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Trailer Park Boys: 'Eddie Murphy got his whole routine from Richard Pryor'
Canadian standups Ricky, Julian and Bubbles on the things that make them laugh the most Bubbles: Richard Pryor.Julian: Eddie Murphy's Delirious.Bubbles: Yeah, and where do you think he got his whole routine from? Richard Pryor! Continue reading.
Sep 21 1:00PM Guardian-Culture

Celebrity Skin at 20: Courtney Love's expos of Hollywood's seedy underbelly
After becoming the bastions of the 'no sellout' grunge set, Hole moved to LA to live out a celebrity nightmare - and make one of rock's greatest recordsModern Toss on album royalties . In 1994, Hole released their second album, Live Through This. It ends with Rock Star, a vicious kickback against the riot grrrl scene and the no-sellout ethos that mingled uneasily with the 90s alternative rock explosion.
Sep 21 12:00PM Guardian-Culture

Low: 'We want to punch new holes in the possibilities of music'
Never afraid to sit still, even after a dozen albums, the Minnesota band look back at the tracks that define their evolving sound: 'Just say what you feel strongly about now' At home in Duluth, Minnesota, Alan Sparhawk gives a tour of his vegetable garden, where long pumpkin vines rope around the heirloom tomatoes; Lake Superior is a few miles away and takes up the entire horizon. He, now aged 50, and his wife, Mimi Parker, 51, are the core of the American band Low - they have known each other since they were nine, have been married since before starting the band in 1992 and are parents of two teenage children. Their home offers evidence of their domestic lives and artistic ones, with Parker's drums set up in the living room and the tour van parked next to the minivan in their driveway.
Sep 21 10:00AM Guardian-Culture

Agns Varda: 'I am still alive, I am still curious. I am not a piece of rotting flesh'
The 90-year-old giant of the Nouvelle Vague on her latest film, Faces Places, life with Jacques Demy, and that 'dirty rat' Jean-Luc Godard Agns Varda is a dizzying blur of dots - polka-dot trousers, polka-dot shirt, polka-dot socks, polka-dot scarf. I've always loved polka dots. Ah, oui.
Sep 21 6:00AM Guardian-Culture

We work with tear gas around us': developing video games in a war zone
Game creators from Syria and Palestine share what it's like to live in a conflict-ridden area, conveying their experiences through video games Video game development is a tougher job than people might think, with the pervasiveness of working practices like crunch prompting a global movement towards unionisation. But for Rasheed Abueideh, a Palestinian software engineer who makes games in his spare time, there are additional challenges. Living here in Ramallah, or in Gaza, it's difficult.
Sep 21 5:00AM Guardian-Culture

Maniac review - Jonah Hill and Emma Stone hit career highs in NYC dystopia
Cary Fukunaga brings the bleakness of True Detective to Netflix's zany yet emotionally raw sci-fi extravaganza Even for a service that has produced one comedy show about a woman emerging from a 15-year imprisonment in a bunker and another about ethics, philosophy and the inadequacy of frozen yoghurt set in a non-denominational heaven, Netflix's latest bet is a brave one. Maniac, whose 10 episodes dropped on Friday, is loosely based on a Norwegian television series. It is written by Patrick Somerville and directed by Cary Fukunaga, the latter - who has just been confirmed as the new Bond director - bringing all the command and sensitivity of his revered first season of True Detective.
Sep 21 5:00AM Guardian-Culture

Double screening: how Hollywood embraced Instagram
In an expanding set of films, characters are posting, following and tapping as the industry recognises the undeniable importance of the 'gram In the 17th-century Massachusetts Bay colony, they used visions of specters to root out alleged consorts of Satan. In the new film Assassination Nation, the only fuel a modern witch-hunt needs is Instagram. The photo-sharing social media app plays a central role in Sam Levinson's debut feature, which plunges a fictitious version of Salem into lawless chaos following a mass leak of the township's private data.
Sep 20 3:55PM Guardian-Culture

The 20 best music documentaries - ranked!
We rate the best films on the music scene down the decades, from Bob Dylan to Blur, Anvil to Amy Winehouse Charming Belgian TV presenter Marcel Vanthilt tries to get to grips with the New York rap scene. Interviewees include LL Cool J and Schoolly D, but this featurette is as alert to social nuances as musical ones. Continue reading.
Sep 20 3:15PM Guardian-Culture

Trevor Noah: 'Let's not add attempted rape to the list of stuff drunk boys do
Late-night hosts discussed the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh and how it could affect his hearing Late-night hosts discussed the allegation of sexual assault being leveled against the supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and how the Republican party has been handling it. Related: Seth Meyers on Trump and Toad: 'My head's not in the gutter, the news is' Continue reading..
Sep 20 3:11PM Guardian-Culture

When people need help, I never refuse': new Doctor Who trailer released
BBC teases fans with latest scenes from series 11, with Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor Spaceships, a twin sunrise, explosions and a pair of goggles reminiscent of Doc Brown's from Back to the Future - just some of the glimpses of series 11 of Doctor Who that have been offered up to fans in a new trailer. I'm the Doctor. When people need help, I never refuse, says the new Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, in the clip, which also features her trio of new companions: Mandip Gill, Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh, playing Yasmin, Ryan and Graham respectively.
Sep 20 1:45PM Guardian-Culture

