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Meghan Markle' most googled person in UK in 2018
Firm's UK search results also featured the World Cup, Bitcoin and Black Panther highly.
Dec 12 12:03AM BBC technology

Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou released on bail in Canada
A Canadian court releases Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou on bail, as the US seeks her extradition.
Dec 12 12:00AM BBC technology

Child advice chatbots fail to spot sexual abuse
Two leading chat apps also struggled with questions about drugs and bulimia.
Dec 11 12:00AM BBC technology

Apple denies iPhone import ban in China
Chip-maker Qualcomm says it has won an injunction against Apple in a continuing dispute over intellectual property.
Dec 10 4:26PM BBC technology

Huawei Honor View20 and Samsung A8s have hole-punch cameras
Two smartphones with cameras encircled by their screens are launched within hours of each other.
Dec 10 2:21PM BBC technology

China's new games censors take tough stance
A panel of experts bans nine mobile games and sends another 11 back for changes.
Dec 10 1:48PM BBC technology

Facebook's hidden battle against ad-blockers
The methods Facebook uses to thwart ad-blocking technology have been criticised by web developers.
Dec 10 1:00PM BBC technology

Fortnite: Gamer charged with assault during live stream
He moves off camera and a woman's voice is heard shouting "woman basher" and "you hit me in the face".
Dec 10 9:49AM BBC technology

Formula E: Why refreshed and recharged electric racing series is a must watch
Refreshed and recharged - Formula E is live on the BBC this season and there are plenty of reasons why it is a must watch.
Dec 10 8:50AM BBC technology

Outdated' IT and old computers found in Welsh schools
Schools are too far behind technology such as smartphones and iPads in teaching IT, a watchdog says.
Dec 10 1:22AM BBC technology

How to be a spy in the digital age
The head of MI6 has just revealed a huge secret - his first ever mission. But being a spy is very different now.
Dec 9 10:51AM BBC technology

What's going on with Huawei?
The Chinese telecoms giant was the focus of international scrutiny even before the arrest of a senior executive.
Dec 7 2:18PM BBC technology

Fortnite-maker opens PC games store to challenge Steam
The games store opens with just three titles for sale but says it will expand quickly in 2019.
Dec 7 12:19PM BBC technology

The Game Awards 2018: God of War and Red Dead Redemption win big
Fortnight and Celeste are also among the winners at the annual gaming ceremony.
Dec 7 11:33AM BBC technology

Cyber-plant drives towards light - and other tech news
BBC Click's Nick Kwek looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories.
Dec 7 9:11AM BBC technology

The blind woman developing tech for the good of others
Chieko Asakawa, blind since 14, develops groundbreaking technology for the visually impaired.
Dec 7 12:06AM BBC technology

Facebook defends Mark Zuckerberg's exposed emails
The social network publishes a detailed rebuttal of some of the claims made against it.
Dec 6 6:00PM BBC technology

Amazon workers injured in bear spray accident
The can of bear repellent was punctured, sending fumes around the US warehouse, officials say.
Dec 6 5:40PM BBC technology

Japanese cafe uses robots controlled by paralysed people
The project aims to give some disabled people more independence, interaction and paid work.
Dec 6 1:07PM BBC technology

Google trainee puts up dummy advert by mistake
The error meant a blank yellow rectangle was active on the sites and apps for about 45 minutes.
Dec 6 11:43AM BBC technology