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Ep. 284: Prepping Like a Pro for Hunting with Andy May
Today on the show we're exploring how to prepare like a pro for the upcoming hunting season by hearing from expert DIY bowhunter Andy May on the archery, scouting, stand site and mental planning preparations he executes each summer. Subjects..
4 days ago | Wired to Hunt site

Ep. 283: Reviving Our Family Deer Camp
Today we're joined by my buddy Josh Furter Hillyard and my father David to discuss the habitat history of our family deer camp and the work were doing to revive the land and deer herd. Subjects Discussed Something to think..
12 days ago | Wired to Hunt site

Ep. 282: The Passion Paradox and Peak Performance with Brad Stulberg
Today we're chatting with author Brad Stulberg about his studies into the science of peak performance, the positive and negative powers of passion, and how all of this can make you a better hunter. Subjects Discussed What is the growth..
19 days ago | Wired to Hunt site