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Who Is Seth Moulton, the Newest 2020 Democratic Candidate?
He was named one of the '50 Most Beautiful' people in D.C.
Apr 22 7:46PM MarieClaire

How To Donate to Sri Lanka's Victims of the Easter Bombings
Close to 300 people have been confirmed dead.
Apr 22 7:07PM MarieClaire

How the Parkland Students Helped a Columbine Survivor Find Her Voice
For two decades, Salli Garrigan didn't think her story mattereduntil Parkland.
Apr 19 1:00PM MarieClaire

How I Won Millions of Dollars from TED to End Child Pornography
Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn, has spent the last year working on a plan to end child sexual abuse online. Last night she was given millions of dollars to do so.
Apr 17 9:41PM MarieClaire

Chasten Buttigieg, Mayor Pete's Husband, Just Gave His First Major Interview
Apr 17 3:34PM MarieClaire

When Are the Democratic Presidential Debates? 2020 Is Coming Up Fast
Let's get ready to rumble!
Apr 16 3:58PM MarieClaire

The Story of the Historic Election of 19 African American Female Judges in Texas
Thank you for trusting black women.
Apr 16 3:00PM MarieClaire

Everybody Running for President In 2020
We're at close to two dozen candidates now.
Apr 16 2:45PM MarieClaire

The Cost of Child Care Is Crushing American Families. What Will the Presidential Candidates Do About It?
One contenderElizabeth Warrenhas proposed a bold universal child care plan.
Apr 15 6:00PM MarieClaire

Is CBD Even Legal Where You Live?
This state-by-state guide will tell you.
Apr 12 3:00PM MarieClaire

We Have to Acknowledge That CBD Use Is a Privilege
Though CBD (unlike THC) has been largely legalized, recent arrest numbers of black and brown people still reflect troubling policies.
Apr 11 12:00PM MarieClaire

A 24-Year-Old Newlywed Was Allegedly Murdered by Two People Who Meant to Kill Her Sister Instead
One of the suspects allegedly told her friends about it at a party.
Apr 10 10:05PM Cosmo

How to Say "Pete Buttigieg" Correctly, According to His Husband
Apr 4 2:52PM MarieClaire