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Not welcome in Colombia, indigenous migrants stuck at border after fleeing Venezuela
Members of the Yukpa group have crossed the border to escape the crisis at home, but unlike other migrants they have been deported twice and have repeatedly clashed with border officials Late last year, 12-year-old Betania heard talk among her neighbors that there was a city not far away where they could find food. Related: 'Here there is a chance': Venezuela crisis triggers exodus to Colombia Related: Colombia and Brazil clamp down on borders as Venezuela crisis spurs exodus Continue reading..
Apr 23 7:00AM Guardian-Colombia

Culture is power': the Colombian sex workers who launched a newspaper | Steven Grattan
In a Bogot district where violence often dominates headlines, the paper La Esquina is flying off the shelves, covering everything from recipes to plastic surgery tips In the streets of Bogot's infamous red light district, something new and colourful has begun appearing, pasted up between the graffiti on the walls. Monica Quiroz, biting off strips of thick adhesive tape, is sticking up the laminated, fluorescent pages of this month's edition of a newspaper written for and by local sex workers. Continue reading.
Apr 23 6:00AM Guardian-Colombia

Ecuadorian hostages held by dissident Colombian rebels plead for president's help
Authorities ask for help identifying two people they say were taken by same faction of Farc that kidnapped three journalists last week Ecuadorian authorities say a dissident Colombian rebel group has kidnapped two people in the same conflictive border area where three press workers taken hostage by the group were killed last week. The interior minister, Csar Navas, on Tuesday showed a proof of life video in which a man and woman tied at their necks with rope beg the president, Lenn Moreno, to meet their captors' demands so that they don't suffer the same fate as the journalists. Related: Ecuadorian journalists kidnapped by rebels have been killed, president says Continue reading.
Apr 17 5:38PM Guardian-Colombia

Ecuador threatens strikes on Colombian rebels if kidnapped trio are not found alive
Journalists were abducted by dissidents along Ecuador-Colombia border and Lenn Moreno says three men have probably been killed Three Ecuadorian journalists who were abducted by dissident Colombian rebels have probably been murdered, according to Ecuador's president, who warned he would launch military strikes if the hostages were not shown to be alive. We can't allow the criminals to impose their rules, Lenn Moreno said in a statement late on Thursday after he returned early from Peru, where he had been due to attend this weekend's Summit of the Americas. We're going to fight them in the realm they have chosen and we are going to defeat them, Moreno went on to say.
Apr 13 2:45PM Guardian-Colombia

Blow to Colombian peace deal as former Farc rebel chief arrested on drug charges
Prosecutors accuse Seauxis Hernndez, AKA Jesus Santrich, of conspiring to ship 10,000kg of cocaine to the US but supporters cry setup A former Colombian rebel commander has been arrested on US drug-trafficking charges, in a shocking development that heaped more pressure on the stumbling peace process with the demobilized Farc guerrillas. Seuxis Hernndez - a blind former peace negotiator better known by his alias Jesus Santrich - was detained early on Monday and awaits probable extradition to the United States, where prosecutors in New York accused him of conspiring to ship 10,000kg of cocaine. Related: Donald Trump cancels South America trip Related: Disarmed and dangerous: can former Farc guerrillas adjust to civilian life? Continue reading.
Apr 10 7:03PM Guardian-Colombia