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To Infinity War and beyond: are we in danger of Avengers fatigue?
James Cameron has warned against unnecessary superhero sequels, as a new Marvel film opens - does he have a point? On the surface it's pretty rich for James Cameron to complain, as he did over the weekend, about Avengers fatigue, given that it now appears to be his one true goal to bury us in so many unnecessary Avatar sequels that we all end up gagging on them, begging for even the merest shred of leniency. But then again, maybe the man has a point. You could argue that his description of the Marvel oeuvre as hyper-gonadal males without families doing death-defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process isn't entirely accurate.
Apr 23 12:57PM Guardian-Film

Verne Troyer's tragic death underlines the harm Mini-Me caused people with dwarfism | Eugene Grant
The role of the aggressive, biddable pet in the Austin Powers films did huge damage to the dwarfism community and our struggle for respect I have dwarfism. I was 13 when Verne Troyer hit our screens as Mini-Me in Austin Powers sequel The Spy Who Shagged Me. The character was a compound of stereotypes of people with dwarfism.
Apr 23 11:11AM Guardian-Film

Obey review - powerful, emotional debut dramatises 2011 London riots
Jamie Jones's shrewd drama describes some of the tensions, rage and desperation felt by young people of colour before violence spilled on to the streets in 2011 Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day This movie, from first-time feature director Jamie Jones, takes place amid the London riots of 2011 and the white noise of rage and desperation they both caused and fed off, as the police shooting of Mark Duggan in Tottenham triggered angry protests that degenerated into nationwide violence and looting. As the title implies, the film is about power. It is about submitting to the imperatives of sex, friendship and family, and asks what it was like to live in that atmosphere, to inhale its microbes of anger and fear, and to contend with the decibel count of aggression on the streets.
Apr 22 9:00PM Guardian-Film

Verne Troyer: a cult star who sustained a career with dignity and good humour | Peter Bradshaw
Troyer, who has died aged 49, famously incarnated Mike Myers' clone Mini-Me in Austin Powers, and was at the forefront of pop culture's modern challenge to bigotry Related: Verne Troyer, actor who was Mini-Me in Austin Powers films, dies at 49 I shall call him Mini-Me! This was how Verne Troyer was brought on to the screen, and into the world of cult stardom: a world which was part cruel, part affectionate. It was in the 1999 movie Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Mike Myers's Dr Evil has just been cloned, and does a convulsive double-take on realising that his double is one-eighth his size.
Apr 22 10:32AM Guardian-Film

Claire Denis: 'I couldn't care less about the Weinstein affair
French director and critics' darling Claire Denis talks about her new film with Juliette Binoche and Grard Depardieu, the appeal of Robert Pattinson - and why the Weinstein affair has changed nothing In her new film, Let the Sunshine In, Juliette Binoche plays an intelligent, creative, beautiful woman who seeks sexual rapture with men who are variously pompous, self-absorbed, rebarbative and physically unprepossessing. We've seen this scenario before in countless French films - but they're usually directed by pompous, self-absorbed, rebarbative, physically unprepossessing men. It's unusual to see this story told by a woman - and especially by Claire Denis, one of the most challenging and innovative film-makers at work today.
Apr 22 8:00AM Guardian-Film

Jaws at a swimming pool, Gladiator at a castle: how outdoor cinema seduced Britain
Despite the fickle British weather, ticket sales to watch films in the open air have tripled in three years. Britain is in the middle of a boom in outdoor cinema, as people brave the unpredictable British climate to watch films on location in castles, aircraft hangars and even beach huts. George Wood, founder of Britain's biggest outdoor film company, the Luna Cinema, says ticket sales have tripled in the past three years.
Apr 22 6:00AM Guardian-Film

Verne Troyer: a life in pictures
Verne Troyer, who at 2ft 8in was one of the world's shortest men, racked up 30 film credits in a career spanning 24 yearsActor who played Mini-Me in Austin Powers films dies age 49 Continue reading...
Apr 21 10:31PM Guardian-Film

Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football review - meet the Brazilian Mr Ripley
This gripping documentary tells an almost unbelievable tale about a man who conned club after club into funding his lifestyle as a football star in Rio Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day This is a fascinating documentary from British film-maker Louis Myles about someone who in the 80s and 90s became a legend in the world of Brazilian football. Someone whose pure outrageousness was hiding in plain sight. His rackety career tells you a lot about human nature and people's willingness to be fooled; about a media that saw its job simply as cheerleading; and about the Enronised nature of celebrity.
Apr 21 9:20PM Guardian-Film

Verne Troyer, actor who was Mini-Me in Austin Powers films, dies at 49
Family announces death on social media sitesStatement: 'Verne was an extremely caring individual'. The actor Verne Troyer has died, according to a statement posted to his social media pages on Saturday. He was 49.
Apr 21 9:15PM Guardian-Film

Rachel Weisz expecting 'a little human' with husband Daniel Craig
Hollywood couple who married in 2011 announce they are having their first child together Rachel Weisz has revealed she is expecting her first child with husband Daniel Craig. Weisz, 48, told the New York Times: I'll be showing soon. Daniel and I are so happy.
Apr 20 4:43PM Guardian-Film

