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Solar-powered drug tunnel discovered on Mexican border with California
Tunnel had rail system along its 627ft lengthBuilders had yet to break surface on US side of border. US and Mexican authorities have discovered an incomplete cross-border drug smuggling tunnel complete with a rail track and a solar-powered lighting and ventilation system. The US border patrol said on Tuesday that the clandestine passage measured 627 feet (191 meters), including 336ft inside US territory, in California.
Oct 10 5:24PM Guardian-Mexico

Illegal crossings at the US-Mexico border - in pictures
Latin American immigrants trying to cross the US-Mexico border in Texas are often apprehended as soon as they cross. Reuters photographer Adrees Latif spent a week documenting their often futile attempts to live the American dream Continue reading..
Oct 10 8:15AM Guardian-Mexico

Trump hasn't improved on Nafta - but at least he hasn't blown up trade | Jeffrey Frankel
All the deal really needed was a new name - and USMCA literally puts 'America First' Donald Trump acts as if he has pulled off a smashing victory by replacing the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) - supposedly the worst trade deal ever - with the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. But the truth is that, while this outcome is better than an end to free trade in North America, the USMCA is no improvement over the status quo. Of course, this is Trump's modus operandi: threaten to do something catastrophic, so people are relieved when things get only a little bit worse.
Oct 9 1:46PM Guardian-Mexico

A Massacre in Mexico by Anabel Hernndez review - the truth on the 'disappeared'?
A Mexican journalist's dogged investigation into the fate of 43 missing students is horrifying and brave Anabel Hernndez's book (first published in Spanish in 2016) rates as one of the most difficult I have encountered in a very long time. Difficult at every level: to believe, to take in the implications, to process the appalling violence and, sadly, in parts, simply to read. On the surface, it is basically an investigation into another Mexican atrocity.
Oct 7 6:00AM Guardian-Mexico

Mexican couple admit to killing 10 women, police say
Couple also suspected of selling a dead woman's baby and disposing of body parts Mexican police have detained a couple on the outskirts of Mexico City on suspicion they may have killed as many as 10 women and sold a dead woman's baby. Officers had placed the couple under surveillance and caught them coming out of a house with a pram on Thursday. Inside the pram, they found dismembered human body parts the pair intended to dispose of in a nearby vacant lot, Mexico state police said on Friday.
Oct 6 4:53AM Guardian-Mexico

More than 6,500 children missing in Mexico, new data reveals
According to the national registry, about 18% of the nation's 37,435 missing are minors, a problem largely unrecognized More than 6,600 children and adolescents have disappeared in Mexico over the past dozen years as the country's rising drug violence spread to previously placid corners of the country claiming victims among even the youngest citizens.The National Registry of Missing and Disappeared Persons has recorded 37,435 individuals as unaccounted for as of April 2018. Some 18% of the missing are minors, according to local media reports on Friday.
Oct 5 9:28PM Guardian-Mexico

Frivolity and excess': Mexico's Amlo under fire over aide's lavish wedding
Critics attack leftwing president-elect for attending wedding of ally Csar Yez and Dulce Silva, which made the cover of Hola! Mexico's president-elect Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador won the election on an agenda of austerity and a promise to slash the pay, perks and privileges of a political class often seen as indifferent to the country's poor. Related: Young, rich and entitled: Mexicans grow weary of their politicians' spoiled kids Continue reading..
Oct 4 8:03PM Guardian-Mexico

Texas detention camp swells fivefold with migrant children
The Tornillo camp originally had a capacity to house 400 children temporarily, now it has 2,400 beds and will remain open at least until the end of the year It was meant to be small and temporary. But the precise rows of US government tents by the lonely border crossing just a few feet from Mexico keep multiplying. The detention camp for migrant children in the south-west desert at Tornillo, Texas, not only remains in place weeks after it was expected to shut down, but is expanding fast.
Oct 3 5:00AM Guardian-Mexico

The Trump administration knows the planet is going to boil. It doesn't care | Bill McKibben
Trump's team used last week to sneak in disastrous, linked policies on climate change and child refugee camps In the cloud of toxic dust thrown up by the Kavanaugh hearings last week, two new Trump initiatives slipped by with less notice than they deserve. Both are ugly, stupid - and they are linked, though in ways not immediately apparent. In the first, the administration provided the rationale for scrapping President Obama's automobile mileage standards: because Trump's crew now officially expects the planet to warm by 4C .
Oct 2 2:02PM Guardian-Mexico

Donald Trump ends Nafta dispute with a 'wonderful new trade deal' - video
The US and Canada have reached a new trade deal, along with Mexico, to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta). It ends a months-long dispute between the world's largest economy and its closest neighbours, which started when Trump called Nafta the 'worst trade deal ever made' during his pitch to become president Trump hails 'wonderful new trade deal' with Mexico and Canada Continue reading..
Oct 1 6:44PM Guardian-Mexico

Trump hails 'wonderful new trade deal' with Mexico and Canada
11th-hour agreement ends months of dispute between the US and its closest neighbours The US, Canada and Mexico have reached a deal to revamp the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta), ending months of bitter dispute between the world's largest economy and its closest neighbours. Donald Trump declared the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) - the new name for the world's second-biggest economic bloc behind the European Union - a wonderful new trade deal, which came through an 11th-hour agreement late on Sunday. Related: Markets rally as Trump hails 'biggest ever' trade deal with Canada and Mexico - as it happened Related: Trump professes love for Kim and hate for Kavanaugh torment in freewheeling speech Continue reading.
Oct 1 5:49PM Guardian-Mexico

Nafta deal: Canada and US race to settle differences as deadline looms
Negotiations on tough issues such as protection against US tariffs continue as midnight deadline to reach renewed deal approaches With little time left ahead of a deadline to agree to a renewed Nafta trade deal, Canadian and US officials on Sunday tried to settle differences on tough issues such as protection against US tariffs. Related: Trade talks stuck in neutral as Trump 'very unhappy' with Canadian negotiator Continue reading..
Sep 30 8:12PM Guardian-Mexico

Mexican mob burns detective to death in child abduction scare
Three other men taken captive in incident in state of HidalgoVideo posted online shows mob beating man in town square. A mob of about 100 people in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo doused a detective with gasoline and burned him to death, according to local officials. The Hidalgo state prosecutors' office said the crowd attacked local police in the town of Metepec on Thursday and took the detective and three other men captive.
Sep 28 3:48PM Guardian-Mexico

Mexico: 'worst governor in history' sentenced to nine years for corruption
Javier Duarte, former governor of Veracruz, pleaded guilty to charges of criminal association and money laundering A former Mexican state governor has pleaded guilty to charges of criminal association and money laundering, after presiding over an administration whose thuggery and excesses outraged the public - and eventually proved too embarrassing for his political allies.Javier Duarte, 45, was accused of embezzling millions in state money, which he used to buy a string of artworks and luxury properties. During his 2010-2016 administration, the Gulf coast region of Veracruz became one of Mexico's most dangerous, most censored and most indebted states.
Sep 27 4:16PM Guardian-Mexico

Acacpulco police disarmed and investigated over alleged drug links
Arrest warrants issued for city's police chiefs after fears of infiltration by drug gangs Authorities in southern Mexico have disarmed and placed under investigation the entire police force in the resort of Acapulco, claiming the force has been infiltrated by drug gangs. Officials in Guerrero state issued arrest warrants for two Acapulco police commanders, accusing them of homicide. It was the latest fall from grace for Acapulco, which was a favourite haunt of film stars in the 1960s but has since fallen victim to warring drug gangs.
Sep 26 8:30AM Guardian-Mexico