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Government still committed to net migration target - Brokenshire
A minister says the 100,000 target has not been ditched despite being left out of draft immigration laws.
Dec 18 9:51AM BBC Politics

Brexit: Cabinet to consider ramping up no-deal plans
With 101 days until Brexit, ministers meet to discuss preparations for the UK leaving without a deal.
Dec 18 8:59AM BBC Politics

Schoolchildren safety fear over fewer lollipop men and women
BBC research shows British councils now employ 1,500 fewer wardens than five years ago.
Dec 18 1:55AM BBC Politics

Brexit: How Europe does second referendums
As calls for a second vote on Brexit grow, the BBC looks at other countries which have voted twice.
Dec 18 1:07AM BBC Politics

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn tables Theresa May no-confidence motion
Jeremy Corbyn tables a motion, after Theresa May said MPs would not vote on her Brexit deal until 14 January.
Dec 17 8:42PM BBC Politics

Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn says Theresa May 'led UK into national crisis
Labour's leader says Theresa May has "run down the clock" to force MPs to pick an unacceptable Brexit outcome.
Dec 17 8:08PM BBC Politics

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU
A guide to plans for the UK to leave the European Union, following the 2016 referendum.
Dec 17 1:26PM BBC Politics

Brexit: David Cameron 'advising Theresa May on options' if deal rejected
David Cameron is talking to his successor about a "greater role" for MPs in case of future deadlock.
Dec 17 11:58AM BBC Politics

Delay to Brexit' if UK wants new deal - Coveney
Any "entirely new" proposal from the UK would lead to a delay to Brexit, says the Irish foreign minister.
Dec 17 6:46AM BBC Politics

New EU referendum would break faith with Britons, May to warn MPs
Theresa May will warn MPs against having a new referendum if Parliament is deadlocked over Brexit.
Dec 17 1:59AM BBC Politics

Dean's fears criminality will flourish in NI political vacuum
Stephen Forde said NI politicians are "on the margins" and the most vulnerable are suffering as a result.
Dec 16 1:53PM BBC Politics

Sturgeon puts more pressure on Labour to table confidence motion
Scotland's first minister says the move has the best chance of succeeding if it comes from the official opposition.
Dec 16 1:19PM BBC Politics

Ireland and the EU: A special case
BBC News NI explains the Republic of Ireland's unique position when it comes to approving some EU laws.
Dec 16 6:51AM BBC Politics

Theresa May condemns Tony Blair's new Brexit vote call
The PM accuses her predecessor of "undermining" talks with the EU and "insulting the office he once held".
Dec 16 3:36AM BBC Politics

MPs want halt to smart motorway rollout over safety concerns
The group backed campaigners who say having no hard shoulder puts motorists and recovery workers at risk.
Dec 15 11:59PM BBC Politics

Brexit: Theresa May told not to 'run down clock' on deal
A former minister urges the prime minister to give MPs a vote on her Brexit deal before Christmas.
Dec 15 2:51PM BBC Politics

Halt prison pepper spray plan, ministers urged
Campaign group's analysis suggests the spray is too often used "unsafely and inappropriately".
Dec 15 4:54AM BBC Politics

Brexit: Amber Rudd urges MPs to 'forge a consensus
Politicians must compromise and find a plan that a majority in Parliament can support, minister says.
Dec 15 3:06AM BBC Politics

Labour's referendum strains
Labour's leadership is being urged to endorse another public vote on Brexit. But will they do it?
Dec 14 6:43PM BBC Politics

New Brexit referendum logical, says Tony Blair
MPs may end up backing a new referendum "if none of the other options work", the former PM says.
Dec 14 5:09PM BBC Politics