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British parliament releases contentious Facebook emails
When a British parliamentary committee looking into Facebooks role in misinformation and data privacy seized documents last week from an American businessman involved in a lawsuit with Facebook, the committee threatened to make the files public, even though they were sealed by a California court order. And thats exactly what it did on Wednesday: Damian Collins, the head of the committeeand the man who used a little-known British law to send a Serjeant-at-Arms to the American businessmans hotel room to escort him to the House of Commonspublished more than 200 pages of emails and other documents. The files came from a court case with Six4Three, makers of an app that allowed users to search their friends photos for bathing suit pictures.
Dec 6 12:55PM Columbia Journalism Review

From a Myanmar jail, a children's book about the power of journalism
In Myanmar, it used to be said that the best education could be found in prison, where intellectuals, artists, and journalists abounded. In 2011, when five decades of military rule came to an end, some in the country hoped those days were gone. But now, in a massive prison complex in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, []
Dec 6 12:13PM Columbia Journalism Review

Journalists were slow on the Nassar story. Here's why.
In 2015, at a press conference during the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, Jessica O'Beirne asked a question. O'Beirne, host of a popular gymnastics podcast called GymCastic, wanted to know whether the women's team from the United Stateswhich had just won its third consecutive gold medalhad been told why, during the finals, two []
Dec 5 7:13PM Columbia Journalism Review

The Weekly Standard's grim outlook
Things don't look good for The Weekly Standard. Yesterday, CNN's Oliver Darcy reported that the conservative magazine may shutter after sparring between its leadership and owners MediaDC, who told the magazine's editor, Stephen Hayes, that he could court potential buyers, then went back on the pledge. While MediaDC's parent company wouldn't be drawn publicly last night, MediaDC's chairman, Ryan McKibben, has reportedly requested a meeting with Hayes next week.
Dec 5 12:51PM Columbia Journalism Review

Media plays into Trump's narrative on migrant caravan
The tear gas had barely dissipated as LA Times reporter Cindy Carcamo walked through the Tijuana stadium. All around her a sea of tents, bustling with humanity at the heart of the Migrant Crisis, Caravan Crisis, and Border Crisis that dominated recent headlines, headlines that run afoul of leading immigration think-tank reports with titles like []
Dec 5 11:50AM Columbia Journalism Review

Journalists are rightly suspicious of ad tech. They also depend on it.
Imagine a young woman named Molly, working as an events coordinator in Chicago. During the planning of a daylong workshop, she and her colleagues have a good-natured groan about the post-lunch slowdown that always plagues these types of events. To jazz up the flow of conversation Molly decides to stock the room with candy.
Dec 4 6:05PM Columbia Journalism Review

Guide to Advertising Technology
Executive Summary Advertising technology has built a massive technical infrastructure. The technology and motivations of advertising undergird the economy of the internet. News sites are no exception.
Dec 4 6:00PM Columbia Journalism Review

The good fight: Jan Ramsey keeps music journalism alive in New Orleans
From her office overlooking Frenchmen, New Orleans's most musical street, Jan Ramsey commands OffBeat magazine, which has reported on the city's music scene in painstaking detail for three decades, promoting musicians who might otherwise never receive a lick of press. Ramsey, who is 68, has recently let her trademark fire-orange hair go grey, but nonetheless []
Dec 4 4:39PM Columbia Journalism Review

Election fraud fears in North Carolina keep the midterms story alive
Last week, a bipartisan state board unanimously voted not to certify an election result in North Carolina's Ninth Congressional District, where Republican candidate Mark Harris thought he had narrowly beaten his Democratic rival, Dan McCready. At issue were irregularities in two rural counties where a disproportionate number of voters requested absentee ballots, then did not return them. Allegations abound that an operation led by an independent contractor tied to the Republican campaign tampered with those ballots.
Dec 4 12:57PM Columbia Journalism Review

The future of men's magazines, as Jim Nelson leaves GQ
In February 2003, S.I. Newhouse Jr.
Dec 4 11:55AM Columbia Journalism Review

On expletives and dummy subjects
There are expletives, and there are expletives. There are reasons to avoid both kinds. It is important that the previous sentence uses avoid, not banish completely.
Dec 3 9:02PM Columbia Journalism Review

In defense of documentaries as journalism
Documentaries aren't journalism, and there's nothing wrong with that, read the headline of an article published in October by Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday. The journalist's mission is to share information, whereas the filmmaker's mission is to elicit emotion. As a professor in a school of journalism that prides itself on teaching compelling storytelling []
Dec 3 6:03PM Columbia Journalism Review

In Bush coverage, the media finds another foil for Trump
Shortly before midnight on Friday, George H.W. Bush died at home in Houston.
Dec 3 12:38PM Columbia Journalism Review

What's behind a recent rise in books coverage?
If it occasionally feels like nobody reads books, anymorethat we are indeed witnessing the slow death of the literary novel, and the rapid decline of leisure reading, and the steady increase of American non-readerswhy is it that mainstream publications are writing more about them? Since the beginning of 2017, The New York Times has continued []
Dec 3 11:55AM Columbia Journalism Review

Slate's Leon Neyfakh on Slow Burn's success and political storytelling
For two seasons, Slate's Slow Burn podcast has delved at length into the half-forgotten personalities and plotlines of American political dramas first, Watergate, and, in a second season, the Clinton impeachment proceedings with an eye towards helping listeners sort through the uncertain present. Helmed by Slate staff writer Leon Neyfakh, who on Tuesday []
Nov 30 9:35PM Columbia Journalism Review

Headlines editors probably wish they could take back
IN THIS WEEK'S LOWERCASE View post on imgur.com Oh dear pic.twitter.
Nov 30 6:39PM Columbia Journalism Review

A new platform based on trust
Yesterday, CJR opened Galley, an app created last year by Josh Young and Tom McGeveran. In bringing Galley under the CJR mantle, we're creating a new space for thoughtful conversations about journalism and opening up the debates we have every day in the newsroom. We're inviting you all to join in.
Nov 30 12:44PM Columbia Journalism Review

Journalists harassed and assaulted at Yellow Vest protests across France
As one hundred thousand people mobilized across France last Saturday, Jean-Luc Thomas, a veteran reporter for French TV news channel CNEWS, broadcast live from the heart of the Southern city of Toulouse. The rally was part of a new national movement whose members call themselves the Gilets Jaunesor Yellow Vestsand who object to rising taxes []
Nov 30 11:55AM Columbia Journalism Review

Podcast: Gisele Regatao on NPR's accent bias
ON THIS WEEK'S EPISODE, Gisele Regatao, a freelance reporter and assistant professor of journalism at Baruch College, tells CJR Editor and Publisher Kyle Pope how she lost a story because an NPR editor said her accent was too strong. SHOW NOTES: The Many Voices of Journalism, Gisele Regatao, CJR
Nov 29 10:07PM Columbia Journalism Review

Mic shuts down, a victim of management hubris and Facebook's pivot to video
For anyone who has been watching digital media, the fact that millennial news site Mic is effectively shutting downlaying off most of its 100-plus journalists and selling what remains of the company to Bustle, according to multiple reports on Thursdayshould come as no surprise. CJR ran a story in September, Mic looking for investors amid []
Nov 29 9:02PM Columbia Journalism Review