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Guantnamo Bay branded a 'stain on US human rights record
Amnesty International calls US naval prison a symbol of Islamophobia and xenophobia Guantnamo Bay remains a stain on the human rights record of the US and the scene of ongoing human rights violations, said Amnesty International in advance of a rally in Washington to mark the 17th anniversary of its opening. The US naval prison at Guantnamo in Cuba - opened on 11 January 2002 - still holds 40 Muslim men, many of whom have been tortured. Many of the detainees have been cleared for transfer for years.
Jan 11 2:18PM Guardian-Cuba

Sonic attack' on US embassy in Havana could have been crickets, say scientists
Noise which saw diplomats complaining of headaches and nausea could be song of Indies short-tailed cricket The US embassy in Havana more than halved its staff in 2017 when diplomats complained of headaches, nausea and other ailments after hearing penetrating noises in their homes and nearby hotels. The mysterious wave of illness fuelled speculation that the staff had been targeted by an acoustic weapon. It was an explanation that appeared to gain weight when an audio recording of a persistent, high-pitched drone made by US personnel in Cuba was released to the Associated Press.
Jan 6 7:58PM Guardian-Cuba