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We're one community': border cities fear Trump's crackdown
Those who live and work in the US and Mexico worry hardline immigration enforcement will erode their cross-border lifestyle The San Ysidro port of entry is the busiest land border crossing in the world, a fortress of concrete, steel and concertina wire through which some 70,000 cars and 20,000 pedestrians travel each day. They include tourists, migrants, and long-distance truckers, but also commuters: people who begin and end their day in San Diego, with a trip to Tijuana to have lunch with family - or who live south of the border, but travel every day through San Ysidro to work in the US. Related: Forget the fence: these are the real markers of the US-Mexico border - in pictures Related: Migrants at Mexico border face an uncertain future on their own Related: Passage through Mexico: the global migration to the US Continue reading.
Dec 5 7:00AM Guardian-Mexico

Amlo heralds Mexico's new dawn with 7am presidential press conference
Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador, known as Amlo, signalled new openness by briefing reporters and ditching heavy security Mexico's newly inaugurated president has hit the ground running, with his pledge to govern as a common man and end decades of secrecy, heavy security and luxury enjoyed by past presidents. Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador sported slightly ruffled hair at his first early morning news conference as president on Monday, which started at 7am local time. Related: President Amlo takes power with vow to transform Mexico - but can he deliver? Continue reading.
Dec 3 5:24PM Guardian-Mexico

Tens of thousands gather for inauguration of Mexico's new leader - drone footage
Tens of thousands of Mexicans gathered in Zcalo square in Mexico City to celebrate the inauguration of the new president, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador. The 65-year-old, who counts the UK Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, as a close friend, won a historic victory in July, bringing the Mexican left to power after 30 years of dashed expectations.President Amlo takes power with vow to transform Mexico - but can he deliver? Continue reading.
Dec 2 4:48PM Guardian-Mexico

Trump to give Congress formal notice he will 'shortly' terminate Nafta
Move will give lawmakers six months to approve new trade deal signed on Friday by the US, Canada and Mexico Donald Trump said on Saturday he will give formal notice to Congress in the near future to terminate the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), giving six months for lawmakers to approve a new trade deal signed on Friday. Related: Donald Trump and Xi Jinping declare trade truce at G20 Continue reading..
Dec 2 3:09PM Guardian-Mexico

Amlo promises to 'purify public life' as he assumes Mexican presidency
The new president also restated his promise to put Mexico's poor first and tackle violence Leftwing politician Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador has assumed Mexico's presidency with a promise to profoundly transform Latin America's second-biggest economy and to lead a government free of corruption. Seemingly tireless at 65, Lpez Obrador - known as Amlo - breezed through a day of public appearances on Saturday that included taking the oath of office, speaking to Congress and attending an inaugural celebration in the centre of Mexico City. Related: President Amlo takes power with vow to transform Mexico - but can he deliver? Continue reading.
Dec 2 1:34PM Guardian-Mexico

Migrants at Mexico border face an uncertain future on their own
After being relocated to a new shelter, some have opted to go home while others may stay in Mexico or wait for asylum in the US Authorities in Tijuana have started to relocate more than 6,000 Central Americans to a new shelter, after the rundown sports centre where they have been camped out for more than two weeks descended into squalor. Torrential rains this week have compounded the migrants' misery, flooding the crowded sports complex where they sleep shoulder-to-shoulder in tents and shelters made from cardboard, garbage bags and blankets. Gustavo Alocer, a representative from Mexico's human rights commission, described the situation as a humanitarian crisis, while UNICEF has said that it is deeply concerned for the well-being of more than 1,000 children who arrived in the string of migrant caravans.
Dec 1 8:00AM Guardian-Mexico

President Amlo takes power with vow to transform Mexico - but can he deliver?
Leftwinger to be sworn in on wave of hope that he can fix poverty, corruption and crime on behalf of ordinary Mexicans Mexico's president-elect Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador will take power on Saturday on a wave of hope that he can transform the country on behalf of the poor and marginalized - and suspicions that he will not be able to fulfill such great expectations. The silver-haired 64-year-old, who counts Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as a close friend, won a historic victory in July, bringing the Mexican left to power after 30 years of dashed expectations. Related: 'It's a comfy plane': Mexico's Amlo seeks buyer for presidential jet Why did Mexico launch its war on drugs? Related: Mexican president-elect's new plan to fight crime looks like the old plan Continue reading.
Dec 1 6:30AM Guardian-Mexico

Trump signs trade pact with Canada and Mexico to replace Nafta
Each country's legislature must also approve the agreement but Democrats in the US are already demanding changes Donald Trump and the leaders of Canada and Mexico signed a revised North American trade pact, a deal that fulfills a key political pledge by the US president but faces an uncertain future in the US Congress. Related: G20 summit: can world leaders find unity - or is it simply showboating? Related: 'No jobs on the horizon': workers respond to General Motors' decision to close plant Continue reading..
Nov 30 5:03PM Guardian-Mexico

Roma star Yalitza Aparicio: 'I don't think I am an actor
The 24-year-old primary schoolteacher lives in one room with her family in rural Mexico. Now, as the star of Alfonso Cuarn's new film, she's being tipped for an OscarRead Peter Bradshaw's five-star review. Yalitza Aparicio only auditioned for Roma because her sister was heavily pregnant and in no fit state to.
Nov 30 10:00AM Guardian-Mexico

