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The Iceman Cometh review - Denzel Washington's mixed return to Broadway
Bernard B Jacobs Theater, New York The Oscar-winner takes lead duties in a revival of Eugene O'Neill's epic downer and while his star power is as bright as ever, the production has problems Here's Broadway's pipe dream: it's still a place for serious American drama. This season has offered only three new American plays (three and a half if John Lithgow's storytelling earns a partial credit), serious and not. They've all closed.
Apr 26 11:30PM Guardian-Culture

Hannibal Buress: how a comedian reignited the Bill Cosby allegations
Sexual assault allegations had surrounded Cosby for years, but when Buress' standup joke went viral, dozens of women came forward Allegations of sexual assault had swirled around Bill Cosby for years, but it is the comedian Hannibal Buress who is often credited with helping to put the actor's treatment of women front and center in public consciousness. Related: Bill Cosby found guilty in sexual assault trial in milestone for #MeToo era Continue reading..
Apr 26 9:07PM Guardian-Culture

Ellen Burstyn: 'Women on screen were prostitutes or victims - I wanted to embody a hero
At 85, the award-winning actor is preparing for her directorial debut and starring in a new film. She talks about Trump, feminism and the accident on The Exorcist set that still leaves a bitter taste Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day 'It's terrifying! Ellen Burstyn isn't talking about her war with a demon in The Exorcist. Nor is she recalling her battle with amphetamine addiction in Requiem for a Dream.
Apr 26 3:30PM Guardian-Culture

Avengers: Infinity War - the death, the destruction and Thanos - discuss with spoilers
Will the post-credit sequence prove key? Is Josh Brolin's Titan the villain the franchise has been waiting for? And how about that ending? This article contains spoilers Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day It is tempting to wonder quite how the bigwigs at Disney must have reacted when the ending of Avengers: Infinity War was first revealed to them. So let me get this straight, they might have said, visions of billions of dollars in lost merchandise revenue whirling in front of their eyes. You're going to kill off half of all the superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the only guy - Doctor Strange - capable of bringing them back? In terms of far-out creative decisions, this one is right up there with Luke Skywalker's declaration in Star Wars: The Last Jedi that he wanted nothing to do with laser sword-wielding space monks.
Apr 26 6:12AM Guardian-Culture

May contain masturbation: the woman weaponising pop's Filthy 15
In 1985, a group of Washington women hit back at the 'offensive' lyrics of some of pop's biggest names. Now their 'parental advisory' meddling - and the 15 tracks they initially targeted - have been turned into a riotous piece of musical revenge 'First, I was stunned, then I got mad! That's how Mary Tipper Gore - wife of American senator Al Gore - described the experience of buying Prince's mega-selling Purple Rain album for her 11-year-old daughter, and listening to it with her. Mrs Gore's rage was triggered by the track Darling Nikki, which begins: I knew a girl name Nikki / Guess you could say she was a sex fiend / I met her in a hotel lobby / Masturbating with a magazine.
Apr 26 5:00AM Guardian-Culture

Kate Bush makes second tribute to Emily Bront with art installation
Carol Ann Duffy, Jeanette Winterson and Jackie Kay also set to celebrate Bront sisters' legacy Kate Bush is to make her second tribute to Emily Bront, providing words for a permanent art installation on the wiley, windy moors that inspired Wuthering Heights. Bush will join the poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, the Scottish makar, or national poet, Jackie Kay and the novelist Jeanette Winterson in a summer project celebrating the Bront sisters. All four have been commissioned to write a piece of poetry or prose which will then be engraved on stones positioned over the eight-mile route between the sisters' birthplace and the family parsonage.
Apr 26 5:00AM Guardian-Culture

Kanye West proclaims his love for Trump: 'We are both dragon energy
Rapper tweets: 'He is my brother'Trump calls message 'very cool' in latest sign of mutual affection. Donald Trump has thanked Kanye West after the rapper professed his love for the president and said the pair are both dragon energy. West posted a series of tweets about Trump on Wednesday afternoon, days after praising a rightwing pundit on Twitter.
Apr 25 8:42PM Guardian-Culture

Nico 1988: the film about the Velvet Underground's doomed singer
The director and star of a drama about the latter years of the cult singer talk about her unusual life and how she battled against her beauty According to the director of a daring new movie about Nico, the most notable aspects of the late singer's life had nothing to do with the Velvet Underground, Andy Warhol, or her glamorous roles as model and muse. Most people think that after her experience with the Velvet Underground and the Factory, Nico simply 'became a fat junkie' and disappeared, said Susanna Nicchiarelli. But to me, the second part of her life is so much more interesting than the first.
Apr 25 3:10PM Guardian-Culture

Trevor Noah calls Emmanuel Macron 'the Belle to Trump's Beast
Comics, including Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Jimmy Kimmel, discussed Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte's White House visit Late-night hosts on Tuesday discussed the visit of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife Brigitte to the White House, which included the pair attending Trump's first state dinner. Continue reading..
Apr 25 2:58PM Guardian-Culture

Will Tom Hardy's Venom be the darkest ever Marvel movie?
The trailer for Sony's first step into its new movie universe hints at a visceral grisliness very different to the Avengers' smiling saviours Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day A penny for the thoughts of Sam Raimi, director of the original Spider-Man movies, should he have happened to watch the new trailer for Sony's Venom this week. For the first instalment in the studio's own Marvel universe (not to be confused with Marvel's own Marvel Cinematic Universe, owned by Disney) looks like just the sort of movie Raimi would have chopped his own hand off to be given the chance of directing. Raimi was cast aside by Sony after the critical drubbing received by 2007's Spider-Man 3, even though that movie's well-documented problems (mainly involving Venom) were allegedly not all of his making.
Apr 25 1:28PM Guardian-Culture

