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Globally, internet, smartphone, and social media use is ?, but there are big age, education, wealth, and gender gaps
Here are just a few of the global disparities surfaced in a new Pew Research Center report published on Tuesday and covering 39 countries around the world. In South Korea, nearly all of its population 96 percent access the internet at least occasionally, or own a smartphone. In the sub-Saharan African region, median internet use.
Jun 19 7:48PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Could Google's new podcast app change the way we understand the Average Podcast Listener?
Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 165, published June 19, 2018. In play.
Jun 19 4:00PM Nieman Journalism Lab

How to end misogyny in the news industry: An open letter to the international journalism community
The World Association of News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) annual Congress in early June is one of the media world's major industry events a networking opportunity for close to a thousand attendees from international news publishing, with keynote speakers and panel discussions addressing the future of journalism and the news business in a time of convergent...
Jun 19 5:00AM Nieman Journalism Lab

A look at how foundations are helping the journalism industry stand up straight
Foundations across the U.S. are helping journalists watchdog the powerful but whos watching the foundations? The state of the journalism industry might be much more tattered right now if not for philanthropic dollars helping to sustain national and local news outlets like ProPublica, the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Voice of San Diego, Texas.
Jun 18 4:01PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Newsonomics: McCormick Media's back in the Tronc game, as eyes turn to the TRNC ticker
Since Patrick Soon-Shiong has resolved his transition issues with Tronc and has finally taken formal ownership of the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, many eyes turned toward the NASDAQ at market open today. Their focus: TRNC. What will happen to the price of Tronc shares as investors, a good number of speculators.
Jun 18 2:06PM Nieman Journalism Lab

What news leaders learned at the 2018 Institute for Nonprofit News conference
The Institute for Nonprofit News held its annual conference in Orlando, Florida, this week and featured two days of speakers trying to share valuable knowledge: how to make money in nonprofit news. The need to find sustainable business practices in nonprofit organizations is just as important as it is for everyone else in journalism. INN.
Jun 15 4:06PM Nieman Journalism Lab

With its Facebook Watch news show, Alabama's Reckon wants to make a national audience care about local news
Weve gotten a sense of what local publishers can contribute to some of Facebooks bigger projects, like Facebook Watch. Theyve shared a documentary on a Texas high school football team, a three-season show exploring Long Islands food scene, and more. Soon, well have a taste of a local publishers first news show on Facebook Watch,.
Jun 15 1:01PM Nieman Journalism Lab

There's a big difference between the number of people who worry about fake news and who say they've actually seen it
The biggest single gap between perception and what people actually see. The Reuters Digital News Report for 2018 which we wrote up here includes big sections on fake news and misinformation. A few takeaways: People worry about fake news, but have trouble thinking of times theyve actually seen it.
Jun 15 12:55PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Despite concerns about control, news publishers are still pushing a lot of content to third-party platforms
Gather round for this history of the troubled, not totally requited relationship between news publishers and powerful technology companies like Google and Facebook. No publisher wants to be reliant on a platform that isnt within their control, but few want to miss out, either whether its on free(ish) money from Facebook to produce exclusive..
Jun 14 5:09PM Nieman Journalism Lab

After years of growth, the use of social media for news is falling across the world
People are becoming disenchanted with Facebook for news. The Trump bump appears to be sustaining itself. And younger people are more likely to donate money to a news organization than older people.
Jun 13 11:01PM Nieman Journalism Lab

In the U.S., the left trusts the mainstream media more than the right, and the gap is growing
As Facebook moves to privilege broadly trusted sources in its News Feed, our research shows that broadcasters and newspapers are more trusted than digital-born outlets across a number of countries. Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would prioritize news from brands that its users perceive as trustworthy, as part of a response to allegations..
Jun 13 11:01PM Nieman Journalism Lab

For the World Cup, livestreamed online video is threatening to score the equalizer on traditional TV
Nearly as many people plan to watch this summers World Cup via livestreamed video as on regular ol live TV, a new study out today from the Interactive Advertising Bureau says. Its another sign (if we still need one) of how even live sports cable companies best hope for saving something like the traditional..
Jun 13 5:26PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Did you even READ the piece? This startup wants to make that question obsolete for commenters
Lets be honest: Are you going to read this or skim this? In a land of feeds, tidbits, and bullet points, readers dont often get to the end of a piece let alone absorb each sentence along the way. But what if you couldnt comment until you actually read the whole piece? (We see..
Jun 13 3:45PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Civil promises that you don't have to care about blockchain to care about what it's doing (also, its first newsrooms just launched)
In the future, all of our news will come from and be about blockchain; at least, I assume thats true, based on the number of pitches that Ive received over the past few months. The most prominent blockchain journalism startup, Civil the decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism took a step forward this week..
Jun 13 3:15PM Nieman Journalism Lab

A definitive playbook: How to DIY a local nonprofit news outlet
A decade ago, if you decided to create your own nonprofit news outlet to focus on local issues, you were largely operating without a playbook as an early entrant to the local nonprofit news scene. Now, with dozens and dozens of local nonprofit outlets across the U.S.
Jun 12 3:10PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Grow the pie: Podcast revenue seems to be growing fast enough for everyone to get a slice
Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 164, published June 12, 2018. Expanding pie.
Jun 12 2:23PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Canada's The Logic is a new subscription news outlet focused on the innovation economy, la The Information
Information wants to be $300 a year and it wants to be exclusive, high quality, and lower quantity. At least thats the bet being made by The Logic, the new Canadian subscription news outlet that soft-launches today. Modeled in large part after Silicon Valley news site The Information, its focus will be on the.
Jun 12 10:42AM Nieman Journalism Lab

In the hunt for sustainability, DocumentCloud and MuckRock are joining together as one organization
Muckcloud? Docrock? MuckumentCloud? Just kidding. Theyre keeping their own names, but MuckRock and DocumentCloud are joining into one organization on the quest for sustainability as a hub for some of journalisms most widely-used tools for transparency. Joining forces for the sake of joining forces doesn't make any sense, Aron Pilhofer, DocumentClouds cofounder and executive director.
Jun 11 2:30PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Americans think the news industry is headed in the wrong direction, but what does that even mean?
Americans are fractured over the role of journalists, confused by terms like op-ed, and wary of the watchdog part of journalism, a new report suggests. Yet theyre also increasingly trustful of their favorite news outlets. A report out Tuesday from the Media Insight Project, surveying 2,019 adult members of the American public and 1,127 American.
Jun 11 2:27PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Newsonomics: Why is Michael Ferro slowing down Patrick Soon-Shiong's deal to buy the LA Times and San Diego Union-Tribune?
Michael Ferros deal to get paid a 34-percent premium for his Tronc shares vanished as strangely as it appeared. Just seven weeks after Ferro announced that Sargent McCormick was the lead buyer of Ferros Merrick Media 25-percent stake in the company, McCormick turned his pockets inside out on Tuesday evening. He released a hurried statement,.
Jun 8 3:45PM Nieman Journalism Lab