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Christian, What Do You Believe? Probably a Heresy, Says 34-Question Theology Survey
Third study of the state of American theology released by Ligonier Ministries and LifeWay Research. American evangelicals are deeply confused about some core doctrines of the Christian faithand the fourth-century heretic Arius would be pleased, according to a new survey. For the third time, Ligonier Ministries has examined the State of Theology in the United States, conducted by LifeWay Research and based on interviews with 3,000 Americans.
Oct 16 3:57PM Christianity Today

I Found Hope in My Husband's Chronic Illness
Disability changed our family. It also brought us closer to these three Christian truths. My husband Andrews foot ailments have given me a curious window into the Christian life.
Oct 16 3:57PM Christianity Today

One-on-One with Andy Stanley on 'Irresistible'
I'm talking with Pastor Andy Stanley on his newest book and seeking the Bible. Ed: Why did you decide to write Irresistible? Andy: I love the local church. Im concerned about the churchs messaging in a world where people can discover what else is in the Bible without ever owning or reading a Bible.
Oct 16 3:57PM Christianity Today

Leah Sharibu Inspires Nigeria's Christians, Faces Execution by Boko Haram
Beleaguered believers rally behind Dapchi schoolgirl's example of keeping the faith under pressure. Christians in Nigeria are desperately praying for 15-year-old Leah Sharibu as the one-month deadline to save the only Dapchi schoolgirl left in Boko Haram captivity draws to an end this week. The terrorist groups ISIS-affiliated faction threatened last month to kill the teenager, who was held back for refusing to renounce her Christian beliefs.
Oct 16 4:52AM Christianity Today

What Trees Teach Us about Life, Death, and Resurrection
Other than God and people, they're the most mentioned living thing in the Bible. Ive always loved trees. I love their look, their shade, the sound of wind in their leaves, and the taste of every fruit they produce.
Oct 15 3:53PM Christianity Today

Gordon-Conwell Appoints Acclaimed Fuller Missiologist as Next President
Scott Sunquist will be the third global missions expert leading a top seminary. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary has appointed Scott W. Sunquistdean of Fuller Theological Seminarys School of Intercultural Studiesas its next president, making it the third major evangelical seminary to put a missiologist at its helm.
Oct 15 3:53PM Christianity Today

The Irresistible Connection Between the Old and New Testaments
Why Andy Stanley's unhitching robs Christianity of power. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus finishes a long series of parables by asking his disciples, Have you understood all this? They reply, Yes. Then Jesus closes his teaching, saying, Therefore, every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old (13:5152).
Oct 15 3:53PM Christianity Today

Dealing with Disillusionment
We can step into the disillusionment of those around us for the sake of God's mission. Pick the topic these days and youll find no shortage of opinions and plenty of people willing to give them. Its tempting to simply write off the angst of those around us or, perhaps worse, to join the fray by spewing our own bloviations.
Oct 15 3:53PM Christianity Today

Love Your Neighbor as YourselfAnd Bring Your Kids Along
Raising children to love like Jesus did. I am the child of Christian parents who were deeply committed to raising kids who care about others. My dad was a pastor and we were homeschooled, but my parents worked hard to intentionally break open our lives to learn and be in relationship with diverse communities.
Oct 15 3:53PM Christianity Today

Eugene Peterson Enters Hospice Care
Beloved pastor and author nears completion of his long obedience in the same direction. Every moment in this mans presence is sacred. So concluded the son of Eugene Peterson in a weekend announcement that the 85-year-old retired pastor and bestselling author of The Message and A Long Obedience in the Same Direction is receiving hospice care.
Oct 15 5:26AM Christianity Today

Renewing Your Church: Recalibrating Your Vision to Create Sustainability
I narrowed the process of church recalibration down to four phases. I remember the first Sunday of January 2004 like it was yesterday. I had just been elected Lead Pastor of New Life Church, the church where I was saved and had served as youth pastor.
Oct 13 8:07PM Christianity Today

The Difference A Metaphor Makes: Men & Women Working Together
Unearthing and critiquing the guiding metaphor about women is one of the most important leadership tasks in our era. Each workplace has a guiding metaphor about women, and while most never bring it out into the open for honest dialogue and critique, it communicates loudly throughout an organizations culture, policies, processes, and how people relate with one another. As I reflect on research I conducted with talented women from approximately 30 nations who are serving and leading in Gods mission, I believe unearthing and critiquing the guiding metaphor about women in our ministries and workplaces is one of the most important leadership tasks in our era.
Oct 13 3:53PM Christianity Today

A Day of Rejoicing! Lessons from Two Years of Petition for Pastor Andrew Brunson
After years of prayer before the Lord, Andrew Brunson has been set free. Today, after years of prayer and petition before the Lord, Andrew Brunson has been set free from imprisonment in Turkey. Praise be to God.
Oct 13 12:01PM Christianity Today

One-on-One with Greg Stier on Dare 2 ShareLive Tomorrow in 95 Locations
We're praying for a movement. We're praying for revival. We're praying for transformation.
Oct 13 12:01PM Christianity Today

Free at Last: Andrew Brunson Released by Turkey After Two Years
American pastor was imprisoned on false charges of terrorism. American pastor Andrew Brunson has been released after being detained for two years in Turkey. At a hearing this morning, a Turkish court freed him from judicial control, which lifts his house arrest and travel ban.
Oct 12 3:59PM Christianity Today

Why Does the Red Planet Call to Us?
What space exploration tells us about human curiosity, from Eden to Mars. Blue is the color of Mars at sunset. From the surface, the cold, dim light of the setting sun comes in from the horizon as it competes with the ever-present dust, thick in the air.
Oct 12 9:14AM Christianity Today

Christian Post Publisher Charged in $10 Million Fraud Scheme
Manhattan indictment alleges conspiracy and shady business practices between Christian Media Corporation and Newsweek rescuer IBT Media. The former head of The Christian Post, which calls itself the No. 1 Christian website in the world, was indicted this week in what investigators say was a scheme to obtain millions in loans through false pretenses.
Oct 12 4:00AM Christianity Today

Half of Pastors Approve of Trump's Job Performance
Survey of US Protestant church leaders parses support for the President by church size, denomination, ethnicity, and age. A slim majority of pastors say they approve of the job President Donald Trump has done in the White House, but many are unsure. A new study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research of Protestant senior pastors found 51 percent approve of how Trump has handled the presidency, with 25 percent strongly approving.
Oct 12 4:00AM Christianity Today

Giving Sabbath a Rest
How God's grace turned my strict views upside down. I grew up in a Sabbatarian religion where we practiced Sabbath observance as a matter of law. My religious community was conscious of the minute that the sun set on a Friday evening.
Oct 12 4:00AM Christianity Today

Training Inmates for Ministry Inside Maximum Security Prisons
Not unlike closed mission fields, this population needs acculturated ministers. Maximum security prisons, although located inside the United States, are a world apart, and are akin to a closed mission field. The barriers enacted to ensure security are much like the prohibitive borders of a foreign country, preventing outside access to a world radically different from the one beyond the walls.
Oct 12 4:00AM Christianity Today