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The lure of the trail
FLORIDA -- "Nick, are you going to start rounding 'em up?"Florida Mountaineers Secretary Tim Keating was hovering over a deck of cards and a slow cooker filled with pulled pork when he asked his ...
Feb 15 8:36PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Has the boy lost his senses?': When George Denison Morgan married the geisha Yuki Kato
LENOX --"Could anything be more unexpected? Word of his son's marriage to the geisha Yuki Kato had just reached George Hale Morgan when a reporter had tracked down the part-time Lenox resident in New York City to get his reaction to the news.
Feb 15 8:34PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Monica Bliss is just following her calling
PITTSFIELD -- Monica Bliss was in the midst of a hectic morning when she ordered the "Cherry Pecan Dipped in Flan" -- French toast topped with honey, goat cheese and candied pecans -- ...
Feb 15 8:33PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Chill' out at the Shaker Ice House
PITTSFIELD -- Towering over a fresh blanket of snow, the colorful historical buildings at Hancock Shaker Village basked in a fleeting February sun on Wednesday morning. But one of them had, long ..
Feb 15 8:33PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Open Book with Sandor Jaszberenyi
In "The Most Beautiful Night of the Soul: More Stories from the Middle East and Beyond" (New Europe Books), Hungarian war correspondent Sandor Jaszberenyi uses the short story form to examine ...
Feb 15 8:30PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Thomas Christopher | Be-A-Better-Gardener: Cold Framing 101
It's not often that I can claim my garden rivals those of despots, but in at least one respect I have equaled the emperor Tiberius of ancient Rome. Tiberius' reign (14-37 A.D.
Feb 15 8:21PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

4 events not to miss this week, Feb. 17-23
Enjoy 10 minutes of fireworks Bring your family and friends as fireworks light up the sky over Pittsfield. 10 Minutes of Fireworks, hosted by Cultural Pittsfield, will celebrate the final weekend of ..
Feb 15 8:09PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Thom Smith | Naturewatch: Why are there so many barred owls in area?
Q: Why have there been so many sightings of owls lately in people's yards. Alex, Bennington, Vt.I know that there have been many sightings of barred owls lately.
Feb 15 8:03PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Bob Dunn | Game on: Don't fret, you'll find your clan
We talk a lot here about gaming being a community activity, and, for me, that's never more true then when I consider the role of clans.In this context, a clan, simply put, is like a team; people who
Feb 14 6:51PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Audiences take a spin with Shakespeare this weekend in Lenox
LENOX -- Expect plenty of fun and games at Shakespeare & Company this Valentine's Day weekend -- plus a few surprises for those who venture out into the cold.Playing Saturday evening ..
Feb 14 5:42PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

All's sweet in love and war
Looking for that last-minute Valentine's Day sweet for your sweetie? Nothing says love -- or war -- like a cupcake. At least, that is for the members of The Berkshire Eagle staff who went out of their way -- and, for some, out of their comfort zone -- to create cupcakes for a cupcake war held Friday afternoon.
Feb 12 7:33PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Uma Thurman highlights a 2019 Williamstown Theatre Festival season
WILLIAMSTOWN -- Golden Globe winner and Academy, Emmy, and Screen Actors Guild Award nominee Uma Thurman will star in a new translation of Henrik Ibsen's 1881 drama, "Ghosts," this summer as ...
Feb 12 7:12PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Shakespeare & Company's Tina Packer wins prestigious lifetime achievement award
LENOX -- Shakespeare & Company's founding artistic director, Tina Packer, has been honored with The Shakespeare Theatre Association's Douglas N. Cook Lifetime Achievement Award. She received .
Feb 12 7:03PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Wearable art
Clothing designer Deborah Carter isn't afraid of making garments out of unconventional materials. In fact, she loves it. The Lenox-based clothier makes colorful, sturdy tote bags from billboard vinyl .
Feb 8 8:35PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Indie rock fans find comfort in Car Seat Headrest
NORTH ADAMS -- Even by band name standards, Car Seat Headrest is oddly specific and inanimate. The moniker isn't as tongue-in-cheek as it sounds, though; it represents an image, a point of view, ..
Feb 8 8:34PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

A one-of-a-kind find for a 'one-of-a-kind' collector
PITTSFIELD -- Donald Lutes Jr. didn't let his numismatic legacy define him.For seven decades, the lifelong city resident owned a rare 1943 bronze Lincoln cent, highly coveted by the .
Feb 8 5:36PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Jim Nejaime: Wines for a perfect Valentine's Day date night
For your Valentine's eve celebration together, a delicious, perfect wine is required. However, selecting from aisles and racks of mass-produced wines is a daunting task. We have searched the world .
Feb 8 5:36PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Short but not always light
PITTSFIELD -- "Charlottesville."The title of one of the 10 short plays in Barrington Stage Company's 2019 10x10 New Play Festival may have once evoked a thriving, lively college town home to a ..
Feb 8 5:33PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Adrenaline-filled film fest finds reliable hub in Lenox
LENOX -- You hear the pounding of footsteps before the face comes into focus."It certainly is a spiritual feeling when you're out there alone in the woods," 97-year-old George Etzweiler narrates ..
Feb 8 5:30PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles

Our Reviews: 'The Witch Elm'
The Book: "The Witch Elm" by Tana FrenchPublisher: Viking; First Edition edition (Oct. 9, 2018)Synopsis: Toby is a happy-go-lucky charmer who's dodged a scrape at work and is celebrating with friends ..
Feb 8 5:21PM BE Berkshires Lifestyles