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Dame Margaret Beckett says Brexit issues 'trump bad behaviour
Former foreign secretary says dealing with Brexit "trumps bad behaviour
Oct 16 7:41PM BBC Politics

John Bercow 'to quit as Speaker next summer
John Bercow tells friends he wants to leave after 10 years in the job, the BBC understands.
Oct 16 3:26PM BBC Politics

Speaker: Commons needs new body to investigate bullying
An independent body is needed to investigate bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct allegations in the Commons, says John Bercow.
Oct 16 2:16PM BBC Politics

Bullying claims: Maria Miller tells John Bercow to quit
The Commons needs new leadership, after a report finds bullying and harassment not being dealt with, says the women and equalities committee chairwoman.
Oct 16 2:10PM BBC Politics

Universal credit rollout delayed yet again
Documents reveal plans to spend hundreds of millions of pounds to address problems with the system.
Oct 16 8:51AM BBC Politics

Speaker John Bercow should quit, says Maria Miller after Commons bullying report
The Speaker is under pressure after a critical report into bullying and harassment in the Commons.
Oct 16 8:37AM BBC Politics

Brexit: Cabinet meeting kicks off crucial 48 hours
Theresa May will seek to rally senior ministers behind her as talks enter a critical phase.
Oct 16 2:58AM BBC Politics

Labour's Kate Green to head Commons standards committee
Kate Green was among those to vote in May against an inquiry into Speaker John Bercow's conduct.
Oct 15 8:30PM BBC Politics

Welfare reform 'driving women to sex work
Ex-minister Frank Field claims women are being forced into prostitution by universal credit reforms.
Oct 15 6:58PM BBC Politics

Voters split over post-Brexit economy, survey suggests
One-third of Britons think the UK will be better off, but the same amount think it will be worse.
Oct 15 6:49PM BBC Politics

Firearms debate axed amid rebellion talk
Tory MPs were planning to oppose a total ban on "high energy" rifles in the Offensive Weapons Bill.
Oct 15 6:26PM BBC Politics

Brexit: Are you optimistic or pessimistic?
As the Brexit talks enter the final stages, new research shows that British voters are split on whether they think it will be good for the country.
Oct 15 6:16PM BBC Politics

House of Commons abuse cases 'tolerated and concealed
Reports of behaviour alleged by staff include MPs being routinely "overbearing or confrontational".
Oct 15 3:38PM BBC Politics

Theresa May says Brexit deal still 'achievable' despite differences
The prime minister calls for "cool heads" as the UK and the EU search for a deal ahead of a key summit.
Oct 15 3:31PM BBC Politics

Theresa May: 'Time for cool, calm heads' on Brexit
Theresa May tells MPs about the latest UK-EU talks as the two sides negotiate a post-Brexit deal.
Oct 15 3:24PM BBC Politics

Corbyn: Another nothing-has-changed moment
The Labour leader accuses Theresa May of "Groundhog Day" over the progress of trade talks with the EU.
Oct 15 3:23PM BBC Politics

Baroness Hollis: Former Labour minister dies aged 77
The longstanding Labour peer, a minister in the Blair government, has died at 77.
Oct 15 2:24PM BBC Politics

Disunited Kingdom?
Have the growing tensions over Brexit led to another fight entirely - the future of the union?
Oct 15 2:02PM BBC Politics

Brexit: UK can still make progress in talks - Downing Street
The UK and EU have failed to resolve the Irish border issue ahead of Wednesday's crucial summit.
Oct 15 12:55AM BBC Politics

Diverse and decisive
The UK's growing non-white population could be decisive in choosing who governs in future.
Oct 14 11:56PM BBC Politics