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Spying for China: Former US intel officer, Army vet pleads guilty to attempted espionage
Mar 18 7:17AM your-navy

University trumpeters among volunteers playing 'Taps' for veterans' funerals
Mar 17 2:16PM your-navy

Lawyer: US Navy veteran held in Iran sentenced to 10 years
Mar 17 8:00AM your-navy

Citing housing privatization successes, Navy moves to privatize Navy and Marine Corps lodging
Mar 17 6:53AM your-navy

With lawsuits on the horizon, DoD looks for ways to cut contaminated water cleanup costs
Mar 17 6:48AM your-navy

Why the Truman is back at sea, again
Mar 16 7:59PM your-navy

Who are the private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan?
Mar 16 6:26PM your-navy

Police: Sub base employee threatened to 'go full blown genocide' on co-workers
Mar 15 2:46PM your-navy

Whidbey Island to get 36 more Growlers
Mar 15 1:56PM your-navy

Man arrested after saying he needed to tour Fort Bragg's 'special operations facility'
Mar 15 1:43PM your-navy

Italy-based master chief gets non-judicial punishment
Mar 15 1:31PM your-navy

There are mounting signs of military planning for Venezuela
Mar 15 12:52PM your-navy

Why this destroyer deployed two days late
Mar 15 12:45PM your-navy

Air Force general tapped as supreme allied commander of Europe
Mar 15 11:09AM your-navy

'I'm House' inside the case of the commander in flip-flops who got canned
Mar 15 10:57AM your-navy

'Combat Obscura' is a brutally honest look at the blurred morality of the war in Afghanistan
Mar 15 10:12AM your-navy

Safeguards for military families in privatized housing proposed in Congress
Mar 14 9:31PM your-navy

DNA leads to arrest 34 years after Navy recruit's slaying
Mar 14 7:06PM your-navy

Is miscommunication to blame in US airstrike that killed at least 5 Afghan troops?
Mar 14 3:45PM your-navy

Senators complain of 'slush fund' and lack of border wall details as Pentagon chief faces budget questions
Mar 14 2:47PM your-navy