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The fight isn't over': nurses' leap of protest from an Indian hospital roof
The two medical workers in Punjab who survived a dramatic end to their rooftop hunger strike over staff rights Everyone who works at Rajindra hospital in Patiala knows Karamjit Kaur Aulakh. Their eyes follow the 35-year-old nurse as she walks around the hospital with the support of her crutch. Others stop by to ask how she is after her fall.
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Yemen's Houthi rebels accused of diverting food aid from hungry
Head of UN's World Food Programme threatens suspension of food aid if safe delivery not assured The head of the United Nations food agency has accused Yemen's Houthi rebels of diverting food from the country's hungriest people and threatened to suspend food aid. David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Programme (WFP), said the agency had found serious evidence that food supplies had been diverted in the capital, Sana'a and other Houthi-controlled areas in the country, which is in the midst of a four-year civil war. He called on the Houthis to implement agreements that would allow the UN agency to operate independently.
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Bomb attack on busy market kills 30 people in north-east Nigeria
Further 42 people wounded as three people detonate devices in Konduga, Borno state Thirty people were killed when three people blew themselves up on Sunday night in a busy market in north-east Nigeria, which has seen a recent increase in attacks by militant groups. Many were watching the evening news and waiting for the football to come on when the bombs went off in the village just outside Konduga, Borno state, wounding a further 42 people. Continue reading.
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I told my daughter I'd be home': long ordeal ends for crew stranded at sea
Abandoned at sea in desperate conditions for 18 months, the MV Azraqmoiah's crew have finally been reunited with their families After 18 months stranded on a cargo vessel miles off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, with little food or water, no wages and little means of communication, Captain Ayyappan Swaminathan's ordeal is finally over. In April, the Guardian reported the story of Ayyappan and his 10-strong crew, one of the most extreme cases of seafarer abandonment in recent years. Continue reading.
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Illegal fishing by foreign trawlers costs Ghana $50m a year, researchers say
Destructive industrial fishing practices condemned as 'corporate, organised crime' Illegal fishing by foreign trawlers is decimating Ghana's fish populations and costing the country's economy tens of millions of dollars a year, according to researchers. An investigation published on Monday by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) claims that saiko fishing, whereby trawlers target the staple catch of Ghanaian canoe fishers and sell it back to fishing communities at a profit, landed approximately 100,000 tonnes of fish in 2017, worth $50m (40m) when sold at sea and up to $81m when sold at port. Continue reading.
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I'll never have another child': the mothers failed by Mexico's hospitals
In one of Mexico's poorest states, women from minority backgrounds are increasingly at risk of abusive treatment during pregnancy and childbirth Nancy Martnez was 17 when she went into labour. Though her age meant she was considered a high-risk pregnancy, she was left alone for several hours without monitoring or pain medication. Nurses told Martnez to be quiet and put up with the pain, while doctors mocked her mother, Nancy Ceron Diaz, denying her information about her daughter's condition.
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Progress on ending child labour stall in countries supplying goods to west
China, India and Bangladesh among otherwise thriving countries failing to make headway on issue affecting 152 million minors Progress towards ending child labour has stalled in the countries most likely to be supplying goods to the west, a study has found. Despite high economic growth and big improvements in education and development, countries such as China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Cambodia have made little progress in tackling child labour. Continue reading.
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Uganda jails hundreds of men for sex offences against women and girls
Campaigners applaud move to curb gender-based violence after courts hold special sessions to clear backlog of cases Hundreds of men in Uganda have been jailed for sexual offences against girls and women during a month of special court sessions to clear a backlog of cases. Between November and December last year, 414 men and nine women were found guilty during 13 trials held in selected courts in 13 districts around the country, according to the justice, law and order sector, a body that brings together government ministries working on legal matters. Continue reading.
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State projects leave tens of thousands of lives in the balance in Ethiopia - study
Giant dam and irrigated sugar plantations mean people in lower Omo valley face starvation and conflict, says US thinktank A giant dam and irrigated sugar plantations are wreaking havoc in southern Ethiopia and threaten to wipe out tens of thousands of indigenous peoples , a US-based thinktank has claimed. The Oakland Institute says that while the Ethiopian government has made considerable progress on human rights under prime minister Abiy Ahmed, it has yet to address the impact of state development plans on indigenous populations in the lower Omo valley, where people face loss of livelihoods, starvation, and violent conflict . Continue reading.
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Oxfam's 'hypocrisy' is not unique: the aid system is built on a power imbalance
Money and power are the cornerstones of exploitation, and rich donors have both. No wonder saints have become sinners Just over a year since the allegations of sexual abuse in Haiti were revealed, Oxfam have been through the equivalent of a reality TV colonoscopy: the organisation has been turned inside out and upside down to reveal what lurks beneath. An independent investigation on sexual misconduct found abuse far beyond Haiti.
