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Apostasy director: 'It was liberating to leave the Jehovah's Witnesses'
Daniel Kokotajlo was brought up in the Christian sect. Now his extraordinary debut film casts an acute eye on the religion he turned his back on Making a film is always, at almost any given moment, difficult-verging-on-the-impossible, and Daniel Kokotajlo's first feature was no exception. His backers were expectant; his budget was miniature; far too many pages of the script over which he had laboured for so long needed to be filmed every single day.
Jul 15 8:00AM Guardian-Film

Hugh Skinner: 'I like playing people who are crap at things'
The W1A star on embracing Abba in the Mamma Mia sequel, being mistaken for The Crown's Matt Smith and the joy of spray tans London-born Hugh Skinner, 33, graduated from Lamda and began his acting career in the theatre. He's best known for his comedic TV roles as bumbling intern Will in W1A, Prince William in The Windsors, and as Phoebe Waller-Bridge's on-off boyfriend in Fleabag. He has also appeared in period dramas Poldark, Our Zoo and Harlots.
Jul 15 8:00AM Guardian-Film

Lost Stanley Kubrick screenplay, Burning Secret, is found 60 years on
Script co-written by director is so close to completion it could be developed into a feature film. His first world war classic, Paths of Glory, is one of cinema's most powerful anti-war movies, widely acclaimed as a masterpiece, as was his Roman epic, Spartacus, both of which starred Kirk Douglas. Now a lost screenplay by director Stanley Kubrick has been discovered - and it is so close to completion that it could be developed by film-makers.
Jul 15 4:59AM Guardian-Film

Mamma Mia 2 makers hope to repeat box office success
My my, how can fans resist Cher singing Fernando and playing Meryl Streep's mum? Can they do it again? The makers of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again certainly hope they can persuade audiences to pack their fantasy swimsuits and mosquito repellent next weekend for another fictional cinematic holiday on their ideal Greek island. Cher, along with most of the stars of the first film, which made 466m at the box office a decade ago, gathered together in London on Saturday, ahead of the 20 July release of the follow-up musical. Continue reading.
Jul 14 4:44PM Guardian-Film

Henry Cavill apologises for comments on #MeToo
The Superman actor has expressed regret for his insensitivity, and insists the #MeToo movement is vitally important and has his wholehearted support Henry Cavill has apologised for any confusion and misunderstanding over comments he made about the #MeToo movement. The Man of Steel actor had said, in an interview with GQ Australia, that he feels hesitant to talk to women in a flirtatious manner because he fears being called a rapist or something. In a statement to the Press Association, Cavill said: Having seen the reaction to an article, in particular about my feelings on dating and the #MeToo movement, I just wanted to apologise for any confusion and misunderstanding that this may have created.
Jul 13 12:09PM Guardian-Film

How It Ends review - the end of the world is a bore in dull Netflix thriller
Theo James and Forest Whitaker give subpar performances in a frustratingly pedestrian tale of a mysterious catastrophe One thing you wouldn't expect from the violent breakdown of society would be for it to be an utter bore. Yet that's the big twist at the center of How It Ends, Netflix's latest (alleged) action thriller. Even Earth's destruction can be a slog.
Jul 13 7:01AM Guardian-Film

The Secret of Marrowbone review - plot holes the diameter of Jupiter
This terrible turkey from the writer of The Orphanage is a muddled hotchpotch of supernatural chills, shouty overacting and absurd dialogue It's rare to get such a strong taste of turkey with Christmas so far off - unusual to get that piercing tang of cranberry sauce without a double-issue of the Radio Times to hand. This distinctively terrible film is a hideous hotchpotch of shouty overacting and muddled storytelling, unable to make up its mind if it's a family drama, a supernatural chiller or a psychological mystery. It's got plot holes the diameter of the planet Jupiter and is abjectly reliant on narrative elements which have to be initially withheld under cover of a clunking six months later transition, and then disclosed in laborious flashbacks assisted by the discovery of a deeply ridiculous diary accessorised with sensitive line drawings.
Jul 13 7:00AM Guardian-Film

Jodie Foster: 'I wasn't very good at playing the girlfriend
Five years after her last acting role, the double Oscar-winner is back with Hotel Artemis. She talks about always playing tough characters, the lack of roles for older women and her friendship with Mel Gibson Over the course of her 52-years-and-counting career, her roles have included a child prostitute, an FBI agent, a feral woman in the woods, a scientist who communicates with aliens, a mother searching for her missing child and, perhaps most notoriously, a woman whose husband can only communicate via a beaver puppet, so you can't really say there is a typical Jodie Foster role. There is, however, a typical Foster expression.
Jul 13 5:00AM Guardian-Film

Rebel Wilson vows to fight 'malicious' Bauer Media to the end
'It's ridiculously hard to be one individual against a billionaire corporation,' actor says The Australian actor Rebel Wilson has attacked what she calls the shockingly unethical behaviour and malicious takedowns by the publisher Bauer Media, as she applies to take her defamation saga to Australia's highest court. The Pitch Perfect actor lodged an application with the high court on Wednesday for leave to appeal, after she was forced to repay almost 90% of her record $4.7m payout to the Woman's Day publisher that defamed her.
Jul 13 4:34AM Guardian-Film

Mira Sorvino: casting director 'gagged me with a condom' at 16
The Oscar-winning actor claims that during one of her first auditions she was tied to a chair, bruised and gagged Mira Sorvino has claimed that a casting director gagged her with a condom during an audition at the age of 16. The Oscar-winning star of Mighty Aphrodite revealed in an interview with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's podcast that she was auditioning for a horror movie when the situation got out of hand. Continue reading.
Jul 12 2:55PM Guardian-Film

