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Scroll, the $5/month news subscription startup, signs up The Atlantic, Business Insider, Fusion Media Group, Slate, and others
Scroll, the news startup from former Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile that will charge $5 per month in exchange for ad-free reading across a number of sites, has signed its first partners ahead of its launch later this year, the company announced Thursday. They include The Atlantic, Fusion Media Group, Business Insider, Slate, MSNBC, The Philadelphia..
Feb 23 4:15PM Nieman Journalism Lab

With in-article chat bots, BBC is experimenting with new ways to introduce readers to complex topics
Even if they havent changed the world in the way some hyped, chatbots have become a compelling way for news organizations to experiment with telling familiar stories in a new format. Some big challenges stand in the way of widespread adoption, though. One is acclimating users to the format; another is winning over reporters.
Feb 23 4:07PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Can we keep media literacy from becoming a partisan concept like fact checking?
Data & Society released a pair of reports this week one on fake news, the other on media literacy. Nothing shocking here, but the fake news report does a good job of describing how the two conflicting definitions of fake news symbolize a broader schism between scholars/researchers and the right-wing media. On the one.
Feb 23 2:45PM Nieman Journalism Lab

After years of testing, The Wall Street Journal has built a paywall that bends to the individual reader
The Wall Street Journal thinks it might know your reading habits and your potential spending habits better than you know them yourself. For the past couple of years, the Journal home to one of journalisms oldest paywalls has been testing different ways to allow non-subscribers to sample its stories refining a..
Feb 22 6:49PM Nieman Journalism Lab

A 2018 survey of fact-checking projects around the world finds a booming field, with at least 149 dedicated initiatives
23 years ago, there was Now there are at least 149 dedicated fact-checking projects around the world currently active, according to the latest census from the Duke Reporters Lab, released Thursday.
Feb 22 6:07PM Nieman Journalism Lab

This TV station took a marvelous Facebook fast and thinks other media companies should too
It felt like a spa vacation. Many publishers are uncomfortable with their dependence on Facebook for traffic, particularly in light of recent changes to Facebooks algorithm that deprioritize news. But that discomfort almost never extends to actually leaving the platform.
Feb 22 5:20PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Post-Facebook News Feed tweaks, Vox Media lays off 50 employees
Publishers pivot to video appears to have become a pivot to layoffs. And not even the biggest and most successful of digital-native companies is safe. Vox Media, one of the many companies that embraced social video over the past two years, said Wednesday that it will lay off 50 employees, approximately five percent of its.
Feb 21 5:57PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Newsonomics: Will Michael Ferro double down on newspapers or go digital?
Michael Ferros not done yet. He may have sold off his prized flagship Los Angeles Times the cornerstone of his latest transformation strategy but the publishing wheeler-dealer already has his top team consumed with finding new deals. That deal-making appears to be traveling on two tracks.
Feb 21 5:46PM Nieman Journalism Lab

With audience engagement and live events, Finimize is finding new ways to boost readers' financial literacy
What better way to promote a daily email newsletter that sums up an industrys latest news thanin another daily email newsletter that sums up an industrys latest news? Its a natural. So if you get Axios Login tech-industry newsletter, you may have seen some in-email ads this month promoting Finimize, a daily finance newsletter aimed..
Feb 21 4:16PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Google AMP is now coming to a Gmail inbox near you. Do we want it?
You've got mail and now you won't always have to click out of your Gmail app to deal with it. After launching its Accelerated Mobile Pages framework a few years ago for a more streamlined mobile user experience in search results, Google is now bringing the framework to the precious cargo of many email..
Feb 20 5:53PM Nieman Journalism Lab

With a year of guides to a better life, The New York Times hopes to convert more readers to subscribers
Do you want to make the world a better place? Would you like a how-to guide for that? The New York Times is seizing on its audiences constant thirst for self-improvement, in the words of Sara Bremen Rabstenek, the Times reader experience product director. The Times is creating a series of guides for improving various..
Feb 20 4:40PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Will moving to radio put a strain on what makes The Daily work so well as a podcast?
Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 152, published February 20, 2018. Crossing over.
Feb 20 3:28PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Are news publishers directly liable for embedding tweets that contain images not created by that tweeter?
News publishers will now be thinking twice before embedding in articles a certain viral tweet that contains a full color image of Tom Brady and Danny Ainge, taken in 2016. In fact, any publisher embedding any tweets containing content that might not be original to the tweeter now has at least some reason to be..
Feb 16 7:21PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Here's how Google is thinking about surfacing paywalled news organizations in search
Hey, Google how do we solve the news industrys various revenue problems? Google gave a preview of some features its been working on and thinking about regarding its support for subscription news organizations at its Digital News Initiative Summit on Thursday (on the same day it also rolled out a built-in adblocker in its...
Feb 16 4:47PM Nieman Journalism Lab

What strategies work best for increasing trust in local newsrooms? Trusting News has some ideas
After six months of investigating thousands of disciplinary cases in dozens of police departments around Cincinnati, Scripps TV station WCPO was almost ready to share its findings on air and online. But the team decided to add one more thing to their to-do list: an on-air segment and online letter about why and how they..
Feb 16 2:20PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Should we consider fake news another form of (not particularly effective) political persuasion or something more dangerous?
Most forms of political persuasion seem to have little effect at all. Dartmouths Brendan Nyhan writes in The New York Times that it isnt that easy to change peoples votes in an election, in an Upshot post titled Fake news and bots may be worrisome, but their political power is overblown. When were trying to.
Feb 16 12:00PM Nieman Journalism Lab

GroundSource switched from an email newsletter to a SMS newsletter and actually got responses
Want to connect with and update audience. Spend time perfecting email newsletter. Ask subscribers for responses.
Feb 15 6:45PM Nieman Journalism Lab

The Guardian's new podcast player for the web tries to make listening a little more interactive (but not interruptive)
Sometimes, the podcast isnt enough. Or to put it differently, its so good you want to find out even more. While binging on the S-Town podcast last year, the first thing I did after one episode was search the Internet for more about the central character John McLemore, in hopes of finding a picture of.
Feb 15 3:23PM Nieman Journalism Lab

Newsonomics: 11 questions the news business is trying to answer in 2018
No, the saga of the Los Angeles Times isnt the only story in the newspaper world. Its just that in its breathtaking oddness, it consumed the beginning of our year. Lets begin with one question about the future of the Times, but then move on to other early-in-the-year questions that may tell us lots more.
Feb 15 3:15PM Nieman Journalism Lab

$2.31/week: That's about what you'll pay for a digital newspaper subscription these days
It doesnt really matter where you live or how large your local newspapers circulation is: The average price for a digital newspaper subscription is $2.31 per week, according to a new report from the American Press Institute. API research fellow Tracy M.
Feb 14 10:05PM Nieman Journalism Lab