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Five-year-old boy dies in Uganda as Congo Ebola outbreak spreads
Ugandan authorities confirm two other patients also undergoing treatment as officials consider declaring global health emergency A five year-old-boy who became the first confirmed Ebola case outside the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the current outbreak died in Uganda on Tuesday night. The child's three-year-old brother and 50-year-old grandmother are also being treated, according to the Ugandan authorities. They have been isolated at a hospital near the Congo border.
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Patients sleep under the stars in long queue for medical visas | Stefanie Glinski
Sick and elderly Afghans queue outdoors for several nights for their chance to get into Pakistan for medical care Surrounded by barbed wire and without shelter from rain or dust, outside Pakistan's embassy, hundreds of sick Afghans pass days and nights waiting for their visa appointment. Abdul Ajan is first in the queue for when the embassy opens the next morning, squeezed into a space that smells of urine and is littered with rubbish and stale bread. Continue reading.
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Oxfam failed to report child abuse claims in Haiti, inquiry finds
Damning Charity Commission report warns incidents in country were not isolated events There were serious problems with the culture, morale and behaviour of Oxfam staff in Haiti according to a damning report which has found that the charity failed to disclose allegations of child abuse. The Charity Commission report surveyed 7,000 pieces of evidence related to allegations that Oxfam had covered up its investigation into staff paying for sex while working on the response to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Continue reading.
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Forest twice size of UK destroyed in decade for big consumer brands - report
Greenpeace estimates 50m hectares cleared by 2020, warning companies must evolve to prevent 'climate breakdown' An area twice the size of the UK has been destroyed for products such as palm oil and soy over the last decade, according to analysis by Greenpeace International. In 2010, members of the Consumer Goods Forum, including some of the world's biggest consumer brands, pledged to eliminate deforestation by 2020, through the sustainable sourcing of four commodities most linked to forest destruction: soya, palm oil, paper and pulp, and cattle. Continue reading.
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Lights out: the price hikes leaving millions of South Africans in the dark | Kimon de Greef
Electricity costs have tripled in the past decade under a utility company plagued by debt and corruption claims, wiping out decades of progress Electricity, when it arrived in Nosisi Rasmeni's life, seemed to promise a better future. Like most black South Africans who grew up during apartheid, she was raised with gas stoves, candles and paraffin heaters. Her family's shack was poorly lit and smelled of fumes.
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Political violence against women tracked for first time as attacks soar
Analysts to compile database to track spike in cases, with female politicians and campaigners increasingly targeted Violence targeted against female politicians and activists will be tracked for the first time by a global database, amid indications of a recent rise in attacks. Researchers reviewed thousands of events dating back to 1997, where political violence was targeted at women - ranging from wartime sexual violence to attacks on female civilians and crackdowns on female-led protests. Continue reading.
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It's not just girls - one in 30 young men were married as children
Central African Republic has the highest rate of boy grooms, followed by Nicaragua, Madagascar, Nauru and Honduras One in 30 young men were married as children, according to the first UN analysis of child marriage rates among boys. Around 115 million boys and men around the world were married before they turned 18, according to Unicef, which warned the issue is often overlooked. Continue reading.
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Honduras abortion misery a 'frightening preview' of America's future - study
Reproductive rights pushback could leave American women facing same life-or-death choices as Hondurans, say researchers One woman handcuffed by police after suffering a miscarriage, another forced to bear her rapist's child. A doctor who risks imprisonment to end pregnancies that threaten the lives of patients. The reality of healthcare in Honduras provides a frightening preview of what could happen in America if the pushback on reproductive rights continues, Human Rights Watch has warned.
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'I want to die on my native soil': exiled Chagos Islanders dream of return
People evicted from former British colony hope new documentary Another Paradise will reinforce UN calls for withdrawal The Chagos Islanders have had few victories in their long battle to return from British-enforced exile to their archipelago homeland in the Indian Ocean. But small steps keep their campaign alive and it is hoped a documentary that will premiere on Saturday will exert pressure on the UK government to change its stance. Continue reading.
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Amnesty International to make almost 100 staff redundant
'Overspending by organisation's senior leadership team' blamed for 17m budget deficit Amnesty International is to cut almost 100 jobs as part of urgent restructuring to tackle a serious budget deficit, the human rights organisation has confirmed. Amnesty, labelled a toxic workplace in a February review, said in a statement that it expected to make 93 painful and difficult redundancies. Last week, it emerged that five members of the charity's senior leadership team, all of whom offered their resignations following the damning review, will be made redundant by October.
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