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The Nursing Home With a Medical Cannabis Program the Feds Can Live With
In hospitals and nursing care facilities across the country, patients are systematically denied access to medical cannabis, even if they are located in states where it is legal. The reason behind this is simple. As long as the vast majority of these institutions rely on funding from Medicare and other federal sources, they opt not to put those funds at risk by allowing a Schedule 1 controlled substance onto their premises.
Feb 19 8:42PM Cannibus Culture

How to Make CBD Cocktails at Home
CBD cocktails, with or without alcohol, are all the buzz in some East and West Coast cities with relaxed recreational cannabis laws. You don't have to take a trip to LA to enjoy the flavor and effects of a cannabis-infused beverage, though. If it's legal in your state, you can make your own cannabidiol (CBD) imbibables at home.
Feb 19 8:35PM Cannibus Culture

City of Edmonton Hands Out More Violation Tickets for Tobacco Than Cannabis
It has been four months since cannabis became legal in Canada and, in that span of time, the City of Edmonton has only given out three bylaw violation tickets for cannabis smoking. Numbers from the city reveal there have been 33 warnings about cannabis smoking; the numbers pale when compared to the 73 tickets given out by the city for tobacco smoking and the 847 warnings handed out for tobacco smoking since Oct. 17, 2018,
Feb 18 6:20PM Cannibus Culture

Aleister Crowley, Francois Rabelais and the Herb of Thelema
CANNABIS CULTURE - Aleister Crowley is a well known 19th-20th century magician, Francois Rabelais was a 16th century monk, remembered largely for his well known work of satire Gargantua and Pantagruel, what could these two and cannabis have in common? Possibly the most intriguing renaissance figure involved with the history of cannabis was the 16th century Monk, Alchemist and Bachelor of Medicine, Francois Rabelais, (1494-1553). Rabelais is best known for his hilarious epic adventure Gargantua
Feb 18 2:55AM Cannibus Culture

Saskatoon Pot Store 'Goes Green', Brings in Recycling for Cannabis Packaging
Saskatoon's Living Skies Cannabis store is making an effort to be even more green. The shop has brought in a recycling bin, designed for marijuana packaging. This was an optional thing for us cannabis retailers, but to us, this wasn't an option.
Feb 17 4:00PM Cannibus Culture

Soothe Your Pain With This Mango CBD Oil Smoothie
Best 3 Recommended CBD Oils This could be the delicious anti-inflammatory treat you've been looking for. Cannabis and Pain For more than 20 percent of Americans, chronic pain is part of daily life. Many aren't getting the relief they need.
Feb 17 3:54PM Cannibus Culture

No More Minor Pot Arrests in Buffalo, Mayor Says in State of City Speech
Getting caught with a marijuana joint or two is no longer grounds for arrest in Buffalo, Mayor Byron W. Brown said Friday. "I am directing Buffalo police to have its officers stop enforcing low-level marijuana possession offenses," Brown said.
Feb 17 3:46PM Cannibus Culture

Second Proposed Toronto Pot Shop Set for Queen West Neighbourhood
Nova Cannabis has reached a licence agreement with one of the lottery winners selected to apply for one of the first 25 cannabis retail licences in Ontario, with a location planned for Toronto. The chief executive of Alcanna Inc., which operates five Nova Cannabis stores in Alberta, says as part of the agreement lottery winner Heather Conlon has the right to use its retail banner name.
Feb 17 3:37PM Cannibus Culture

He Pushed for Marijuana Legalization for Nearly 20 Years. Now the Weedman Feels Sidelined.
Ed NJ Weedman Forchion triumphantly walked out of Mercer County's jail last May, riding a high fueled by a significant legal win. A jury acquitted him of a witness-tampering charge that grew out of his marijuana-dealing cases, which were pending. About a week later, he got more good news: the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office announced it was dismissing or downgrading to municipal court the felony cases against him.
Feb 17 3:26PM Cannibus Culture

The U.K. Just Got Its First Bulk Medical Cannabis Shipment
The first bulk batch of medical cannabis imported into the U.K. since it was legalized for prescription last year has arrived from the Netherlands.
Feb 16 3:55PM Cannibus Culture

