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Report: US bomb sales factored in decision to aid Saudis in Yemen
Sep 20 9:40AM your-military-flashpoints

Koreas summit kick-starts stalled nuclear talks with US
Sep 19 7:59PM your-military-flashpoints

US names Iran as top terror sponsor; global attacks fall
Sep 19 6:04PM your-military-flashpoints

US names Iran as top terror sponsor; global attacks fall
Sep 19 11:41AM your-military-flashpoints

North Korean leader agrees to dismantle main nuclear site if US takes similar action
Sep 19 8:35AM your-military-flashpoints

Putin seeks to defuse downing of Russian plane off Syria
Sep 18 7:36PM your-military-flashpoints

Syria's government and opposition welcome Idlib demilitarized zone deal struck by Turkey and Russia
Sep 18 12:13PM your-military-flashpoints

Russia, Turkey to create demilitarized zone for Syria's Idlib
Sep 17 1:57PM your-military-flashpoints

When the Korean leaders meet: Can roads pave the way to denuclearization?
Sep 17 9:45AM your-military-flashpoints

Mattis condemns Russian influence-peddling in Macedonia
Sep 17 8:11AM your-military-flashpoints

Marine in Afghanistan awarded Purple Heart after surviving shot to the head
Sep 14 11:45AM your-military-flashpoints

For the first time, rival Koreas open liaison office near the border
Sep 14 10:26AM your-military-flashpoints

Could Trump meet Kim in New York this month when world leaders gather? Why, and why not
Sep 14 8:56AM your-military-flashpoints

Airstrike kills two militants after US troops come under fire in Somalia
Sep 13 4:35PM your-military-flashpoints

US fighter jets intercept 2 Russian bombers off Alaska
Sep 13 4:26PM your-military-flashpoints

Kosovo government moves toward forming a regular army
Sep 13 10:58AM your-military-flashpoints

US warns Moscow over looming attack in Syrian city of Idlib
Sep 12 5:17PM your-military-flashpoints

US says Saudi Arabia, UAE protecting civilians in Yemen war
Sep 12 2:13PM your-military-flashpoints

Russia says joint war games with China will be routine
Sep 12 11:57AM your-military-flashpoints

Taliban say they're ready for new round of talks with US
Sep 12 11:18AM your-military-flashpoints