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Northern Health Trust staff told to clean own offices
A union says the idea is "absurd" as office staff are asked to vacuum and dust their work areas.
Mar 18 7:32AM BBC Health

I was diagnosed with cancer at seven months pregnant
It felt like Sarah Hanan's life had "come to a screeching halt", but it was only the start of her journey.
Mar 18 3:06AM BBC Health

McDonald's: Tom Watson urges chain to drop Monopoly campaign
The campaign is a "danger to public health" as it encourages people to eat more, says MP Tom Watson.
Mar 17 9:25AM BBC Health

Polish Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica returns to the sport after a serious accident
Polish Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica is returning to the sport after a serious accident in 2011 partially severed his arm.
Mar 16 12:16AM BBC Health

Children's noses 'hold clues' to serious lung infections
A study finds the bacteria and viruses in the nose could give clues to improve the diagnosis.
Mar 16 12:05AM BBC Health

The human cost of insulin in America
Diabetics in the US are rationing insulin - and dying. How did we get to this point and what's the fix?
Mar 14 6:52PM BBC Health

Cancer waiting times breached for 1,000 days in England
Failure to treat cancer patients quickly is putting patients at risk, experts say.
Mar 14 12:41PM BBC Health

Mushrooms may 'reduce the risk of mild brain decline
Eating the fungi more than twice a week cut people's risk of memory and language problems, a study found.
Mar 14 11:46AM BBC Health

Cholesterol-lowering pill 'new option for statin users
A new type of drug could help some people with high cholesterol.
Mar 14 8:38AM BBC Health

I thought my twins just had a cold
When Stephanie Elderton's twin boys caught a cold, she never imagined that one of them would end up in intensive care.
Mar 14 3:10AM BBC Health

Cancer's 'internal wiring' predicts relapse risk
Breast cancer is 11 separate diseases each with a different risk of relapse, says study.
Mar 14 2:13AM BBC Health

Oscar Saxelby-Lee: Mum 'overwhelmed' by stem cell donor campaign
Thousands of people have registered to find a stem cell match for a five-year-old with leukaemia.
Mar 14 12:35AM BBC Health

Truro woman not told of cancer for three months
Beverley Smith only learned she had cancer 11 days before she died, because results were not shared.
Mar 14 12:25AM BBC Health

Gene-editing babies: Call to pause humanity-altering research
Leading scientists call for a temporary ban on research to "re-engineer the human species".
Mar 13 6:00PM BBC Health

How my life turned around with new treatment
A pioneering hospital has abandoned the practice of restraining mental health patients, with dramatic results.
Mar 13 4:55PM BBC Health

Heart test trial aimed at reducing strokes begins in East Anglia
Scientists hope the study will help reduce premature deaths among people with irregular heartbeats.
Mar 13 1:08AM BBC Health

Assaults on mental health staff in Wales halved
A ward manager - who was previously attacked - says staff try to create a rapport with patients.
Mar 13 12:15AM BBC Health

Brazilian butt lift victim 'wanted op for some time
Leah Cambridge was said to have gone under the knife after growing paranoid about excess stomach weight.
Mar 12 4:52PM BBC Health

Shropshire baby deaths: Review 'not watered down
Donna Ockenden said the inquiry into Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust now included 250 families.
Mar 12 4:24PM BBC Health

Unacceptable' self-harm images still on Instagram
The NSPCC says leaving graphic images of cutting on the site is "simply not acceptable".
Mar 12 3:10PM BBC Health