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16 US states sue over Trump border wall emergency declaration
Coalition led by California accuses the president of 'unilaterally robbing taxpayer funds' A coalition of 16 US states led by California has launched legal action against Donald Trump's administration over his decision to declare a national emergency in order to fund a wall along the Mexico border. The lawsuit was filed on Monday in the US district court for the northern district of California after Trump invoked emergency powers on Friday when Congress declined his request for $5.7bn to help create his signature policy promise.
Feb 19 2:01AM Guardian-Mexico

'Mexico's Alcatraz' prison to be turned into a cultural centre
Hundreds of inmates will be transferred to make way for Walls of Water arts venue Mexico is to close one of the world's last remaining prison islands and turn it into a cultural centre named for a communist writer once held there. The Mexican president, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, signed a declaration at his Monday morning press conference closing the federal prison on the Islas Maras, 60 miles off Mexico's Pacific coast, saying he wanted to promote more schools and fewer prisons. Continue reading.
Feb 18 6:21PM Guardian-Mexico

Nicola Jennings on Trump's border wall commitment - cartoon
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Feb 17 6:11PM Guardian-Mexico

We won't be trampled on': striking Mexican workers vow to fight the fight
Strikes close or slow production at dozens of assembly plants and factories as workers demand better salaries Despite the winter chill in the air, the mood on the picket line outside the Matamoros Coca-Cola bottling plant was optimistic. We're not fighting for ourselves, but for a better quality of life for our kids and their children. They won't be screwed over or trampled upon by these kinds of people any more, said Juan Luis Gaytn, 37, a mechanic at the plant, which is operated by Arca Continental, the world's second-biggest Coca-Cola bottler.
Feb 17 9:00AM Guardian-Mexico

Tale of two drugs lords: from Cosa Nostra to Guzmn - it's strictly business
With the end of the El Chapo trial, Ed Vulliamy charts the lives of two dons a continent apart They both bore the same nickname: Shorty. Salvatore Riina, boss of Sicily's Cosa Nostra from the late 1970s, reportedly until his death in jail in 2017, was known as Tot 'u Curtu in dialect. And Joaqun Guzmn Loera, convicted last week of being the world's biggest drug lord and leader of crime's mightiest syndicate, Mexico's Sinaloa cartel, became famous as El Chapo.
Feb 17 6:59AM Guardian-Mexico

Cancn shooting: five people gunned down in Mexico's tourist hotspot
Bar attacked near hotel zone amid rising drug-related violence in the Caribbean resort city Five people have been shot dead and five more wounded in Cancn after gunmen burst into a bar in the Mexican resort city and opened fire. Quintana Roo state prosecutors said the attack on Saturday took place in a club called La Kuka, on a main avenue in central Cancn about 6km (4 miles) away from the Caribbean resort city's seaside tourist hotel zone, situated on the Yucatn Peninsula. Related: Cancn: from tourist beach paradise to hotbed of Mexico's drug violence Continue reading.
Feb 17 2:44AM Guardian-Mexico

Five false claims from Trump's national emergency speech - video
Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to secure extra funding for his wall at the US-Mexico border. Trump's decision came after weeks of wrangling over his campaign promise, which led to a record 35-day partial government shutdown, damaging his approval rating. Trump declares national emergency to build US-Mexico border wall Continue reading.
Feb 16 11:20AM Guardian-Mexico

Tricked, abducted and killed: the last day of two child migrants in Mexico
The deaths show the vulnerability of migrants forced to 'remain in Mexico' under new US policy for asylum seekers On a Saturday afternoon in December, three Honduran boys walked out through the gates of the blue stucco YMCA shelter for unaccompanied child migrants in Tijuana, and turned past the gas station next door on to Cuauhtmoc Boulevard for a walk. Their destination was a sports centre-turned-migrant camp to visit people they'd met travelling north with a caravan of other Central Americans. Related: Fleeing home alone: the migrant children blocked at Mexican border Related: 'Tijuana first!': protests grow against migrant caravan in Mexico Related: Migrants flee violence only to find more in Tijuana - Mexico's murder capital Continue reading.
Feb 16 9:00AM Guardian-Mexico

The 'war on drugs' is causing great damage | Letters
Readers discuss whether the 'war' is the right way to combat the violence fuelled by the drugs trade. You recently set out in detail the catastrophic consequences of the current war on drugs (Editorial, 14 February), from tens of thousands of civilian deaths in Mexico to the mass incarceration of young black men in the US, and the corruption of politicians by the cartels. In doing so, you rightly assert the need to protect innocent people and minimise any harm associated with drug use and drugs laws.
Feb 15 4:32PM Guardian-Mexico

Trump declares national emergency to build US-Mexico border wall
Plan may divert billions from projects such as counterdrug efforts, has been condemned by Democrats and activistsSign up for the US morning briefing. Donald Trump has defied fierce criticism to announce that he is using emergency powers to bypass Congress and pursue the building of a wall on the US-Mexico border. Speaking in the White House Rose Garden, the US president insisted he had no choice but to declare a national emergency to deal with what he describes as a crisis of illegal immigration.
Feb 15 4:10PM Guardian-Mexico

Trump to declare national emergency on border wall, says Mitch McConnell
The move could allow him to circumvent Congress to tap funding for his long-promised border wall Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said Donald Trump has indicated he's prepared to sign a funding bill that will prevent another government shutdown but will also declare a national emergency on America's border with Mexico. That move could allow him to circumvent Congress to tap funding for his long-promised border wall that has been at the center of a fierce dispute with Democrats who say such a barrier is expensive and ineffective. Continue reading.
Feb 14 8:40PM Guardian-Mexico

