to help combat the U.S.
Sep 27 8:38PM Model Airplane News

Super Scale Radial Engine Building a dummy warbird powerplant
With electric motors now being used more frequently in scale models, we have new possibilities for enhancing the models appearance. Because theyre virtually vibration free and run cleanly, they allow any dummy engine and motor mount to be constructed around them and all from readily available home workshop materials. I needed such a dummy engine for my [] .
Sep 27 6:01PM Model Airplane News

Durafly T-28 Trojan
Durafly T-28 Trojan Naval Aviation Centennial Edition 1100mm This striking version of the Durafly T-28 Trojan comes in a unique color scheme for the Naval Aviation Centennial (1911-2011) (US Navy). The Durafly T-28 is an impressive RC plane to fly and even has the ability to be upgraded for the extreme challenge of FPV flying. [] .
Sep 26 6:58PM Model Airplane News