Queercore: behind a documentary reliving the gay punk movement
As the origins of the radical subculture are explored in a new film director Yony Leyser and key figure Bruce LaBruce discuss its relevancy today Director Yony Leyser calls queercore a farce that became real, while film-maker Bruce LaBruce labels it a respite for the fringe of the fringe. LaBruce is uniquely qualified to make his claim. Thirty years ago, he and fellow Toronto artist GB Jones started what later became known as queercore, a fake movement that somehow morphed into a genuine one.
Sep 20 8:00AM Guardian-Culture

Can buying the best gear make you a better gamer?
High-end joypads, mechanical keyboards, pro headsets, dedicated monitors - what does specialist gaming hardware offer and what should you go for? Action video games are all about reflexes and accuracy. Whether you're wielding an assault rifle in Fortnite or a battle axe in Witcher 3, the speed at which you can find a target and launch something at it will generally dictate how long you survive. But what if you were not born with the sharpest reactions or the handiest of hand-eye coordination? Can hardware help? We asked a range of experts what to look for in equipment such as headsets, controllers and monitors, and tried some out ourselves.
Sep 20 5:00AM Guardian-Culture

Act your age: why Marvel is obsessed with digitally de-ageing Hollywood stars
Samuel L Jackson the latest veteran to be plunged into Marvel's digital fountain of youth - this time for a whole film. But is this CGI meddling good for anyone? Marvel's habit of de-ageing its veteran Hollywood stars is now something of an obsession. First, in 2016, there was Robert Downey Jr as a slightly weird-looking teenage version of Tony Stark in flashback scenes from Captain America: Civil War.
Sep 19 3:37PM Guardian-Culture

Seth Meyers on Trump and Toad: 'My head's not in the gutter, the news is
Late-night hosts discuss Stormy Daniels' new tell-all book and the revelations within it Late-night hosts discussed Stormy Daniels' tell-all book and the salacious details she has revealed. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, the host introduced Daniels' description of Donald Trump's penis - comparing it to the Nintendo character Toad - and joked: For once I'm going to say: let's not take a closer look. Continue reading.
Sep 19 3:02PM Guardian-Culture

Bibles, Playboys and negligees: stories from estate sales - in pictures
Texas-based photographer Norm Diamond has attended hundreds of estate sales to photograph the possessions of the dead being sold off. A series of these poignant still-lifes are on display at the Cumberland Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee, until 27 October Continue reading..
Sep 19 11:41AM Guardian-Culture

Nicolas Cage expresses 'frustration' with Cage rage internet meme
Actor says his over-the-top acting style is 'all very thought out and carefully planned' Nicolas Cage has expressed his frustration with Cage rage internet memes, saying they are frustrating and unfair to him and the directors of his films. In an interview with Indiewire to promote his latest film Mandy, a gory action-horror in which Cage plays a revenger looking to take down a satanic biker gang, Cage said: I'm sure it's frustrating for [director] Panos [Cosmatos], who has made what I consider a very lyrical, internal, and poetic work of art, to have this 'Cage rage' thing slammed all over his movie the internet has kind of done the movie a disservice. Continue reading.
Sep 19 11:04AM Guardian-Culture

No ropes attached: behind two heart-racing free climbing documentaries
In Free Solo and The Dawn Wall, rock climbers test their endurance, along with those brave enough to watch, as they scale brave new heights without ropes It's a rare documentary that features a running conversation about whether the subject is too dangerous to shoot. That's true for big-wave surfing, wingsuit flying, free-diving, extreme skiing and ultralight alpinism. Deadly pursuits all - pass the popcorn.
Sep 19 9:00AM Guardian-Culture

Can there ever be a big-budget action game without violence?
Game worlds are becoming ever more beautiful, and the appeal of photo modes and enemy-free mods shows we are keen to interact with them without guns and fists Watching all the enthusiasm about the newly released Marvel's Spider-Man game on social media last week, one of the most interesting things is how much people enjoy the parts of the game that aren't about fighting bad guys. I've lost count of the number of tweets along the lines of: I just like swinging through the streets; I like the sense of grace and freedom; I'd do that all day if I could. But they can't, of course, because there are bad guys to punch.
Sep 19 6:00AM Guardian-Culture

Museum of Broken Windows: artists on the dangers of racial profiling
In a new exhibition, artists consider how a controversial policy of stop-and-frisk targeting people of color has affected their lives and those around them Before the Philadelphia-based artist Russell Craig became a successful painter, he spent seven years in jail for non-violent drug crimes. Instead of throwing out all his court papers after he was released in 2013, Craig pasted these papers on canvas and used them as the basis for a self-portrait. Art was completely necessary, said Craig, who learned how to paint while behind bars.
Sep 18 3:35PM Guardian-Culture

Captain Marvel: first trailer for female-led superhero movie launched
Footage posted for Marvel's new comic book movie, starring Brie Larson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first film starring a female superhero The first trailer for Captain Marvel has been launched on the internet. Continue reading..
Sep 18 12:56PM Guardian-Culture