Vittorio Taviani obituary
Film-maker who wrote and directed more than 20 films with his brother Paolo Vittorio Taviani, who has died aged 88, was the elder of the two Taviani brothers, the film-making duo who enjoyed great acclaim and success in the 1970s and 80s. With his brother Paolo, two years his junior, he wrote and directed more than 20 films. The brothers were said to work harmoniously as one.
Apr 20 4:40PM Guardian-Film

I've been called a whore for my part in the #MeToo campaign. It won't stop me | Asia Argento
Since accusing Harvey Weinstein of rape, I have been vilified in Italy. But I've got a message for these predatory enablers Whore. Liar.
Apr 20 12:52PM Guardian-Film

Lars von Trier's Cannes return proves festival is still in thrall to male privilege
Cannes' efforts to get von Trier back on board, along with its weak record on women directors, shows it has failed to get to grips with the era of Time's Up Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day Time heals, particularly at the Cannes film festival, which has welcomed Danish director Lars von Trier back into its circle of celebrated auteurs, seven years after his ban for saying he sympathised with Hitler at a press conference. Then he was declared persona non grata but now, miraculously, he has become grata again, with his new film The House That Jack Built. Like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, Von Trier remains a favoured son of the most prestigious film festival in the world.
Apr 20 12:17PM Guardian-Film

Shaking seats, water sprays, scented air: is 4DX the future of cinema?
It's more ghost train than art house - the rollercoaster-like cinema technology has arrived in Leicester Square. Our film critic tries it out Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day I didn't just go to a movie the other night, I was in the movie. That's what maker of new cinema technology 4DX claims happened, at least.
Apr 20 12:09PM Guardian-Film

It was panned on release - so why are we hopelessly devoted to Grease 40 years later?
An endorsement of rape culture or a rejection of slut-shaming: the debate over the film continues, four decades on. How did it become arguably the most beloved movie musical of all time? Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day When Grease was released in cinemas in 1978, a starry, bubblegum-bright adaptation of the 1971 Chicago-to-Broadway musical, the initial reviews were not kind. A grave disappointment to anyone in search of style or substance, wrote the Guardian's Derek Malcolm that year - although, like many of his similarly unimpressed critical peers, he did concede that it was fun and likely to be a big hit.
Apr 20 8:00AM Guardian-Film

Beyond the Clouds review - brash Bollywood in the Mumbai underworld
A motorbike drug-runner and his sister face a storm of trouble in this uneven drama by the feted Iranian director Majid Majidi Majid Majidi is the Iranian director who established himself most satisfyingly with the 1997 gem Children of Heaven, a very charming and sweet-natured tale about two children, a brother and sister. His latest movie is a departure: a slightly misfiring Hindi-language Bollywood-style melodrama set in the Mumbai underworld, with a forthright musical soundtrack from veteran composer AR Rahman. It, too, is about a brother and sister, but they are older and more disillusioned.
Apr 20 8:00AM Guardian-Film

Tom Courtenay: 'I've done my best work since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer
The veteran actor used to be so insecure about his work that he 'couldn't bear looking back'. Now, he says, everything has changed Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day Over coffee and biscuits in a Soho hotel, the actor who played Billy Liar is showing me a picture of his dog on his iPhone. If this was not weird enough, Tom Courtenay then points out that Stanley, his seven-year-old pointer, is gazing longingly at Colin Firth on a Sunday supplement cover.
Apr 20 7:00AM Guardian-Film

Geoffrey Rush: Daily Telegraph loses bid to bring theatre company into lawsuit
Actor is suing News Corp paper over stories alleging inappropriate behaviour in Sydney Theatre Company play The Daily Telegraph's zealous if not desperate attempt to again amend its defence in the defamation lawsuit brought by actor Geoffrey Rush has been rejected by a federal court judge. Justice Michael Wigney on Friday also dismissed a bid by the tabloid to launch a cross-claim against the Sydney Theatre Company, describing the proposal as very weak if not tenuous. Continue reading.
Apr 20 6:27AM Guardian-Film

Javier Bardem defends Woody Allen: 'I am very shocked by this treatment
The actor, who worked with Allen on Vicky Cristina Barcelona, has defended him after other stars have decided to distance themselves Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day Javier Bardem has come to the defense of Woody Allen in response to other actors distancing themselves from the film-maker. The Oscar-winning actor, who worked with Allen on 2008's Vicky Cristina Barcelona, has said in a new interview that he is absolutely not ashamed of starring in the film. Continue reading.
Apr 19 10:03PM Guardian-Film

Which decade was best to live in? Here's what we learned at the movies
The Grease rerelease might fill us with nostalgia for the 50s, but from serial killers to terrible haircuts, other eras don't look quite so appealing Sign up for Film Today and get our film team's highlights of the day You'd live in the 1950s, wouldn't you? You have seen Grease and Stand By Me and Back to the Future, so you know it was a carefree decade full of dancing and childhood adventure and songs about cars that can somehow bring schoolgirls to orgasm. Even now, 40 years after it was first released, Grease still feels like an escape. Continue reading.
Apr 19 2:30PM Guardian-Film