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Pinterest Is Converting Its Older Buyable Pins to Product Pins
Pinterest is welcoming the run-up to the holiday shopping season with Tuesday's introduction of three new shopping features. The older Buyable Pin format is being replaced with Product Pins, as Pinterest said in a blog post that since it began testing the newer format, clicks on products to retail sites have gone up by 40..
Oct 16 7:55PM Adweek

This Sprawling International Thriller for HP Business Printers Is an Epic, Cautionary Tale
When shopping for a printer, how highly does online safety and protection rank? For the average consumer, it's likely not very high on the list of must-have components, even for businesses. HP and agency Giant Spoon are determined to change that with a star-studded campaign so elaborate, it deserves its own cinematic release. Launching its.
Oct 16 7:41PM Adweek

DDB to Part With New York President, CEO and 20-Year Veteran Chris Brown
DDB New York president and CEO Chris Brown will soon be leaving the agency after more than two decades, a spokesperson confirmed this week. Brown will remain in the position during a transitional process until the end of the year, as the agency finds a replacement in the role. Paul Gunning, who was promoted from.
Oct 16 7:27PM Adweek

BuzzFeed Is Ushering in a New Line of Homeware Goods at Macy's
BuzzFeed listicles have given way to BuzzFeed product partnerships. This time, Goodful, a two-year-old BuzzFeed media brand centered around health and wellness, is partnering with Macy's to release a line of 100 products all geared around items for the home. Starting Oct.
Oct 16 3:31PM Adweek

Capri Sun Created a Massive Cafeteria Table to Help Stamp Out Bullying at School
For many kids, lunchtime at school is a welcome respite to the day, a time to relax and laugh with friends until it's time to trudge off to class again. But for students who are bullied or feel ostracized, it can often be the most stressful part of going to school every day. For its.
Oct 16 3:19PM Adweek

Facebook: Here's How to Add a Feeling or Activity to a News Feed Post
Did you know that Facebook allows you to share your current feeling or activity in News Feed posts? For instance, if you're currently watching a movie, you can add "Watching [movie name]" to your post as an activity. Or if you're feeling excited about something that's happened, you can add an "excited" emoji and label..
Oct 16 3:10PM Adweek

Orangetheory Invites 300 Million People to Work Out for Free as Daylight Saving Time Ends
For shame, people! You say you have no time to get fit but yet you're frittering away untold hours binge-watching, Twitter warring and Fortnite playing. Just because you sometimes bust a sweat does not make those active pursuits. And, in short, you lie.
Oct 16 4:16AM Adweek

YouTube Debuts Targeting Tools to Help Marketers Reach the Growing Legion of Cord Cutters
YouTube is launching targeting tools to better help marketers engage with hard-to-reach audiences, a growing problem for marketers eager to engage with viewers abandoning linear TV in droves. The launch, announced today, will give advertisers the ability to engage audiences watching live TV on YouTube as well as those watching on-demand videos on the video-sharing..
Oct 16 4:00AM Adweek

Infographic: The Top Brands That Are Truly Capitalizing on Influencer Marketing
Anyone with an Instagram account can see that brands are utilizing influencer marketing, but which brands are really capitalizing on it? Influencer marketing platform Mavrck analyzed the categories and brands dominating the trend as well as the growth of the influencer industry overall since 2014. Fashion and apparel is the most common category--or, as Mavrck..
Oct 15 10:45PM Adweek

How Big Tech Is Working With Nonprofits and Governments to Turn Data Into Solutions During Disasters
As Hurricane Michael approached the Florida Panhandle, the Florida Division of Emergency Management tapped a tech company for help. Over the past year, Florida's DEM has worked closely with GasBuddy, a Boston-based app that uses crowdsourced data to identify fuel prices and inform first responders and the public about fuel availability or power outages at..
Oct 15 10:45PM Adweek

This Refinery29 Co-founder Is No Stranger to Leaps of Faith
Making courageous moves amid a lot of uncertainty has colored the life of Christene Barberich, the global editor in chief and co-founder of Refinery29, the lifestyle-focused media company. Take, for example, an essay she wrote in 2015 about her five miscarriages. "It was incredibly terrifying, but also liberating," Barberich recalled.
Oct 15 10:45PM Adweek

ABC Is Giving Itself a Roseanne Do-Over With The Conners
Few recent TV shows have exploded on the scene--and then imploded--with the force and speed of ABC's Roseanne revival last spring. The sitcom debuted in March to 18.2 million viewers and a 5.
Oct 15 10:45PM Adweek

How Pivotal Moments Have Helped Marc Pritchard Lean Into His Inspiring Story
As one of the most influential marketers in the world, P&G CMO Marc Pritchard has long advocated for diversity and inclusion, both externally in the brand's output and internally at its Cincinnati headquarters and beyond. What's interesting, however, is that over the past few years, Pritchard has been more open about his own heritage and..
Oct 15 7:39PM Adweek

The Cannabis Industry Is Still Seeking Clarity Around Organic Posts on Instagram
We don't know what our nipple is." That wasn't someone confused about anatomy or a director trying to push the Motion Picture Association of America into an R rating. It was Alex Pasternack, head of business development for edible cannabis products provider Binske, describing his efforts to learn why Instagram temporarily removed Binske's account last.
Oct 15 7:11PM Adweek

The NFL Places Its Advertising Business in Review After 10 Years With Grey
The National Football League is in the market for a new agency partner. Just over a month after naming former Activision Blizzard top marketer and 2013 Adweek Brand Genius Tim Ellis as its new CMO, the NFL issued both an RFI and an RFP regarding its overall marketing business, according to several parties with direct..
Oct 15 7:06PM Adweek

Why Marketers Don't Need to Worry About Contributing to Gen Z's Alleged Tech Addiction
At a time when so much attention is being given to the negative side of teens' relationships with technology (i.e., tech addiction, isolation from the outside world, moody and impetuous behaviors), our 2018 Gen Z Passion Point(TM) Study paints a very different picture.
Oct 15 3:00PM Adweek

Facebook Provided an Update on Its Supplier Diversity Efforts
Facebook revealed that it spent $204.9 million in 2017 with U.S.
Oct 15 3:00PM Adweek

Through an Aging Father's Memories, Energy BBDO Captures the Emotional Bonds of Home
Already known for creating some of the industry's best, most emotional storytelling for surprising clients like Extra Gum and Windex, Chicago agency Energy BBDO now has a client soundly in its wheelhouse: Home Instead Senior Care. You might recognize Energy BBDO from its "Story of Sarah and Juan" for Extra or its recent work for..
Oct 15 2:50PM Adweek

How Adweek Media Visionary Ellen DeGeneres Built a Media Empire
When you talk to Ellen DeGeneres, what you see is what you get. Off stage, away from the cameras, Adweek's Media Visionary is as genuine and thoughtful as the likable persona she's cultivated during her long, remarkable career as an entertainer, writer, producer, and LGBTQ and animal activist. Doug Inglish/Warner Bros.
Oct 15 12:00AM Adweek

These Print And Digital Publishers Are Redefining What It Means to Be a Media Brand in 2018
It's been a remarkable year for journalism and storytelling, as legacy media outlets continue to find their new identities in this rapidly evolving digital era. Others have had to nimbly reimagine themselves after being acquired by new owners, all while strategizing for the future with new revenue streams. We've seen great leadership from media executives.
Oct 15 12:00AM Adweek