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Trusting News project expands research and training through University of Georgia partnership
Trusting News, a project intended to empower journalists to earn consumers' trust, is adding research and training support from a partnership with the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication.
Oct 11 7:23PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Bots: Helping journalists find the story
We used an election databot to delve into ad numbers from two local politicians.
Oct 9 4:23PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

RJI seeks newsroom partners for millennial-driven innovative projects
With shrinking newsrooms and tight budgets, it can be a challenge to come up with fresh ideas or enough hands to work on all the innovative projects your newsroom thinks up.
Oct 4 2:39PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Competitors build 'news hardware' for the home
How many computers did you use before 8 a.m.? Researchers call this "ubiquitous computing," when computer chips, screens and connectivity are so established in our everyday routines that we cease to conceive of the individual products as being computers.
Oct 3 8:42PM Reynolds Journalism Institute

Eight takeaways for newsrooms to integrate augmented, virtual or mixed reality into the workplace
RJI invited five journalists from across the globe to participate in a two-day discussion around immersive video storytelling, Sept. 17-18. They came to teach, test and try the newest in technology surrounding augmented, virtual and mixed reality.
Oct 3 1:41PM Reynolds Journalism Institute