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LAURA DIDYK: It Takes All Kinds
The vernal equinox is upon us. Roberta can't wait.
Mar 18 4:40AM Berkshire Edge

EYES TO THE SKY: Spring astronomy, skygazing wonders, Dark Sky Week begins
Stargazing brings enchantment and grounding to people of all ages around the world. The darker the sky, the deeper the experience.
Mar 18 4:01AM Berkshire Edge

Man and twin boys identified as those killed in Pittsfield fire
The fire remains under investigation, but authorities do not consider it suspicious.
Mar 17 11:44PM Berkshire Edge

Healing in Sheffield: Residents gather to mourn violent deaths of last week
We gather because this week has been too much to bear. Regardless of the circumstances of these events both near and far, these horrors have left families, friends, and neighbors in our world stunned and in shock." -- Rev.
Mar 17 7:20PM Berkshire Edge

You can go home again
When I walk out side and look up to the sky I realize: If you want to change your life, just try to find a way to do it. Life is short and the stars are bright, you just have to be looking up from the right spot.
Mar 17 5:49AM Berkshire Edge

Update on fatal fire in Pittsfield: No evidence of criminal activity
The cause of a home fire that killed three individuals early Saturday (March 16) as starting from a candle or smoking material in the master bedroom
Mar 16 11:16PM Berkshire Edge

Merit. Schmerit. College. Schmollege.
The worst part of the cheating scandal was not that the parents paid to cheat, but that they took pains to ensure their children didn't know they'd won the golden ticket through devious means.
Mar 16 4:31PM Berkshire Edge

Three die in Pittsfield fire, District Attorney's office reports
There is no indication the fire is suspicious.
Mar 16 3:45PM Berkshire Edge

Helena A. Hall, 93, of Stockbridge, manager of Hall's Auto Service
Helena was known for her kind nature and sense of humor. She would talk to everyone she saw and often tell them one of her many jokes; she left people smiling and laughing wherever she went.
Mar 16 3:07PM Berkshire Edge

A step toward healing in Sheffield
We know that healing happens best in community and community happens best around a meal.
Mar 16 4:23AM Berkshire Edge

Fire destroys home in Southfield but former church next door is saved
The house had been the scene of another fire that had damaged the kitchen in the rear of the house about two weeks earlier.
Mar 15 8:35PM Berkshire Edge

PREVIEW: The latest popular artist bookings at Tanglewood
A queen, an empress, and a nerdy guy who sells 4 million records per release (except for when he sells 6 million) are among the popular music artists who have recently shown up on Tanglewood's 2019 summer concert schedule.
Mar 15 8:23PM Berkshire Edge

Larry Fox, 83, of Lenox
He and his wife, Paula Scagliarini Fox, were also dedicated and loving foster parents to at least 250 children for over 30 years.
Mar 15 7:41PM Berkshire Edge

LEONARD QUART: Looking at paintings
Rackstraw Downes' paintings would best be described as realist with his sustained, meticulous and intensive outdoor working process, and paintings that draw attention to what is characteristic of the 21st-century cityscape.
Mar 15 5:41PM Berkshire Edge

Welcome to Real Estate Friday!
Sandra Preston of Sandra Preston Real Estate offers a timeless Georgian in Sheffield. Plus barns and farms for sale!
Mar 15 4:10AM Berkshire Edge

Berkshire DA: Deaths of family of five presumed to be murder-suicide
Authorities believe Luke Karpinski, 41, murdered his wife, Justine Wilbur, also 41, and their three children before setting their house on Home Road on fire and taking his own life.
Mar 15 2:14AM Berkshire Edge

Wintertime produce: Mill River Farm extends the growing season with right combination of conditions, plants
Feb. 2 marked the return to 10 hours of daylight; as a result, Johnson's seed house is currently brimming with all varieties of microgreens that are lush, healthy and being consumed at a rapid clip at the myriad local restaurants for which she is the supplier.
Mar 15 12:03AM Berkshire Edge

Bits & Bytes: Edith Wharton Writers-in-Residence; 'Cool Sounds A Cappella'; 'Berkshire Splendor' at Stockbridge Library; carbon discussion at GreenDrinks
Berkshire Splendor: The Great Estates of the Berkshires" will offer a glimpse of the past, present, and future of the interiors and exteriors of the Berkshires' mansions, the architects who designed and built them, and the families who lived in them.
Mar 14 9:29PM Berkshire Edge

News Brief: Man charged in Superior Court with murder
Lance Burke, 40, was charged in the Nov. 3, 2018, shooting death of David Green Jr., 30, of Pittsfield.
Mar 14 9:18PM Berkshire Edge

Egremont ZBA proposes unnecessary exterior lighting changes for Egremont Village Inn
The current lighting has received no complaints from bordering neighbors
Mar 14 2:50AM Berkshire Edge