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How Blockchain Will Factor Into Shoppers Drug Mart's Medical Pot Plans
Shoppers Drug Mart sees cannabis and blockchain technology as a perfect combination to get more doctors on board with prescribing the drug to patients in Canada. Ken Weisbrod, Shoppers' vice-president of business development, said the company signed a deal with TruTrace Technologies for a pilot program to provide software to track medical cannabis from seed to final product. As Canada looks to become a global medical cannabis leader, tools like blockchain will be crucial for
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P.E.I. Company Expanding Quickly to Supply Cannabis Edibles
We're hiring more production supervision, packaging people, logistics'. With the federal government laying out the timetable for the legalization of cannabis edibles and topicals, a P.E.
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Edinburgh Mum Praises Effects of Banned Cannabis Oil on Son's Epilepsy
AN EDINBURGH mum has praised the effects of medical cannabis oil which has helped her son who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Doose Syndrome. Karen Gray, 44, started giving her son Bedrolite after NHS prescribed drugs left him in a vegetative state in hospital. Murray, 6, had previously been on Epidiolex.
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How to Eat, Drink, and Appreciate Cannabis at Restaurants
From infusions to strain-specific cooking, veteran chefs are forging new identities while up-and-comers are making their mark. On a recent evening at the James Beard House in New York City, guests decked out in fine dining attire gathered for an intimate dinner party. The James Beard Foundation had once again invited its members to enjoy cocktails, food, and wine while mingling with the makers themselves.
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Canada Had the Perfect Model to Make Cannabis Retailing Work. We Ignored It.
Opinion: There is still time for Canadian governments to serve the public by copying the market for alcoholic beverages. When Bill C-45 was passed in 2017, making the sale and recreational consumption of cannabis legal, politicians proudly announced that Canada's legalization of cannabis and the regulations around its sales and production would provide a guide to the world on how to legalize. However, 19 months after the bill passed, and nearly eight months after legalization
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Seniors Drive Shift of Cannabis Perceptions Towards Wellness
Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the movement to legalize cannabis is the need to overcome decades of disinformation proliferated through War on Drugs propaganda. And if the good fight is to be won, it will require a shift in the common perception of cannabis - from dangerous, gateway drug to safe and effective medicine. The prohibition-era re-branding of cannabis as medicine made its first major breakthrough in 1996 with the passage of Proposition 215 -
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Meet America's Most Powerful Cannabis Union
The United Food and Commercial Workers union is now a major force in marijuana politics but criticisms of it have grown with its influence. No one knows more about the complicated alliance between unions and the cannabis industry than Dale Sky Jones, chancellor of Oakland's Oaksterdam University, a marijuana trade school. She calls herself Patient Zero.
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Cannabis Edibles Available for Sale Legally in Mid-December
Health Canada will unveil details about rollout today. New cannabis products like edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts will be for sale legally in Canada in mid-December. Regulations will come into effect on Oct.
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Choom Cannabis Store to Open Saturday at Niagara Square
Cannabis survey indicative of 'buzz in the market place': Falls store owner. With a Choom Cannabis Co. store set to open in Niagara Falls Saturday, the owner says a recent national survey is indicative of the "buzz in the market place" when it comes to the "positive effects of cannabis and CBD (cannabidiol).
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Ben & Jerry's Announces Plans to Make CBD-Infused Ice-Cream
Ice-cream maker to add cannabidiol to its products as soon as it is legalized at the federal level. Usually people reach for the ice-cream after ingesting cannabis. Now hippie-capitalist ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry's is hoping to speed the whole process up by producing CBD-infused ice-cream.
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Inside Mike Tyson's 400-Acre Cannabis Resort and It Looks Insane
Mike Tyson has revealed his plans to launch a 407-acre cannabis resort. When you have as much wealth and time as Tyson likely has, anything is possible. The Tyson Ranch will compliment his cannabis company Tyson Holistic Holdings, which he created in 2016.
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2,500-Year-Old Tomb Offers Earliest Evidence of Humans Using Cannabis to Get High
Cannabis has been cultivated as a crop for millennia, but there's been little historical or archeological evidence showing when humans began to use the plant for what it's best known for today: getting high. However, an excavation of a 2,500-year-old tomb in western China has revealed the earliest clear evidence of humans using cannabis for its psychoactive properties. Scientists from China and Germany analyzed wooden fragments and burnt stones from pots in the tombs, and
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The Disneyland of Cannabis Stores is Set to Open Near Disneyland
Few, if any, industries have investors more excited right now than cannabis. Depending on your preferred source, the global weed industry could see sales grow from $12.2 billion in 2018 to perhaps $50 billion to $75 billion annually in roughly a decade's time.
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Cool Cannabis Careers: Rachel Wolfson, Weed Comedian And Podcaster
When I first heard about Rachel getting into cannabis comedy, I instantly wondered: How does someone with a judge for a mother, a district attorney for a father, and a prosecutor for a sister, a.k.a.
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Piece of Cannabis Pie Coming to Sarnia
The latest cannabis company in Southwestern Ontario might be setting up shop south of London, but its research will be done in Sarnia. Motif Labs is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Ian Haase and Mario Naric, a former Western University director and a one-time engineer at Imperial Oil respectively. They'll work with staff and students at Lambton College to stretch the limits of a soon-to-open Canadian market for cannabis-infused edibles, projected to be worth $2.
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Toronto Using Concrete Blocks to Prevent Unlicensed Marijuana Dispensaries From Reopening
The City of Toronto has resorted to using huge concrete blocks to prevent unlicensed marijuana dispensaries from reopening in the city. Blocks were first placed in front of the doors of an alleged illegal dispensary near Yonge and Bloor streets in May. We did an initial enforcement action at this location several weeks ago, Mark Sraga, the director of municipal licensing and standards for the City of Toronto told Global News Radio on Friday.
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Cannabis Oil Mum: 'I'm Forced to Live Abroad to Save My Child'
A mother who took her severely ill child to the Netherlands for cannabis oil treatment says she is now trapped living abroad. Julie Galloway left Scotland with seven-year-old Alexa, who has epilepsy and a rare neurological condition, almost a year ago to live with relatives in Rotterdam. She says she is still living out of a suitcase and her savings are almost gone - but she fears that returning home without the medication would put
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Aurora Cannabis Planning Major Investment in Saskatoon Grow Facility
The announcement comes just over a year after the Edmonton-based company took over CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. Just over one year after acquiring Canada's first licensed medical marijuana producer, Aurora Cannabis Inc. says it plans to sink millions of dollars into its former facility southeast of Saskatoon.
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Calgary Pot Activists Hand Out Free Joints to Protest Cannabis Rules
A local marijuana group staged a protest outside a popular recreational cannabis store in Calgary on Friday, passing out free pot to illustrate the point that the drug doesn't need to be so expensive. The gathering was organized by the Calgary Cannabis Club and representatives say it was important to demonstrate because there are still plenty of problems with the industry. "I see a lot of concerns with recreational cannabis legalization.
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These Are the Biggest Threats to the Cannabis Industry, According to Top CEOs in the Space
The nascent marijuana industry has made significant strides over the past several years. Illinois is poised to become the 11th state to allow recreational cannabis sales, after lawmakers last week voted to pass legislation considered to represent the most progressive adult-use bill in the country. The passage of the Farm Bill late last year legalized hemp and declassified it as a Schedule I controlled substance at the federal level.
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