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Cannabis Entrepreneurs in 'Tough Spot' After Ontario Caps Licences
Koby Smutylo leased 2 stores in Ottawa before government's 25 licences cap. An Ottawa cannabis entrepreneur who's already leased two spaces for prospective stores says he's frustrated with the Ontario government's decision to cap the number of licences for retail pot shops. The province initially said it would not limit the number of licences issued for retail stores, but it reversed course last week, saying it would take a "phased approach" due to "severe supply
Dec 17 9:00PM Cannibus Culture

Is The United Nations Finally Coming Around About Cannabis?
Under the leadership of previous United Nation's Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's regime, member states which legalized or even considered legalizing cannabis were called out and admonished for violating decades-old international drug treaties. Under the current leadership of Sec-Gen Antnio Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, who was instrumental in decriminalizing all drugs in his native Portugal when he was Prime Minister, his regime is adopting more progressive views about cannabis. Despite this, the UN World Health Organization remains
Dec 17 8:27PM Cannibus Culture

Trudeau Says Cannabis Shortage Likely to Be Resolved Within a Year
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the biggest challenge associated with the legalization of cannabis has been the supply shortage - but he expects it to disappear within a year. In an end-of-year interview with The Canadian Press Friday, Trudeau predicted the problem would be resolved during the coming months and perhaps the coming year. He noted the scarcity of cannabis was most pronounced in Ontario and Quebec.
Dec 16 6:08PM Cannibus Culture

Open Letter to Mayor Opting Out of Cannabis Sales a Mistake
Dear Mayor Dilkens, I'm not surprised you suggested opting out of private cannabis retail sales. Voting to opt out, however, won't stop illegal sales. Instead, it will provide those who sell illegally with foundational support primarily less competition and more business.
Dec 16 5:51PM Cannibus Culture

Cannabis Shortages Likely to Continue Into 2019
According to Health Canada, there are currently 134 companies licensed to produce cannabis in Canada 90 of those were licensed in the last 16 months Health Canada says legal cannabis shortages that have been experienced in some provinces, including Nova Scotia, will likely continue into the New Year. Karen Casey, Nova Scotia's finance minister and deputy premier said in an interview Wednesday, the province is only receiving 35 to 40 per cent of the
Dec 15 6:42PM Cannibus Culture

Cannabis Stores to Be Phased in With a Lottery for Licences, Ford Government Says
Months after saying it would not cap the number of licences for retail pot shops after cannabis was legalized, the Ontario government has reversed course, saying it will now only be able to issue 25 licences by April. In a statement Thursday evening, the province says it plans to take a "phased approach" to authorizing retail cannabis outlets because of "severe supply shortages" across the country. Only a limited number of licences will be handed
Dec 15 6:34PM Cannibus Culture

A Top Boston Pastry Chef Shares Her Recipe for Cannabis-Infused Mint Chocolate Chip Gelato
Kate Holowchik didn't grow up in a household that was particularly open to experimenting with marijuana. My dad was a senior chief in the Navy, she said. He's 6-foot-3.
Dec 14 9:43PM Cannibus Culture

Ontario Municipalities That Have Decided to Opt in or Out of Cannabis Stores
With the deadline looming for Ontario municipalities to decide whether to opt in or out of allowing cannabis retail stores within their boundaries, many communities remain undecided. The province has given municipalities until Jan. 22, 2019 to opt out of having private cannabis storefronts operate within their boundaries.
Dec 14 8:31PM Cannibus Culture

Marijuana Processing Plant Now Under Construction in Cedar Rapids
Cedar Rapids missed out on landing one of the five medical marijuana dispensaries that opened statewide December 1st. But the city will be home for the state's second marijuana cultivating and processing business. A number of city, business and political leaders turned out for a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the Iowa Relief Cannabis Cultivation & Processing facility on Thursday.
Dec 13 11:27PM Cannibus Culture

Manitoba Cannabis Producer Issues Recall
A Winnipeg-based cannabis producer is recalling two types of pot sold in Saskatchewan. The company, named Bonify, says it is recalling its Cherry Lime and Warlock Kush products. Bonify says the products may not meet some of the microbial and chemical contaminant limits that meet Cannabis Regulations.
Dec 13 10:37PM Cannibus Culture

