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5 Ways to Stay in Your Customers Hearts & Minds Using Social Science
Maybe it's because my drink of choice is a rum and diet. Maybe it's because I was in Sydney to keynote a conference on marketing. But as the train pulled into the station in Australia's Blue Mountains region, I immediately noticed an ad for Coca-Cola Zero.
Oct 16 12:30PM Marketo

Michael Brenner's 5 Skills You Need to Become the Next CMO
The marketing world today is a whole different ball game than it used to be. You have to come up with big ways to stand out to capture the attention of your customers and prospects. It is about knowing what content your customers and prospects want to consume.
Oct 15 12:30PM Marketo

The 4 Most Important Aspects of WordPress Hosting
With nearly 31% of market share, WordPress is a favorite website for most businesses, large and small. Its ease of use and low cost are major factors that have endeared many to use it. In fact, its free at entry level.
Oct 12 12:30PM Marketo

What Are the Characteristics of High ROI Marketing Teams?
Too often, B2B marketers get wrapped up in the world of click and lead volume optimization. But the reality is, the ultimate goal of all marketing should be efficiently generating revenue growth, which is measured by ROI. In short: effective marketing organizations have high ROI.
Oct 11 12:30PM Marketo

3 Ways to Build a 'Riches in Niches' Agency Business Model
Every company has a nicheeven those that serve other companies. When I was just starting out, I worried too much about whether my focus limited my appeal to prospects. What if they found another agency that offered more services? Eventually, I realized that without a strong position in my own niche, I would never be [] .
Oct 10 12:30PM Marketo

Is Attribution the Key to Professional Success?
Why is it that the average tenure of a CMO is so much less than other C-suite executives? According to the CMO Impact Study, over 40% of CMOs have been in their roles for less than two years and 70% less than four years. There is much speculation as to why marketers have a shorter [] . The post Is Attribution the Key to Professional Success? appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership.
Oct 9 12:30PM Marketo

About Face: Why You Should Stop Showing Faces in Your Ads
It can be hard to find an advertisement that doesn't prominently feature an individual's face. A quick image search of Moat displays an ad inventory for Wells Fargo that illustrates what I'm talking about: Almost all of the results feature happy people of various ages and races to support a request to click to learn more. Digital [] .
Oct 8 12:30PM Marketo

How to Turn Your Website Wishes into an Actionable Plan
A goal without a plan is just a wish. ? Antoine de Saint-Exupry The first step in ensuring your company's website overhaul is a success is to create a plan, which includes both people and strategy. Corporate websites are not built by individuals.
Oct 5 12:30PM Marketo

Rebranding Is Much More Than Designing a New Logo
Companies put a lot of stock in logos, and who can blame them? A logo is meant to serve as a visual and memorable representation of a brand, an enduring symbol of what it means to be me. But this graphical, emblematic totem rarely says much on its own. And when a logo becomes the [] .
Oct 4 12:30PM Marketo

How a Memorable Brand Experience Can Boost Engagement
If you spend even a couple of hours listening to the marketing department conversations at Uberflip, I guarantee you'll hear the word experience come up at least a few times. Whether it's the demand generation team evaluating our email marketing experience, or our account-based marketer strategizing how to make direct mail plays even more experiential, [] . The post How a Memorable Brand Experience Can Boost Engagement appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership.
Oct 3 12:30PM Marketo

How to Make Your Marketing Automation More Intelligent with AI
Many organizations are turning to marketing automation to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows. 53% of B2B organizations are using marketing automation technology today, and 37% surveyed say they are planning to implement it, according to an eConsultancy report. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) is also making waves in the industry.
Oct 2 12:30PM Marketo

The Great Debate: Why Experimentation Matters to Branding
We spend oodles of hours working out the kinks of our branding. As marketers, we get down to the nitty-gritty of taglines, color palettes, and guidelines. Then, get it approved, document it, and launch it to the world.
Oct 1 12:30PM Marketo

SoYou're Going to Build a Website. Here's What You Need to Know:
Your company's website is its window to the world. It's where customers and prospects learn about the company and its products and services. It's an important channel for engaging people and building relationships with them and a vital part of your digital experience.
Sep 28 12:30PM Marketo

4 More Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Know for 2019
Digital marketing is ever-changing as innovation creates new opportunities for marketers every day. Along with it, your strategy must change and grow with technology to keep ahead of your competitors. Trending digital marketing strategies keep marketers on their toes trying to innovate new and different ways to engage their audiences.
Sep 27 12:30PM Marketo

Why Top Brands Win with Transparency
You can't fool all the people, not even most of the time. People, once unfooled, talk about the experience. Seth Godin Consumers Choose Companies They Trust Although often overlooked, companies with top-notch marketing emphasize privacy and transparency.
Sep 26 12:30PM Marketo