Military Flashpoints
South Korea halts propaganda broadcasts before summit with North
Apr 23 12:44PM your-military-flashpoints

Who learned more from the strikes in Syria ? America or Russia?
Apr 22 3:00PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump says North Korea agreed to denuclearize. It hasn't.
Apr 22 10:37AM your-military-flashpoints

Road to North Korea's denuclearization is littered with failure
Apr 22 8:14AM your-military-flashpoints

Man linked to 9/11 attacks caught by US-backed fighters in Syria
Apr 20 8:57AM your-military-flashpoints

Seoul: North Korean leader removes major nuclear sticking point
Apr 19 6:40PM your-military-flashpoints

Pentagon corrects statements about air-to-surface missile, F-22 roles in Syria strike
Apr 19 2:35PM your-military-flashpoints

Pentagon: Sarin likely at Syria sites, but questions remain
Apr 19 1:57PM your-military-flashpoints

After Syria missile strikes, US stuck in holding pattern
Apr 19 12:26PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump says he may leave summit with North Korea leader if meeting not 'fruitful'
Apr 18 7:19PM your-military-flashpoints

US forces in Korea aren't packing up just yet. Here's why.
Apr 18 3:10PM your-military-flashpoints

Senators want to know if US military advisers in Yemen are helping or hurting the conflict
Apr 18 11:11AM your-military-flashpoints

US officials say Pompeo has met with North Korea's Kim
Apr 17 9:27PM your-military-flashpoints

Trump says US and North Korea talking at 'extremely high levels'
Apr 17 7:26PM your-military-flashpoints

Pentagon reports number of contractors employed in Syria for first time
Apr 17 3:53PM your-military-flashpoints

Why US forces remain near Manbij while ISIS has moved elsewhere in Syria
Apr 17 3:20PM your-military-flashpoints

The 101st Airborne Division is back in Afghanistan
Apr 17 2:17PM your-military-flashpoints

Niger may have arrested militant with ties to ambush that killed 4 US soldiers
Apr 17 2:06PM your-military-flashpoints

US senators introduce new war authorization with no expiration date
Apr 17 7:11AM your-military-flashpoints

White House says Russia sanctions still under consideration
Apr 16 6:23PM your-military-flashpoints