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Argentina and Algeria stamp out malaria in 'historic achievement
Improvements in detection, diagnosis and treatment hailed by World Health Organization as 'a model for other countries' Algeria and Argentina have been declared malaria-free by the World Health Organization, in what has been described as a historic achievement for both countries. The declaration follows warnings that the global fight against malaria has slipped off track in recent years, with cases rising in many of the countries worst affected by the disease. Related: Venezuela crisis threatens disease epidemic across continent - experts Continue reading.
2 days ago | Guardian-Argentina

Argentinian politician seriously injured in Buenos Aires shooting
Hctor Olivares critically ill and provincial official dies after incident near congressional building An Argentinian politician has been seriously injured and a provincial official killed in one of the most brazen political attacks in the South American country since it returned to democracy in 1983. Hctor Olivares, the representative of La Rioja province in Argentina's lower house of congress, was shot at about 7am local time on Thursday near the congressional building in Buenos Aires, officials said. He is being treated for gunshot wounds that pierced his abdomen and affected vital organs.
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May I have a word about English football's debt to Argentina | Jonathan Bouquet
From Ardiles to Pochettino, the poetic utterances of Argentinian managers have kept us all entranced. English football owes a great debt of thanks to the Argentinian managers who have graced the game. Who could not thrill to the former Tottenham manager Ossie Ardiles when discussing his fellow Spurs midfield maestro: Glenn Hoddle is putting his head in the frying pan? Or to Marcelo Bielsa, the joyous manager of Leeds United, who, after being caught out spying on an opposing team, offered us: What I have done is not illegal.
20 days ago | Guardian-Argentina