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CONNECTIONS: How ladies undergarments secured Crane Paper the U.S. currency contract
Exactly why such a small, out-of-the-way business in Dalton, Massachusetts, won a competition to become the single manufacturer of all the paper for the nation's money is not known, but that doesn't stop speculation.
Jul 17 4:01AM Berkshire Edge

PREVIEW: Art will surely imitate Strindberg's life in 'Creditors'
The play explores one of Strindberg's other favorite themes: the question of the viability of marriage as an institution. The ending isn't a happy one. I'll leave it at that.
Jul 16 11:36PM Berkshire Edge

REVIEW: Alan Cumming's 'Legal Immigrant' at the Mahaiwe bold and smart
The 90-minute show was packed with about a dozen and half songs, thematically grouped in five sets with some rollicking comedy routines and brash, political commentary in between.
Jul 16 10:00PM Berkshire Edge

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage
No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant...
Jul 16 9:42PM Berkshire Edge

IN THE FIELD: Attracting birds in warm weather
Thrushes are not particularly known for eating suet, or for coming to feeders of any kind, but it hung around for five days or so, even flying out from under the porch steps one day.
Jul 16 9:00PM Berkshire Edge

Bits & Bytes: 'The Art of the Fugue' at the Mahaiwe; Posh Picnic at Tanglewood; wild foods at Green Drinks; Ascher on Russian Jewish immigrants; waste oil & paint collection
Along with Elizabeth Orenstein, Rosemary Wessel will lead an interactive conversation and demonstration of how to use invasive plant species and common weeds as food.
Jul 16 9:00PM Berkshire Edge

THEATRE REVIEW: 'A Doll's House, Part 2' at Barrington Stage is a well-acted continuation of Ibsen's story
No one can expect more nor have their expectations met with such clarity and correctness.
Jul 16 8:00PM Berkshire Edge

THEATRE REVIEW: 'Artney Jackson' at WTF is enjoyable but predictable
Predictable in plot, riddled with happy endings and beautifully performed in a pristine space, this world premiere production is an easy play to sit back and enjoy.
Jul 16 7:00PM Berkshire Edge

REVIEW: The raw intensity of PHILADANCO! impresses
The program presented by PHILADANCO! was an impressive display of raw intensity and serious abandon within their work.
Jul 16 6:00PM Berkshire Edge

ORANGE ALERT: The (almost) daily outrage
Although most U.S. officials argue that Russia's interference in the 2016 U.
Jul 16 5:45PM Berkshire Edge

NATURE'S TURN: Beware roadside wild parsnip, be dazzled by parsnip in the garden
Researching the carrot family, I discovered yellow flowering wild parsnip, a plant that is reported to be as hazardous as poison ivy. Upon close examination of a 6-feet-tall individual, it was clear that I had, in fact, come upon wild parsnip.
Jul 16 4:01AM Berkshire Edge

AUDIO REVIEWS: Two thrillers, a memoir, and a fairy tale
A couple of thrillers, a memoir and one surreal fairy tale are on the agenda this week.
Jul 15 11:00PM Berkshire Edge

REVIEW: Bernstein's lesser-known 'Trouble in Tahiti' skillfully staged and performed
Trouble in Tahiti" may not be in the same league as the enormously successful "On the Town," but it showcases the quirky, jazz-inflected melodic and harmonic writing Lenny is famous for.
Jul 15 9:00PM Berkshire Edge

THEATRE REVIEW: 'The Whipping Man' at Oldcastle Theatre Company is fast-moving, emotional
Covering three days and nights, the play needs to keep its audience off-balance, and the director and actors do that without artifice and it makes a lot of sense.
Jul 15 7:00PM Berkshire Edge

THEATRE REVIEW: 'Love's Labor's Lost' a hilarious romp by a young company
The young company takes immense pleasure out of teasing the audience, testing one another's mettle and using slapstick techniques with ardor.
Jul 15 6:00PM Berkshire Edge

HeatSmart: Small can be better when it comes to heating and cooling
Regardless of the weather, a significant number of customers choose air-source heat pumps to solve problem areas of their living and work spaces: rooms that are hotter or cooler than the rest of the house or office, or floors of the building that feel the heat or cold more than the rest.
Jul 15 2:00AM Berkshire Edge

BerkShares Business of the Month: Off the Shelf
With the help of their social media followers, they decided to cement their identity with the use of hot pink egg cartons.
Jul 15 2:00AM Berkshire Edge

THEATRE REVIEW: A safe revival of 'Hair' at The Unicorn
I've always had a soft spot in my heart for "Hair," and it was gently and warmly rubbed in the Unicorn Theatre.
Jul 14 10:00PM Berkshire Edge

THEATRE REVIEW: 'Fun Home' at Weston Playhouse, a complex story of father and daughter
It may be the closeness of the actors, or perhaps it is their ironic renditions of real people, but the show felt immediate and positive and even rather relaxed instead of staged.
Jul 14 6:00PM Berkshire Edge

Musicians of the future in our Berkshire home towns
In the Berkshires, where great music and great musicians are standard fare, we also have some amazing young local musicians who are enriching our community not just during the summer season, but year-round.
Jul 14 5:41PM Berkshire Edge