Leslie Harris: 'We can't get a film financed with a black woman lead
The director's debut, Just Another Girl on the IRT, was an instant classic - 25 years ago. But she still can't get a followup off the ground It's a familiar story: a young director heads to the Sundance film festival with their debut feature. The crowd is wowed; jury likewise.
Jul 12 2:30PM Guardian-Film

Second Thai cave rescue film in the works as director rails at 'whitewash
'We must tell our own stories' says Jon Chu in response to Tuesday's announcement by faith-based Pure Flix films A rival film about the Thai cave rescue has been announced, a day after a first project was revealed - and just two days after the final child and coach were hauled to safety following more than a fortnight underground. The second movie will be directed by Jon Chu, whose credits include four Step Up movies, Now You See Me 2 and the acclaimed forthcoming comedy Crazy Rich Asians. The announcement came in the form of a tweet by Chu denigrating the proposed film by Pure Flix, the faith-based production outfit that promised an inspirational film.
Jul 12 10:46AM Guardian-Film

Incredibles 2 review - riotous return of Pixar's superhero immortals
The sequel to the animated masterpiece about a family with world-saving superpowers is just as thrilling and just as much fun The Incredibles, like The Simpsons, are eternally the same age, although for them the miracle has been brought off by just starting the sequel at the exact point the first movie left off. We are still in the LBJ 60s, superheroes are still illegal and the Incredibles' stroppy teen daughter Violet (voiced by Sarah Vowell) is on the verge of dating that nice boy she met in school. It is indeed incredible to think that the first film came out in 2004, just before the Marvel Studios explosion of fan-oriented superhero films changed the cultural weather, creating an audience for whom the Incredibles' uncanonical characters and satirical deconstruction of superhero conventions (capes, monologuing) are not entirely cool, however affectionately intended.
Jul 11 4:00PM Guardian-Film

Path of Blood review - into the dark, ordinary heart of al-Qaida
This chilling documentary chronicles the struggles between Saudi Arabian security forces and terrorist cells of smiling young men with Kalashnikovs Writer-director Jonathan Hacker's documentary offers a chilling historical document, chronicling a closed but not entirely concluded chapter in the sprawling history of 21st-century terrorism. Drawing on the skills of several editors, Hacker and co weave together footage shot by both the Saudi Arabian security forces and several interrelated Al-Qaida cells who in the early 2000s pursued a campaign of suicide bombings and assassinations in and around Riyadh. At times, an explanatory voiceover narration from that omnipresent British baritone of authority, Samuel West, (supplemented by interjections spoken by Tom Hollander representing the voice of Jihad) provides terse explanations.
Jul 11 2:00PM Guardian-Film

Is Joaquin Phoenix set to be the greatest actor of his generation?
A career filled with unconventional choices has led the Oscar nominee to a banner period working with Lynne Ramsay, Gus Van Sant and Jacques Audiard For an actor who has cultivated an image of relative Hollywood hermitude, Joaquin Phoenix has been awfully visible lately, fidgeting uncomfortably in a spotlight that nonetheless keeps landing on him. This week, his starring role in Gus van Sant's Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot hits cinemas in the US - and depending on where you are in the world, it's his third major release of 2018 so far. Related: Joaquin Phoenix: 'There was a period when I wanted out.
Jul 11 1:09PM Guardian-Film

First Purge pays penalty as World Cup destroys cinema box office
Gore-fest franchise's latest yields seven figures on its opening weekend, while a Yellow Submarine one-off positively sings at cinemas Another weekend of hot temperatures plus an England World Cup quarter final on a Saturday - typically cinema's busiest day - combined to lay waste to the UK box office. Not counting those who watched in pubs and on outdoor screens, 19.64 million people at peak saw England beat Sweden on Saturday afternoon.
Jul 10 12:42PM Guardian-Film

Johnny Depp sued for allegedly punching crew member on Notorious BIG film
Location manager Greg 'Rocky' Brooks claims he was hit after telling Depp shooting had to finish for the night A film crew member says in a lawsuit that Johnny Depp punched him twice on the Los Angeles set of a movie about the killing of Notorious BIG, and was fired from the production when he refused to promise not to sue over the incident. Location manager Greg Rocky Brooks is also suing the film's director and producers for unspecified damages in the lawsuit filed on 6 July in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Continue reading.
Jul 10 9:11AM Guardian-Film

Skyscraper review - The Rock towers over an inferno of cliches
A silly yet watchable action movie sees the world's most bankable star try to save his family from a building full of fire, terrorists and clunky dialogue When the first footage from Skyscraper was launched earlier this year, most online conversation revolved around the staggering incredulity of the trailer's money shot: Dwayne The Rock Johnson making an Ethan Hunt-esque leap from a crane into the broken window of a building. Everyone from math professors to meme makers critiqued the physics, and even Johnson snappily responded on Twitter. But for me, the most unlikely element was the inclusion of Johnson himself.
Jul 10 7:00AM Guardian-Film

How we made: The Last Days of Disco
Kate Beckinsale and Whit Stillman on how their cult classic propelled them into a world of subway dancing, penthouse parties with DiCaprio - and free dessert When I was living in New York and working on a newspaper, I'd get off work at 2am and we'd go to clubbing at Studio 54. There weren't a lot of other places in the neighbourhood to go to. I had a tailor-made blue suit that was my sole legacy from my father.
Jul 10 5:00AM Guardian-Film

Geoffrey Rush pulls out of Melbourne Theatre Company production of Twelfth Night
The actor, who is suing the Daily Telegraph for defamation, cites medical advice for his withdrawal Actor Geoffrey Rush has pulled out of an upcoming Melbourne Theatre Company production citing current circumstances and medical advice. Rush announced on Monday night that he would no longer participate in the company's production of Twelfth Night, which is due to begin in four months. Continue reading.
Jul 9 11:55PM Guardian-Film