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US service member involved in Ukrainian Su-27 crash
Oct 16 1:21PM your-airforce

US has limited contact, oversight of Afghan troops and the gear they've been given
Oct 16 10:49AM your-airforce

Report: Thunderbirds pilot killed in crash lost consciousness in high-G maneuver
Oct 16 10:43AM your-airforce

Former airman charged in bombing of recruiting center found not guilty due to insanity
Oct 15 11:05PM your-airforce

Belgian air force mechanic opens fire by mistake, blows up another F-16
Oct 15 5:45PM your-airforce

Air Force: Hurricane damage to Tyndall F-22s 'less than we feared,' but unknown how many will fly again
Oct 15 11:04AM your-airforce

Most F-35s return to flight operations after fuel tube problem
Oct 15 8:44AM your-airforce

Security breach at Wisconsin National Guard unit; 3 arrested
Oct 15 7:13AM your-airforce

Patrick AFB experts remove World War II explosive being used as a garden decoration
Oct 14 9:45AM your-airforce

US advisers begin partnership with Paraguayan air force
Oct 12 7:28PM your-airforce

Some Air Force, Navy F-35s resume flying after grounding
Oct 12 3:46PM your-airforce

No rifle, no problem soldier single-handedly killed dozens of enemies, including 4 using his E-tool
Oct 12 1:56PM your-airforce

F-22s, QF-16 likely damaged after Tyndall hangars hit by hurricane
Oct 12 11:10AM your-airforce

NOAA has an awesome tool for Tyndall airmen worried about their homes after the hurricane
Oct 12 10:08AM your-airforce

Air Force eyes major changes to fix 'dysfunctional' battlefield airman structure
Oct 12 9:42AM your-airforce

Air Force selects 1,308 for promotion to major, lieutenant colonel
Oct 11 10:00PM your-airforce

Tyndall sustains 'direct hit,' 'extensive damage' from hurricane
Oct 11 8:31PM your-airforce

Head of military school fired for using marijuana extract to treat cancer
Oct 11 4:17PM your-airforce

Air Force F-22 Raptor makes emergency landing in Alaska
Oct 11 4:02PM your-airforce

How these three words could make life easier for spouses who run businesses out of their homes on base
Oct 11 3:58PM your-airforce