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Smart alarm clock delivering local news wins 12th annual journalism development competition
A smart alarm clock that delivers local news and advertising, weather, and traffic information as its users wake up is the winner of the 2019 RJI Student Competition.
Apr 24 4:06PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

What crowdsourcing 10,000 pages of government records has taught
Last year, we launched our new crowdsourcing tool. Here's what's worked well and where we're taking it next.
Apr 22 5:50PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

D.C. symposium to discuss social media and the First Amendment
Is the First Amendment still relevant in the age of social media? How can we be sure that what we're reading and watching is true? What can social media platforms do to curtail the spread of misinformation and lies?
Apr 17 6:08PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Embrace Your Constraints: How to build better products by accepting what you can't change
The Futures Lab made a Twitterbot, and constraints were crucial to our creative process.
Apr 15 7:22PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Pictures of the Year to celebrate winners during awards reception, public forum
The winners of the 76th annual Pictures of the Year competition, as well as the 73rd College Photographer of the Year contest, will be celebrated during an awards reception and all-day public forum April 26-27 in Columbia, Missouri.
Apr 11 4:23PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

What to do with too many images
Sometimes it seems like the digital world is turning us all into virtual hoarders. As storage costs go down, it becomes easier to pile our binary creations into a digital attic, never looking back.
Apr 10 8:50PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

AI isn't taking journalists' jobs. It is making them smarter and more efficient
Utopian or dystopian? When it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, how journalists view the technology, and how willing they are to delve into the many layers it can empower, is the secret sauce in creating a better workplace.
Apr 9 6:27PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

A Trusting News analysis: What news consumers say they trust
Fundamentally, news consumers trust journalism that they find to be balanced, in-depth, honest and reputable. Those qualities appeared over and over in an analysis of 81 in-depth interviews our newsroom partners conducted with members of their communities.
Apr 4 9:37PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Backing local news, building trust, innovating solutions
The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute has awarded seven fellowships for the 2019-20 academic year.
Apr 2 2:59PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Sonification: 5 tips to get you started
Lexi Churchill, Mizzou student, shares 5 tips for the journalist interested in trying sonification
Feb 28 9:44PM Reynolds Journalism Institute