Mississauga Council Says No to Cannabis Shops
Retail cannabis stores will be not permitted in Mississauga. City council chose at its Wednesday meeting to opt-out on allowing private retail shops to sell cannabis in Mississauga. The federal government legalized cannabis on Oct.
Dec 12 8:18PM Cannibus Culture

A Cannabis Christmas
There is bound to be a little extra green under the tree this the first Christmas marijuana is legal in Canada. With retailers rolling out all kinds of wares, gift getting for the leaf-lover couldn't be easier. From ornaments to socks, here are a few suggestions to get your shopping started.
Dec 12 7:31PM Cannibus Culture

New Zealand Passes Laws to Make Medical Marijuana Widely Available
Legislation comes ahead of a referendum on recreational marijuana use in next two years. New Zealand's government has passed a law that will make medical marijuana widely available for thousands of patients over time, after years of campaigning by chronically ill New Zealanders who say the drug is the only thing that eases their pain. The legislation will also allow terminally ill patients to begin smoking illegal pot immediately without facing the possibility of prosecution.
Dec 11 11:11PM Cannibus Culture

Why Are So Many Countries Now Saying Cannabis Is Ok?
Around the world attitudes towards the use of cannabis are shifting. Mexico's new government plans to legalise recreational cannabis use, as does the incoming government of Luxembourg. Meanwhile, New Zealand's leaders are considering a referendum on what their approach should be.
Dec 11 8:28PM Cannibus Culture

Aurora Cannabis Stock Fails to Hold Gains After Company Unveils Plan to Buy Mexican Partner
Rest of sector mixed after rally sparked by Altria investment in Cronos Just days after Aurora Cannabis Inc. announced a supply deal with Mexico's Farmacias Magistrales SA, the Canadian cannabis company said it has entered a letter of intent to buy all of the company's outstanding shares in an all-stock deal. Farmacias is Mexico's first and, for now, only federally licensed importer of raw materials containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, Aurora ACB, -0.
Dec 10 11:13PM Cannibus Culture

Cannabis of the Rich and Famous: Celebrities Glam Up the Cannabis Market
One sure sign that the cannabis industry in the U.S. is gaining steam the rush of celebrities hoping to get in on the ground floor.
Dec 10 10:40PM Cannibus Culture

Organic Vs. Hydroponic Grows - What's the Difference?
CANNABIS CULTURE - Growing organic Cannabis is a hard enough skill to master, then when you learn about hydroponics and the more complex method of growing with an inert medium, you begin to understand how plants truly function. Below is better explained the differences between growing organically and growing with a hydroponic system, as well as the pros and cons to each. Growing With Organics Usually the starting point for all Cannabis growers and the
Dec 10 6:53PM Cannibus Culture

Aspiring 'Craft' Cannabis Producers Running Into Unexpected Roadblocks
Yan Boissonneault's daughter was turning blue. Without warning, his baby had stopped breathing, and he frantically performed CPR while his friend James Gallagher called 911. Years later, the men still become emotional remembering that day.
Dec 9 8:44PM Cannibus Culture

Shoppers Drug Mart Granted Licence to Sell Medical Marijuana Online
Health Canada's list of authorized cannabis sellers and producers has been updated to reflect that the pharmacy can sell dried and fresh cannabis, as well as plants, seeds and oil. Shoppers Drug Mart has been granted a licence to sell medical marijuana online. Health Canada's list of authorized cannabis sellers and producers has been updated to reflect that the pharmacy can sell dried and fresh cannabis, as well as plants, seeds and oil.
Dec 9 6:34PM Cannibus Culture

CBD Spray vs CBD oil: What is the Difference?
With the exponential growth of the CBD industry in recent years, the number of CBD products available in the market has also grown exponentially. As a result, choosing the right CBD product can prove to be a difficult task, especially if you are new to CBD and the industry as a whole. Pure CBD extracts can be formulated into a number of products such as edibles, ointments, oils, and sprays.
Dec 7 6:07PM Cannibus Culture