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Narcotours: Netflix fans uncover the real life of Pablo Escobar - video
The Colombian city of Medelln has long been associated with drug lord Pablo Escobar, and with the popularity of Netflix's Narcos, a new influx of tourists are visiting the city to see where the infamous kingpin operated. The Guardian's Iman Amrani speaks to the people whose lives were affected by Escobar, and with the city's mayor who is trying to turn Medelln's narrative away from its dark past Continue reading..
Oct 4 11:19AM Guardian-Colombia

It was horrible before': how a deadly Colombian city became a safe haven
For years, gangs brought violence and horror to the streets of Buenaventura. Then residents effected a sea change After cooking an evening meal for her five children, Suleyma Angelo Yepes, a juice seller, often dozes off while sitting on her porch in the La Playita neighbourhood of Buenaventura, Colombia. It is something she could never have imagined a few years ago.
Oct 1 6:00AM Guardian-Colombia