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US-made bomb killed civilians in Yemen residential building, says Amnesty
Human rights group condemns flow of arms from US, UK and France to Saudi Arabia-led military coalition and used in YemenA bomb that destroyed a residential building in Yemens capital last month, killing 16 civilians and injuring 17 more including a five-year-old girl called Buthaina whose photograph went viral after the strike was made in the US, Amnesty International has said. The assessment was based on an examination of the remnants of the weapon used in the 25 August airstrike. Related: Ive seen how arms sales fuel deadly suffering in Yemen.
Sep 22, 2017 4:00AM - Guardian-MiddleEast
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Theresa May cant outsource counter-terrorism to Silicon Valley | Alia Brahimi
Will a reduction of extremist content online really reduce the terror threat while catastrophic conditions persist in Syria, Iraq and Libya?Theresa May called on technology companies to go further and faster in taking down extremist content at the UN on Wednesday. Ultimately it is not just the terrorists themselves who we need to defeat, the British prime minister said. It is the extremist ideologies that fuel them.
Sep 21, 2017 3:38PM - Guardian-MiddleEast
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Iranian president Rouhani condemns 'ignorant, absurd, hateful' Trump speech
Rouhani says Iran would respond resolutely if US reneges on nuclear dealPresident insists deal must be upheld and says Iran does not tolerate threatsIrans president, Hassan Rouhani, has said his country would respond decisively and resolutely if the US walks away from the nuclear deal agreed with other nations in 2015.Rouhani was speaking at the UN general assembly a day after a speech by the Donald Trump, in which the US president repeated his denunciations of the deal signed by Barack Obama as the worst ever, and encouraged Iranians to overthrow their government. Related: A blunt, fearful rant: Trump's UN speech left presidential norms in the dust Related: Hillary Clinton to Colbert: 'Trump's UN speech was very dark and dangerous' Continue reading.
Sep 20, 2017 4:41PM - Guardian-MiddleEast
Fostering a teenager from Syria has been a privilege and given us a new perspective on our lives. I hope this horrific attack does not deter future carersA year ago my husband and I were reading about child refugees arriving in the UK. On the spur of the moment, we decided to become foster parents.
Sep 20, 2017 3:24PM - Guardian-MiddleEast
The Palestine Authority is trying to silence anybody prepared to stand up and criticise its actions or those of Mahmoud Abbas. This should worry us allLast week, Palestinian human rights activist Issa Amro was released from Palestinian Authority (PA) police custody following a week-long illegal detention. His crime? Calling for the release, on Facebook, of a journalist detained by the PA for criticising Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and the authority itself.
Sep 20, 2017 2:42PM - Guardian-MiddleEast
Syrian Democratic Forces says it is entering final stages of campaign to capture the terror groups de facto capitalThe US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces has said its campaign to capture Raqqa from Islamic State is in its final stages and its fighters have seized 80% of the city. The SDF said in a statement on Wednesday it had opened a new front against Isis on the northern edge of the city, the terror groups de facto capital. It said the offensive was a feature of the final stages of the Euphrates Wrath campaign, which is nearing its end.
Sep 20, 2017 11:34AM - Guardian-MiddleEast
Ten incidents involving wolf bites have been reported over summer in Judean desertIsraeli authorities are warning families with young children to take extra care after a series of wolf attacks on campers in the Judean desert.Ten incidents involving wolf bites were reported over the summer around the historic site of Masada and the popular spring at Ein Gedi. A number of the incidents involved young children, leading to fears that an Arabian wolf or wolves may be exhibiting predatory behaviour.
Sep 20, 2017 11:29AM - Guardian-MiddleEast
The 2015 deal is a much-needed force for good. Its vital that Britain and other nations convince the US hawks to retain itIn his speech to the United Nations general assembly on Tuesday, Donald Trump put rocket man, as he likes to call North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, on notice that America stands ready to destroy Kim and his country if forced to defend itself or its allies.Neither Trump nor any other rational being wants nuclear conflict in east Asia.
Sep 19, 2017 5:53PM - Guardian-MiddleEast
Military sources say device took off from Damascus hours before Netanyahu is to address UN on the threat to Israel from IranIsrael has shot down what it claims was an Iranian-supplied Hezbollah reconnaissance drone over the Syrian border only hours before a speech at the UN by the countrys prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he is expected to warn of the growing threat from Iran and its proxies on Israels northern border.The drone, which Israeli military sources claimed took off from an airfield close to the Syrian capital, Damascus, was shot down by a Patriot missile from a battery deployed near the town of Safed just north of the Sea of Galilee. Continue reading.
Sep 19, 2017 12:11PM - Guardian-MiddleEast
Authorities erect checkpoints and impose nighttime curfew in contested city of Kirkuk after deadly clashesIraqi authorities in the northern city of Kirkuk have imposed a nighttime curfew to prevent a deadly dispute from developing into ethnic clashes before a referendum on Kurdish independence, local residents have said. Related: The battle for Mosul is won. But can Iraq survive? | Jonathan Steele Continue reading.
Sep 19, 2017 10:05AM - Guardian-MiddleEast