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Authorities: Scofflaws charged with sub museum thefts
Sep 21 2:23PM your-navy

Sub builder Electric Boat injects millions into Groton expansion
Sep 21 1:07PM your-navy

EOD sailor cleared a daisy-chained minefield during 10-hour firefight with ISIS
Sep 21 1:01PM your-navy

Researchers closing in on Captain Cook's ship
Sep 21 12:43PM your-navy

Opinion: Do what's right for our Blue Water Vietnam veterans
Sep 21 11:42AM your-navy

Coast Guard suspends search for man who fell off pier
Sep 21 9:56AM your-navy

New German exhibit looks back at ancient battles
Sep 21 8:35AM your-navy

Iran begins aerial maneuvers near strategic Strait of Hormuz
Sep 21 7:48AM your-navy

Honey BAE? Navy contractor helps to save bees in Austin
Sep 21 7:17AM your-navy

Metal, the military, food and nerddom: A one-on-one chat with Trivium's Matt Heafy
Sep 20 4:03PM your-navy

'WATCH YOUR DECK!' The story behind last summer's Tiger II crash
Sep 20 2:02PM your-navy

The Big E keeps costing the Navy big bucks
Sep 20 1:25PM your-navy

Propulsion plant leak forces attack sub back to base
Sep 20 9:13AM your-navy

Sailors will live on barges built by Mississippi shipyard
Sep 19 7:21PM your-navy

Beloved mother, Navy chief, remembered in the wake of her murder
Sep 19 6:51PM your-navy

Navy SEAL in brig while agents probe killing in Iraq
Sep 19 6:23PM your-navy

'Fort Trump' would be the second US site in Poland
Sep 19 2:07PM your-navy

Report ranking military installations for sex assault risk delayed
Sep 19 2:06PM your-navy

Navy IDs sailor who died after being struck by a propeller on the aircraft carrier Bush
Sep 19 12:37PM your-navy

US Navy sailor killed in vehicle accident in Italy
Sep 19 11:46AM your-navy