The Navy
Naval Academy sees big boost in cybersecurity majors
Apr 23 1:13PM your-navy

Afghanistan veteran receives world's first penis and scrotum transplant
Apr 23 1:06PM your-navy

No panacea for aviation mishaps, military brass tells Congress
Apr 23 12:23PM your-navy

Pence to speak at Coast Guard Academy graduation
Apr 22 3:01PM your-navy

US weighs keeping carrier strike group in Europe as a check on Russia
Apr 20 5:42PM your-navy

Soldier who died waiting for US military to clear him for duty was a naturalized citizen, officials say
Apr 20 4:35PM your-navy

Carriers Bush and Washington honor former first lady
Apr 20 2:32PM your-navy

Navy releases advancements for E-8 and E-9 Reserve and FTS
Apr 20 7:08AM your-navy

Senators want to know if US military advisers in Yemen are helping or hurting the conflict
Apr 20 6:28AM your-navy

Advanced Gun System was holding back the Navy's new stealth destroyer
Apr 19 7:17PM your-navy

Truman Strike Group enters 6th Fleet
Apr 19 7:12PM your-navy

Naples mayor tells US Navy submarine to keep out
Apr 19 7:10PM your-navy

Trump to speak at Naval Academy graduation
Apr 19 7:00PM your-navy

Seoul: North Korean leader removes major nuclear sticking point
Apr 19 6:40PM your-navy

'Bad Santa' case could have been handled better, Navy's top officer says
Apr 19 5:05PM your-navy

Immigrant soldier dies waiting for US military to clear him to serve
Apr 19 2:51PM your-navy

No reports of transgender troops affecting unit cohesion, Marine Corps and Navy leaders say
Apr 19 2:42PM your-navy

Pentagon corrects statements about air-to-surface missile, F-22 roles in Syria strike
Apr 19 2:35PM your-navy

US tragedy assistance group wants to help military families in Ukraine
Apr 19 2:17PM your-navy

After Syria missile strikes, US stuck in holding pattern
Apr 19 12:26PM your-navy