Opinion: Here's Why the Craft Cannabis Industry Can Thrive in the Face of Big Marijuana
In 2012, Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then, more states have followed. To date, 33 states have legalized the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana.
Feb 16 3:47PM Cannibus Culture

Cannabis Retail Shops Are Scrambling to Open on Time Across Ontario
Would-be cannabis shop owners in Ontario have just a few weeks left to pass through intense regulatory hoops if they hope to be selling marijuana by April. Most likely some of them will be unable to open in time to meet the government deadline, industry insiders say. With just a month and a half to go, only eight proposed shops across the province have submitted their retail store applications.
Feb 15 11:06PM Cannibus Culture

Nova Scotia Looks at Adding New Cannabis Stores After Low Online Sales
Nova Scotia is considering expanding the number of retail cannabis stores, as online sales have been slower than expected. Finance Minister Karen Casey said Thursday that online pot sales were expected to account for about 10 per cent or more of total sales, but are only in the range of six per cent. Casey said that's why the province has asked the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp.
Feb 15 2:19AM Cannibus Culture

California's Largest Sun-Grown Cannabis Company Raises Record-Breaking $125 Million Financing Round
Amid the marijuana industry's already massive first quarter of M&A and capital infusion activity this year, a new record has already been set. Flow Kana announced today the completion of a $125 million round of financing from Gotham Green Partners the largest private funding round of a cannabis company executed in the United States to date. Since its start in 2015, the Redwood Valley-based supply chain and distributor of sun-grown cannabis from the Emerald
Feb 14 5:04PM Cannibus Culture

Barneys Department Store Introducing Cannabis Section
The new shop will be opening in Beverly Hills. Luxury department store Barneys is adding a cannabis lifestyle and wellness section to its store. Racing to grab a piece of the thriving Cannibidiol (CBD) market, Barneys is to become the first department store to introduce an entire section devoted to cannabis.
Feb 14 4:46PM Cannibus Culture

How to Pitch Investors for your Cannabis Business
The potential of the cannabis industry is drawing the interest of entrepreneurs from every conceivable background. But because of the intricacies of the regulations and restrictions surrounding the industry, including licenses and other fees, the entry level price point can be prohibitive. Some states in the U.
Feb 13 5:56PM Cannibus Culture

Tragically Hip-Backed Up Cannabis Plans 'Hub' Within Ontario Pot Retail Store
The Tragically Hip-backed pot producer Up Cannabis plans to have an "experiential hub" inside one of Ontario's first legal recreational weed stores located in the band's hometown of Kingston. The cannabis company says its "store within a store" will be in a shop operated by Spirit Leaf Inc., which has signed an agreement with one of the lottery winners selected to apply for the initial 25 retail licences in Ontario.
Feb 13 5:44PM Cannibus Culture

Data Shows Valentine's Day Is Big For Weed Sales: 'Gifty' Cannabis Segments Take The Lead
Holidays, and not just only 4/20, are great for cannabis sales. For instance, recent data from Eaze.com showed that last year, consumers in California bought 12 percent more cannabis via delivery on Christmas Eve than on a typical Monday of that year.
Feb 13 5:09PM Cannibus Culture

Cannabis-Infused Sex Products a New Sensation for Vancouver's Kinky Consumers
At the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show in Vancouver, a group of customers approached the MJ Creams booth, buying cannabis massage oil and inquiring about the potency of the cannabis-infused lollipops. From lube, to massage oils, bath bombs, salves and Belgian chocolate body paint all manner of intimate products infused with cannabis were being sold by exhibitors at the sex show on Saturday. Attracting hundreds of people each year, the convention boasts entertainment,
Feb 12 7:08PM Cannibus Culture

Aurora Cannabis CEO: 'I Lose Sleep Over Our Ability to Supply This Global Cannabis Market'
Terry Booth says it will be at least five years until marijuana supply overtakes demand. Aurora Cannabis Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer Terry Booth told analysts and investors on an earnings call that he loses sleep over the industry's ability to supply the global cannabis market.
Feb 12 6:54PM Cannibus Culture