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Love Was in the Air for People on Facebook and Instagram in February
Cupid shot his arrow through Facebook and Instagram in February, as Valentine's Day was the hottest of Hot Topics on both platforms for the month, according to Facebook IQ. The social network's research arm also pegged Black History Month and St. Patrick's Day as leaders in holiday and event conversation for February.
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Inside the Master's Program Dedicated to Brand Purpose
The conversation and examples of brand purpose continue to accelerate rapidly. Though at times the term can still be considered a buzzword, brands are not only seeing but understanding the value purpose can bring to the bottom line in the form of enthusiastic consumers. On the conference circuit, more panels and discussions revolve around brand.
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McDonald's U.K. Mocks All Other Coffee Advertising in Its Amusing Ode to Simplicity
When you think "gourmet coffee," a few scenes are likely to come to mind: a meticulous barista sampling from a veritable chemistry set, perhaps. Or maybe something in the Nespresso vein of incredibly attractive people sipping while staring philosophically into the distance. McDonald's, of course, isn't going to go in either of those directions.
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As the Classic Department Store Falters, These 4 Challengers Want to Upend the Retail Model
Don't call it a comeback--call it a renaissance, a golden age of retail. Contrary to headlines bemoaning the death of merchandising, the so-called "retail apocalypse," it's still alive and kicking and was all anyone talked about at this year's Shoptalk retail/commerce conference. While legacy retailers are experimenting with all sorts of ways to keep customers.
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These 21 CMOs Are Channeling Tech to Get Consumers to Obsess About Their Brands
These days, marketers are seeking to recruit brand converts through entertaining, shareable and highly interactive experiences delivered via social, mobile, AR and VR. Ask any of the tech-savvy CMOs profiled below, and they'll agree: To consistently win at the highest level, they must leverage media dollars to extend their sales propositions and product pitches in..
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Data Points: What Consumers Really Want From Brands' Content
Brands that want to garner consumer trust might want to steer clear of Photoshop when working on their content, new data from digital experience platform WP Engine and The Center for Generational Kinetics suggests. Considering that 82 percent of Gen Zers and 77 percent of millennials are more likely to purchase from a company that..
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How Mastering Customer Identity Will Help Your Brand Win
Marketers are swimming in customer data and quickly sprawling technology stacks that promise to help them manage and make sense of it. With nearly 7,000 mar-tech vendors, marketers are overwhelmed with options, investing in many solutions to solve for different needs. As a result, they're working with siloed, inconsistent data, which makes it nearly impossible.
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WPP's Kantar Consolidates All Divisions Under Single Brand Name
WPP's Kantar, the data, insights and consulting giant, has announced that effective April 2, all services and offerings will be consolidated under the Kantar brand name. All other brands, including Kantar Millward Brown, Kantar Health, Kantar Consulting and Lightspeed Research, its digital data collection company, will be retired. "It's quite a natural step," Kantar president.
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What Stagwell Group's Investment Means for the Future of MDC Partners and Its Agencies
For MDC Partners, change seemed inevitable, even before former CEO Scott Kauffman announced he would be stepping down from that role last September. Recently, the chatter around some kind of deal began to intensify amidst continued financial struggles, and the expected denouement arrived yesterday when Stagwell Group, the holding company founded by former Microsoft executive..
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Security Incident at Ad-Tech Platform Sizmek Affects Publicis and IPG Mediabrands
Top ad-tech platform Sizmek recently addressed the concerns of media agencies that use its demand-side platform after a flare-up highlighted some of the security measures inherent to the field. The incident arose after a system update in February led to a situation in which audience segments Publicis Media uses to target its own clients' ads..
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Tech Platforms' Policies Come Under the Microscope Following New Zealand Terrorist Attack
A gunman opened fire in two mosques in New Zealand on Friday, killing 49 people and injuring dozens more. The suspect broadcasted portions of the horrific shooting on social media during the attack. The terrorist attack, which police say was carried out by a young Australian-born man who expressed hatred toward Muslims and immigrants in.
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Snap Inc.'s New Chief Business Officer Plans to Overhaul the Company's Ads Business
When Los Angeles-based Snap Inc. began the search to replace Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan, who left in November to start his own venture capital firm, the 8-year-old social platform/digital camera company was navigating growing pains both self-inflicted and market-driven. The company was facing an exodus of top-level executives, having lost nearly a dozen since.
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This Department Store Takes Everything About Pop-Ups and Turns It Into Retail
Dubbing itself "the most interesting store in the world," Showfields, a new take on an old retail model by basically renting space to specific brands, today opened up three more floors in its flagship New York store. Located in the city's NoHo neighborhood, Showfields first opened up its doors in December, debuting only the first..
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Pornhub Got a Rise Out of Facebook's Record-Setting Outage
Facebook's loss was Pornhub's gain, as the Canadian adult-video-sharing site reported a surge in traffic while the social network and its family of applications dealt with the longest recorded outage in their history. The outage began around noon ET Wednesday, and Pornhub said in a blog post that its traffic was up 11 percent above..
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Q&A: CEO Mark Penn Reveals His Plans for MDC Partners' Culture, Clients and Billion-Dollar Debt
This week, MDC Partners finally ended its long-running search for a new leader when Mark Penn's Stagwell Group confirmed that it would spend $100 million to buy just under 30 percent of the holding group. Penn will now add MDC CEO to his considerable resume, which includes head of WPP's PR firm Burson-Marsteller, Microsoft chief..
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Can Sheraton's New Logo Help Reinvigorate the Legacy Hotel Brand?
Two years ago, when Marriott International plunked down $13 billion to buy Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, it came into possession of the posh St. Regis and trendy W brands--and also an awkward stepchild named Sheraton. Sheraton's problem wasn't size.
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How Facebook Is Ramping Up Its Efforts to Detect and Curtail the Spread of Revenge Porn
Facebook is using a new detection technology powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence to more quickly sniff out revenge porn--intimate images that are shared without the consent of the subjects--and the social network also created a new support hub for victims of this type of activity. In the past, the social network has relied..
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App-ads.txt Rolls Out to Fight Mobile Ad Fraud, but Will Brands and Publishers Embrace It?
Ads.txt is finally ready to hit mobile apps. On Wednesday, the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab--the consortium behind the initial fraud-busting ads.
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Digital Stats of the Week: Facebook Blackout Edition
Another week, another series of trials and tribulations for Mark Zuckerberg and company. As brands and tech companies were congregating in Austin for South by Southwest, Facebook stole everyone's attention when it, Instagram and other associated apps became unusable worldwide for nearly 24 hours due to an apparent "server configuration change." Just as it was.
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TikTok: Here's How to Change Who Can See the Videos You've Liked
By default, TikTok allows users to see the videos that other users have liked. However, did you know that you can stop other users from seeing the videos you've liked? Our guide will show you how this is done. Note: These screenshots were captured in the TikTok application on iOS.
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