Will El Chapo's conviction change anything in the drug trade?
The nearly half a century old 'war on drugs' shows no sign of ending, and neither does the illegal trafficking Standing on the steps of the Brooklyn courthouse amid flurries of sleet and snow, US attorney Richard Donoghue hailed the conviction of Joaqun El Chapo Guzmn as a famous victory in America's longest conflict. There are those who say the war on drugs is not worth fighting. Those people are wrong, he said.
Feb 13 6:30AM Guardian-Mexico

Door slams on guilty El Chapo after old mob pals line up to squeal
Guzman's dramatic trial showed how the cartels that traffick most of the world's drugs today do not honour the mafia code of omert When Joaqun El Chapo Guzmn is sentenced on 25 June, he will most likely be sent to US maximum-security prison from which there will be no more tunnels and no more escapes. Guzmn was convicted on all 10 charges after years of painstaking behind-the-scenes work by US Department of Justice prosecutors who cut deals with captive drug traffickers to get their man. Related: El Chapo drug trafficking trial: Mexican cartel boss found guilty Related: Behind the El Chapo trial: what's been left unsaid in a New York courtroom Continue reading.
Feb 12 6:34PM Guardian-Mexico

El Chapo trial: Mexican drug cartel boss found guilty
Joaqun Guzmn, 61, could spend the rest of his life behind bars after being convicted following three-month New York trial The notorious cartel boss Joaqun El Chapo Guzmn has been found guilty of 10 counts of drug trafficking, at the end of a three-month New York trial that featured dramatic testimony of prison escapes, gruesome killings and million-dollar political payoffs. Related: Behind the El Chapo trial: what's been left unsaid in a New York courtroom Why did Mexico launch its war on drugs? Continue reading..
Feb 12 5:41PM Guardian-Mexico

Donald Trump v Beto O'Rourke: rival rallies on US border security - video report
Donald Trump and potential presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke held rallies in El Paso, Texas, on Monday night offering their contrasting views on Trump's US-Mexico border wall. The president addressed his crowd in front of a big US flag along with three 'finish the wall' banners. Meanwhile nearby, O'Rourke told supporters El Paso was, 'safe not because of walls but in spite of walls'.
Feb 12 12:29PM Guardian-Mexico

Work that never ends': the lawyers fighting for migrants stuck at the border
Al Otro Lado helps asylum seekers navigate a system that has become increasingly difficult under the Trump administration The El Chaparral crossing from Tijuana, Mexico, into the US is the crossroads of the world. Sisters from El Salvador plait one another's hair; men from Cameroon await an asylum hearing on the far side. Iranians play dice; a father from Brazil buys his child a taco from a street stand with carefully counted coins.
Feb 12 11:00AM Guardian-Mexico

Trump: 'Just so you know, we're building the wall anyway.' - video
Donald Trump's pursuit of a border wall continued as he spoke at a rally in El Paso, Texas. Banners reading 'Finish the wall' lined the El Paso County Coliseum as the president spoke of how Democrats wanted to propose measures that would 'release of thousands of criminal illegal aliens'Trump and Beto O'Rourke speak at dueling rallies in TexasParty leaders reach deal to avoid fresh US government shutdown Continue reading..
Feb 12 7:46AM Guardian-Mexico

Trump and Beto O'Rourke speak at dueling rallies in Texas
Crowd sizes, immigration and that border wall loom large in El Paso rally and counter-protest President Donald Trump seized the chance to make the case for the construction of a border wall during a rally in El Paso that addressed topics far beyond immigration. A big US flag along with three finish the wall banners lined the El Paso County Coliseum, making it clear immigration and border security were at the center of Trump's speech. Mere days before another government shutdown deadline, the president sought to convince his supporters that he was planning to fulfil one of his signature campaign promises.
Feb 12 6:50AM Guardian-Mexico

As El Chapo deliberations drag on, the unthinkable is asked - can he get off?
Jury has surprised observers and unnerved prosecutors by asking for transcripts of 'snitch' witnesses Whatever happens in the jury room in Brooklyn this Monday morning, people outside are starting to think the unthinkable: that Joaqun El Chapo Guzmn might get off. It would be a reckless gambler that would bet on acquittal for the accused Mexican drug lord, but the odds shorten with each day of indecision. This is not the slam-dunk conviction prosecutors - and most of the rest of the world - were expecting.
Feb 11 7:00AM Guardian-Mexico

Mexico border towns overwhelmed as Trump policy leaves migrants in limbo
Caravans receive rough welcomes at towns like Piedras Negras where locals are suspicious and officials struggle to house 1,700 newcomers Rows of federal police in riot gear faced the former factory in the Mexican borderlands, as soldiers watched on from the gun turrets on a pair of Humvees. But the armed men weren't preparing for an operation in the country's bloody drug wars: they were guarding a group of 1,700 Central American migrants who were hoping to reach the US. Related: 'No way to live here': new Honduran caravan sets off north as Trump blasts warnings Related: Fleeing home alone: the migrant children blocked at Mexican border Related: Migrants flee violence only to find more in Tijuana - Mexico's murder capital Continue reading.
Feb 10 8:00AM Guardian-Mexico