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On a bridge between borders, asylum seekers linger in painful limbo
Zero tolerance has left asylum seekers literally suspended between two countries - with some camping outside for days Gateway International Bridge is one of three bridges across the Rio Grande between the Mexican city of Matamoros and Brownsville, Texas, that forms a metropolis spanning two countries. Southbound, cars and people trickle virtually unimpeded into Mexico. Northbound, cars line up bumper to bumper while crowds of pedestrians snake along the sidewalk to join the queue for the US port of entry.
Oct 16 9:00AM Guardian-Cuba

A teenage tradition: quinceaera celebrations in Cuba - in pictures
The quincean~era, the 15th birthday rite of passage into womanhood, is widely celebrated in Latino culture. The ostentatious display of wealth at these events is important, even in communist Cuba. The photographer Diana Markosian has documented the tradition in her Over the Rainbow project, which has been awarded the third Elliott Erwitt Havana Club 7 Fellowship.
Oct 12 10:06AM Guardian-Cuba