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Born into al-Qaida: Hamza bin Laden's rise to prominence
Mar 17 2:10PM your-military-flashpoints

US-backed forces admit to 'difficulties' defeating ISIS in Syria
Mar 17 10:41AM your-military-flashpoints

Trump met with his national security team after Afghan official complained about Taliban talks
Mar 17 10:01AM your-military-flashpoints

There are mounting signs of military planning for Venezuela
Mar 15 12:52PM your-military-flashpoints

Is miscommunication to blame in US airstrike that killed at least 5 Afghan troops?
Mar 14 3:45PM your-military-flashpoints

Pentagon plans tests of long-banned types of missiles
Mar 13 5:49PM your-military-flashpoints

US aircraft strike Afghan checkpoint after possible friendly fire incident
Mar 13 1:11PM your-military-flashpoints

Longest US-Taliban peace talks see 'progress,' but agreement on withdrawal timeline still a sticking point
Mar 12 6:29PM your-military-flashpoints

Syria campaign showcases Russia's revived military might, says defense minister
Mar 11 3:08PM your-military-flashpoints

The Taliban's leader lived in walking distance of this US forward operating base, new book alleges
Mar 11 11:15AM your-military-flashpoints

Russia says one of its jets escorted a US intelligence plane over the Baltic Sea
Mar 8 10:17AM your-military-flashpoints

Biological and chemical weapons: the other threats from North Korea
Mar 8 5:03AM your-military-flashpoints

What's the next step for ISIS? A top US general shares his prediction with lawmakers
Mar 7 9:18PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump still hopes for North Korea deal after ominous report
Mar 7 5:03AM your-military-flashpoints

US envoy dismisses military action in Venezuela during prank call
Mar 7 5:03AM your-military-flashpoints

More lethal aid to Ukraine? US trainers, Javelins have already made Russians a little more nervous
Mar 6 9:18PM your-military-flashpoints

Top US general seeks more troops, warships in Europe to counter Russia
Mar 5 9:19PM your-military-flashpoints

Philippines frets about war at sea for US
Mar 5 9:19PM your-military-flashpoints

Why Putin suspended Russia's obligations under a 1987 nuclear pact with the US
Mar 5 5:03AM your-military-flashpoints

Final assault against ISIS camp launched Friday night and is still ongoing
Mar 4 9:18PM your-military-flashpoints