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OK, Lil Jon Heads to His Local Diner in Pepsi's Super Bowl Teaser
Lil Jon likes to serve his soda old school style. PepsiCo has enlisted the Atlanta rapper behind early '00s "crunk" hits like "Turn Down for What" and Usher's "Yeah" for the last entry in its trio of Super Bowl spots, this one promoting the classic soda itself. It follows trailers for ads focused on the.
Jan 19 2:31PM Adweek

Facebook Is Testing LOL, a Video Feed of Memes, to Try to Win Back Teens
Facebook is taking another step to stem the tide of teens leaving its platform with its test of LOL, a feed of memes in the form of videos and GIFs. A spokesperson for the social network said, "We are running a small-scale test and the concept is in the early stages right now," declining to..
Jan 18 10:25PM Adweek

McCann Ends 4-Year Battle Over U.S. Army Contract
More than four years after the U.S. Army first announced that it would be reviewing its advertising business in November of 2014, McCann has dropped its final legal fight against the government, withdrawing a protest filed in the U.
Jan 18 7:42PM Adweek

Google Is Expected to Get Hit With a Third Antitrust Penalty
The European Union is expected to soon announce another antitrust fine against Google--this time related to its AdSense advertising platform, according to a report from Bloomberg. Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who heads up EU competition policy, is expected to soon announce a fine for the AdSense product, sources told Bloomberg Thursday evening. It's unclear when exactly.
Jan 18 7:08PM Adweek

3 Retro Design Themes That Are Suddenly Resurgent in Modern Culture
Whether it's from a desire to escape the anxieties of modern life or simply an artistic form of nostalgia, the visual techniques of the recent past are now helping define the look of the present. In Shutterstock's annual Creative Trends report, the stock art service analyzes billions of searches for images, videos and music to..
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Luke Wilson Gets Uncomfortably Close in Colgate's Super Bowl Ad
Get ready to up close and personal with Luke Wilson's smile--and his mouth--in Colgate's ad for the Super Bowl LIII. The 30-second spot which will air during the second commercial break of the third quarter, shows Luke Wilson touting all the benefits about Colgate Total. In the ad, Wilson says he's a "close talker," which.
Jan 18 6:21PM Adweek

How 3 Legacy Brands Are Using Tech to Personalize Beauty
While products you'll soon see in retailers like Best Buy made up the bulk of this year's CES activations, brands that you more often find in the aisles of CVS and Walgreens also took part. Neutrogena, L'Oreal and Procter & Gamble are among the beauty brands betting big on the personalization tech can deliver for..
Jan 18 6:17PM Adweek

There Was No War on Christmas on Facebook and Instagram in December
People on Facebook and Instagram were caught up in the holiday spirit in December, as Christmas and New Year's Eve absolutely dominated conversation on both networks for the month, according to the newest installment of Hot Topics from Facebook IQ, the social network's research arm. In the entertainment category, Facebook users headed for the cinema,..
Jan 18 5:10PM Adweek

Chevron to Review Its Global Media Business After 16 Years With WPP
Energy giant Chevron, a longtime staple of WPP's client roster, has placed its global media planning and buying business in review, a company spokesperson confirmed this week. "Chevron's global media agency of record has been in place for 16 years," said the representative. "We've elected to test the marketplace to confirm that Chevron has the.
Jan 18 5:07PM Adweek

5G Isn't a Reality Yet, but It's Looking Promising
Just because everyone's thinking about 5G doesn't mean everyone understands what it is or what it might imply for their industries and brands. You might have a better idea if you'd attended CES where it was a hot topic. For those of you not lucky enough to be one of the 180,000 attendees, here's a.
Jan 18 5:02PM Adweek

This London Agency Gave People a Lift by Redesigning Their Elevators
An elevator isn't the first place one thinks of for a chance to have some interesting interaction. Most of the time, the ride up and down is an exercise in people gazing forward quietly, or sneaking peeks at their phones. Conran Design Group, part of Havas in London, is seeking to break the monotony and.
Jan 18 4:59PM Adweek

A Bug Affected the Protect Your Tweets Setting on Android as Far Back as November 2014
An undisclosed number of Android users who enabled the Protect Your Tweets setting on Twitter may not have been protected, after all. In a post on its Help Center, the social network said Twitter for Android users who made certain changes to their account settings--such as changing the email addresses that were associated with their..
Jan 18 4:15PM Adweek

Lessons From 3 Interactive Branded Content Videos That Debuted Before Bandersnatch
Whether you follow popular culture or not, Netflix's latest interactive Black Mirror episode has got marketers and consumers all over the world talking. But what does this new technology mean for branded content? This isn't the first move toward interactive content. Black Mirror may have caught everyone's attention, but brands and entertainment suppliers have been.
Jan 18 4:09PM Adweek

Tribune Publishing Names New Execs as CEO Justin Dearborn Steps Down
After almost three years as Tribune Publishing's CEO, Justin Dearborn is stepping down from the role and from his position as the company's chairman of the board. Those roles will now be split between Timothy P. Knight, who will serve as CEO and will be a member of the board, and David Dreier, who will.
Jan 18 3:59PM Adweek

Verizon Will Thank First Responders for Saving 12 NFL Stars in Its Super Bowl Spot
After sitting out the Super Bowl since 2011, Verizon rejoined the game last year with an emotional campaign thanking first responders. The brand will once again tap that theme, showcasing the stories of NFL players and first responders in its "The Team That Wouldn't be Here" campaign. Verizon worked with agency McCann and director Peter.
Jan 18 5:01AM Adweek

Streetwear Designer Benny Gold Closes His Store and Heads to Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Over the past 15 years, Benny Gold became one of the premier streetwear designers in San Francisco by parlaying his fame as a skateboarder into his own eponymous brand of shirts, hats and outerwear. His flagship Valenica Street shop became a tourist destination and mainstay of the city's historic Mission District. But this week, Gold.
Jan 17 11:07PM Adweek

New York Post Is Getting a New Publisher and CEO
After 20 years at the company, Jesse Angelo is leaving as the publisher and CEO of the New York Post to "let someone else write the next chapter," he said in a statement. Sean Giancola will replace him. "We thank Jesse Angelo for his many and varied contributions to our company as a journalist, editor.
Jan 17 11:00PM Adweek

Netflix Now Has 139 Million Subscribers and Says It Competes With 'Fortnite More Than HBO'
It will now be even tougher for the four big streaming services scheduled to debut in the next year--from Disney, AT&T, Apple and NBCUniversal--to catch up with Netflix. The streaming giant now has 139 million subscribers worldwide, 58.5 million of which are U.
Jan 17 10:46PM Adweek

What Makes British Drama Characters Compelling? In These Ads, They Tell You Themselves
Hard-bitten detective Vera Stanhope doesn't give a damn if people like her. She's a crusty crime fighter who outsmarts bad guys and suffers no fools. Disheveled and dowdy, she will not be wearing lipstick or stilettos to solve her latest case.
Jan 17 9:51PM Adweek

Nuns Among Shareholders Asking Amazon Not to Trade Privacy for Profit
A group of nuns joining forces to take on an all-powerful tech company sounds like the plot of Sister Act 3, but it actually happened in Brooklyn--sort of. Amazon shareholders representing more than $1.3 billion in assets filed a resolution Thursday asking the company to stop selling its facial-recognition technology, Rekognition, to government agencies until.
Jan 17 9:46PM Adweek