Passages from the Bible discovered behind Qur'an manuscript
The only recorded palimpsest in which a Christian text has been effaced to make way for the Islamic holy text is to go on sale at Christie's An extraordinary discovery by an eagle-eyed scholar has identified the shadowy outlines of passages from the Bible behind an eighth-century manuscript of the Qur'an - the only recorded palimpsest in which a Christian text has been effaced to make way for the Islamic holy text. French scholar Dr Elonore Cellard was looking for images of a palimpsest page sold a decade earlier by Christie's when she came across the auction house's latest catalogue, which included fragments from a manuscript of the Qur'an which Christie's had dated to the eighth century AD, or the second century of Islam. Scrutinising the image, she noticed that, appearing faintly behind the Arabic script, were Coptic letters.
Apr 25 9:30AM Guardian-Culture

Cut it! Why the trend for 'extra-long episodes' is a stretch too far
From Westworld to The Walking Dead, feature-length episodes have become prestige TV's latest go-to. But do they add to the story or just drag it out? Until recently, there were only two questions that a casual viewer had to ask in order to identify a prestigious television series. Number one: would you like to spend any time in the company of these people? Number two: is anyone onscreen having anything that might even remotely be construed as fun?.
Apr 25 5:00AM Guardian-Culture

William Friedkin: 'You don't know a damn thing, and neither do I
The Exorcist director returns to his demonic roots with a new documentary, but he's not interested in discussing your skepticism A video clip featuring William Friedkin recently experienced a small level of virality among online film circles, in which the film-maker dresses down Nicolas Winding Refn after the younger director declares his own film Only God Forgives to be a masterpiece. Friedkin repeatedly calls for a medic, compares Refn's film unfavorably to Citizen Kane, and most memorably, uses a vivid metaphor that puts the anal in analogy. Friedkin, speaking on a drizzly afternoon in his suite at New York's Carlyle Hotel, wants to make it clear that he bears no ill will to Refn.
Apr 24 2:43PM Guardian-Culture

Trevor Noah on Trump's 'bullshit foundation he built his career on
Comics discussed Trump's weekend tweets, the 1982 untruth that got Trump on the Forbes list, and the scandal-hit EPA chief Scott Pruitt Late-night hosts on Monday discussed reports that Trump attorney Michael Cohen might cooperate with federal prosecutors, and EPA secretary Scott Pruitt's mounting list of scandals involving taxpayer funds. Related: Colbert on Michael Cohen: 'The word innocent is nowhere in this conversation' Continue reading..
Apr 24 2:43PM Guardian-Culture

Slipping discs: music streaming revenues of $6.6bn surpass CD sales
Popularity of services such as Spotify outstrips traditional formats for first time Streaming music revenues surpassed income from the sale of traditional formats for the first time last year, as the booming popularity the service puts the survival of the CD at risk. Revenue from music fans paying for services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music surged more than 41% to $6.6bn (4.
Apr 24 12:50PM Guardian-Culture

Madonna loses legal fight to stop sale of hair, underwear and Tupac breakup letter
A judge overturned the singer's injunction against the sale of her personal items, citing misdirection Madonna has lost a legal battle to prevent the auction of personal items including a lock of her hair, her underwear and a breakup letter from former boyfriend, the late rapper Tupac Shakur. The singer won a temporary block of the auction of 22 pieces in July 2016, telling a New York City court that her celebrity status does not obviate my right to maintain my privacy, including with regard to highly personal items. Continue reading.
Apr 24 10:50AM Guardian-Culture

The Seagull review - all-star cast brings out the comedy in Chekhov
Packed with names such as Annette Bening, Elisabeth Moss and Saoirse Ronan, this adaptation of the classic play is brisk and funny Taking in the night, Dr Dorn (Jon Tenney) looks at poor lovesick Masha (Elisabeth Moss), pauses, then sagely sighs: The spells cast by this lake. This new version of Anton Chekhov's The Seagull, as adapted by Stephen Karam, seems populated by characters who know they are in a Chekhov play. I don't mean that there are any arch, meta-textual tricks, more that the comedy inherent in the play is amplified, the woe-is-me mopery is kept to a minimum, and the woodland grounds and its samovar-laden patios are gorgeous.
Apr 24 6:00AM Guardian-Culture

Paradise found: Utopia's remake is a welcome dose of TV justice
Dennis Kelly's drama was dropped by Channel 4 after two acclaimed seasons. Now Amazon's committed to a nine-episode revival will its potential be realised? Ultra violent, foul-mouthed and bloody minded, Utopia didn't shy away from controversy. When the second series of Dennis Kelly's dark comedy - about a group of unlikely characters who stumbled upon the key to an international conspiracy - debuted for a second season, it sent the Daily Mail into meltdown.
Apr 24 6:00AM Guardian-Culture

Hanson: how we made MMMBop
'Taylor's voice was breaking as we were recording. We got a vocal coach in and tried to catch him on a good day. But in the end, we cheated and slowed the tape down' We were home-schooled and spent a lot of time reading poetry and listening to rock'n'roll.
Apr 24 5:00AM Guardian-Culture

The Rachel Divide review - Netflix's Dolezal documentary is a troubling watch
A controversial figure is the subject of a thought-provoking yet problematic film that prioritizes a white woman's feelings over the damage she has caused Rarely has a film been so uneagerly anticipated. When word got out that Netflix was releasing a documentary about Rachel Dolezal, the controversial white woman who identifies as black, many people were furious. Understandably so.
Apr 24 12:30AM Guardian-Culture