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Trump's new Cuba crackdown puts US at odds with Canada and Europe
US will allow lawsuits against firms using property nationalised by the revolution, cap remittances and restrict 'non-family' travel Donald Trump has taken another step towards reversing Barack Obama's historic rapprochement with Cuba with a measure that earned swift criticism from allies in Canada and Europe. The US announced on Wednesday that it would enable lawsuits against foreign companies that use properties nationalised by the communist government after Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution. Continue reading.
Apr 17 9:50PM Guardian-Cuba

Ral Castro pledges Cuba will never abandon Venezuela
Communist leader denounces US 'blackmail'US threatened new sanctions over Cuban support for Maduro. Ral Castro has promised that Cuba will never abandon its leftist ally Venezuela despite US blackmail, even as the Trump administration threatened more sanctions over its support. In a speech to the national assembly, the head of the Cuban Communist party said the island had been increasing defense preparedness in recent months in view of mounting US hostility.
Apr 10 7:24PM Guardian-Cuba

Hundreds of activists and pets march in Cuba against animal abuse
Protests were authorized by the communist government, pointing to an expanding tolerance for Cubans to express their views Hundreds of Cubans have marched through Havana calling for an end to animal cruelty, in what organizers believe was the first independent march authorized by the one-party state. Related: Cuba's churches reject gay marriage before vote on new constitution Related: 'They have no idea what democracy is': Tania Bruguera on Cuba's artist crackdown Continue reading..
Apr 8 4:50PM Guardian-Cuba