A humiliation': Outcry after Mexico president gives highest honour to Jared Kushner
Enrique Pea Nieto to hand Trump son-in-law the Order of the Aztec Eagle for trade work Outgoing Mexican president Enrique Pea Nieto has stunned the country by bestowing the nation's highest honour for foreigners on Jared Kushner, senior White House advisor and son-in-law of Donald Trump. Pea Nieto praised Kushner as a grand ally of Mexico who helped achieve a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement between the US, Canada and Mexico. Related: This is what Trump's caravan 'invasion' really looks like Continue reading.
Nov 28 4:48AM Guardian-Mexico

Trump to appeal judge's order blocking asylum ban for immigrants at border
The Justice Department also asked the judge to stay his order for those illegally crossing the Mexico border pending the appeal The Trump administration said it would appeal a judge's order barring it from enforcing a ban on asylum for any immigrants who illegally cross the US-Mexico border. It came after President Trump's attack on the judge prompted an extraordinary rebuke from the nation's chief justice. Related: 'Turn around, go back home': Trump claims migrants commit more crime than US citizens Related: US agents arrested 42 migrants on American side of the border, official says Related: This is what Trump's caravan 'invasion' really looks like Continue reading.
Nov 28 12:23AM Guardian-Mexico

El Chapo trial: cartel leader had private zoo and $10m beach house
Former cartel insider Miguel ngel Martnez details Joaquin Guzmn's wealth, including 'ranches in every state' Joaquin El Chapo Guzmn was so rich, he had a private zoo where big cats roamed, he bought a $10m beach house and he traveled to Switzerland for an anti-ageing treatment. Related: El Chapo trial: accountant exposes details of cartel's vast operations Related: A murder house, a gold AK-47 and $1m bribes: how El Chapo built Sinaloa cartel Continue reading..
Nov 27 10:34PM Guardian-Mexico

US agents arrested 42 migrants on American side of the border, official says
Officials claim agents released teargas when hit with rocksThirty-nine arrests reported on Mexican side of the border. Officials arrested 42 migrants on the US side of the border with Mexico on Sunday, a border patrol official said, claiming agents released teargas only when attacked with rocks. Related: This is what Trump's caravan 'invasion' really looks like Continue reading.
Nov 26 3:09PM Guardian-Mexico

This is what Trump's caravan invasion really looks like
Those walking to the US to seek asylum have been demonized by Trump, who sent more than 5,000 soldiers to await them at the border. Bryan Mealer traveled with the most vulnerable among them By the time I reach the migrant caravan in late October, they'd been traveling for two weeks since leaving Honduras, having covered over 600 miles. Leaving from San Pedro Sula, one of the deadliest cities on Earth, they'd set out over mountains, through forest and rivers, and along the way became both an international menace and a symbol of hope.
Nov 26 8:00AM Guardian-Mexico

Tear gas and trouble: migrants meet hostility at the US border - in pictures
Migrants, including young children, have been enveloped with teargas after a few tried to breach the fence separating the two countries Continue reading...
Nov 26 2:39AM Guardian-Mexico

US officers fire tear gas at migrant caravan - video
US officers have thrown gas canisters at migrants from the American border with Mexico. Hundreds of caravan members, including women and children, were peacefully protesting when they were stopped by Mexican authorities, who told them to wait for permission. A small group broke off and headed a few hundred feet away to a part of a canal between Tijuana and San Diego that leads to the border fence.
Nov 25 11:04PM Guardian-Mexico

US-Mexico border crossing closed as migrants chant: 'We are not criminals!
Customs and Border Protection shuts San Ysidro crossingUS agents fire teargas as migrants seek asylum in US. Amid heated rhetoric from Donald Trump and confusion over a reported deal to keep asylum seekers in Mexico, all traffic was halted on Sunday at the busy border crossing between San Diego and Tijuana. US Customs and Border Protection said on Twitter traffic in both directions was suspended at the San Ysidro port of entry.
Nov 25 8:49PM Guardian-Mexico

Mexico backs US policy shift on asylum seekers at border - report
Plan would break with long-held rules by keeping asylum seekers in Mexico while US processes their claims The incoming Mexican government has agreed to back the Trump administration's plan to change US border policy by requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims move through American courts, the Washington Post reported on Saturday. Citing Mexican officials and senior members of the president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's transition team, the paper said the agreement would break with long-standing asylum rules and mount a new obstacle to Central American migrants attempting to reach the US and escape poverty and violence. Related: 'He may not rewrite immigration laws': Trump's asylum ban blocked by federal judge Continue reading.
Nov 24 7:14PM Guardian-Mexico

Mexico: Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis over migrant caravan
Trump administration has lambasted the caravan, saying it is filled with criminals, gang members and possibly terrorists The mayor of Tijuana has declared a humanitarian crisis in his border city and said he was asking the United Nations for aid to deal with the approximately 5,000 Central American migrants, most of whom are camped inside a sports complex. The comments by Juan Manuel Gastelum came as city officials and volunteers worked to assist the 4,976 men, women and children who arrived after more than a month on the road. The Trump administration has spent weeks lambasting the caravan, which it said was filled with criminals, gang members and even terrorists.
Nov 24 2:33AM Guardian-Mexico

Border agent not guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Mexican boy's death
Arizona jury find Lonnie Swartz not guilty of the involuntary manslaughter but didn't decide on voluntary manslaughter An Arizona jury has acquitted a US border patrol agent of manslaughter in the shooting of a 16-year old Mexican boy Jos Antonio Elena Rodrguez through a border fence, another loss for federal prosecutors in the second trial over the 2012 killing. Jurors in Tucson found Lonnie Swartz not guilty of the involuntary manslaughter but didn't come to a decision on voluntary manslaughter. Related: A Mexican grandmother waits for justice for boy shot at border fence Continue reading.
Nov 21 9:33PM Guardian-Mexico