Military Flashpoints
Trump arrives in Finland for closely watched Putin summit
Jul 15 1:34PM your-military-flashpoints

UN: Afghan civilian casualties up by 1 percent this year
Jul 15 12:37PM your-military-flashpoints

Iran has no intention to leave Syria, top official says
Jul 15 12:21PM your-military-flashpoints

Infamous contractor wants to privatize the Afghanistan war (again)
Jul 13 1:13PM your-military-flashpoints

Infamous contractor wants to privatize the Afghanistan war (again)
Jul 13 1:03PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump says there 'might be an escalation' between US, Iran
Jul 12 6:43PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump tweets 'very nice note' from North Korea's Kim Jong Un
Jul 12 6:16PM your-military-flashpoints

NATO insists it's united as Trump lashes allies over budgets
Jul 12 5:46PM your-military-flashpoints

US service member dies of combat wounds in Afghanistan
Jul 12 11:44AM your-military-flashpoints

Peace in Afghanistan more elusive as Taliban shrug off talks
Jul 11 6:03PM your-military-flashpoints

Marines called in to bolster embassy security in Haiti amid violence
Jul 11 3:22PM your-military-flashpoints

US Senate votes to defend NATO as Trump attacks alliance
Jul 10 6:26PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump's attacks on NATO raise questions about its future
Jul 10 6:25PM your-military-flashpoints

Airstrike kills 20 ISIS militants outside Mosul, says Iraqi general
Jul 9 7:25PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump says he's still confident North Korea's Kim will denuclearize
Jul 9 4:37PM your-military-flashpoints

China newspaper denounces US Navy ships' Taiwan Strait passage
Jul 9 4:36PM your-military-flashpoints

Pompeo pushes peace talks on unannounced trip to Afghanistan
Jul 9 2:54PM your-military-flashpoints

Here's what a massive spike in airdrops says about the war in Afghanistan
Jul 9 2:04PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump rips NATO members ahead of summit
Jul 9 10:50AM your-military-flashpoints

Watchdog reports on alleged Syria chemical attack behind airstrikes
Jul 8 3:50PM your-military-flashpoints