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This Is What Kirsten Gillibrand's Platform Is Expected to Look Like
Jan 16 9:00PM MarieClaire

Everybody Running for President in 2020
Jan 16 1:16AM MarieClaire

Senators Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Co-Worker?
Jan 15 11:27PM MarieClaire

6 Ways You Can Be More Eco-Friendly Right This Second
It's 2019! Let's make good choices!
Jan 15 10:00PM MarieClaire

Brexit Was an Act of Wish-Fulfillment Totally Unmoored From Reality. Sound Familiar?
Theresa May's historic defeat in the House of Commons signals Britain is set to sink deeper into turmoil.
Jan 15 9:21PM Esquire

I'm Going to Guess This Isn't a Winning Democratic Platform for 2020
Also, Rand Paul is not a major figure in American politics.
Jan 15 7:27PM Esquire

Fox News's Latest Contribution to Our Bizarro World: This Dude Calling to Disband the FBI
It is, of course, to own the libs.
Jan 15 4:12PM Esquire

Every Republican Turning on Steve King Was Grown in the Same Terrarium
Republicans are ignoring the real facts about King.
Jan 15 1:34PM Esquire

For Capt. Sully Sullenberger, Fame Was a BurdenUntil It Became a 'Duty
On the 10 year anniversary of his miracle landing, the famed pilot reflects on what became an entirely new life.
Jan 15 11:00AM Esquire

I'm Not the Morality Police': Inside Benjamin Brafman's Defense of Harvey Weinstein
Why did one of New York's most successful criminal defense lawyers feel up to representing the disgraced movie mogul? Just ask one of his past high-profile clients: Diddy. Jay Z. Martin Shkreli. Dominique Strauss-Kahn. (The list goes on.)
Jan 15 12:11AM Esquire

What the Hell Happened to Lindsey Graham?
It's probably about the money.
Jan 14 7:31PM Esquire

Don't Lose Sight of Monday Morning's Real News
The rest is just nuts.
Jan 14 5:15PM Esquire

An Egg Has Poached the Most Liked Instagram Post Title from Kylie Jenner
As the saying goes, the egg has always been incredible, edible.
Jan 14 5:05PM Esquire

The Woman Who Was Banned From Walmart for Drinking Wine Out of a Pringles Can Is a Relatable Nonpartisan Icon
Until further notice, this unidentified woman is good.
Jan 14 1:38PM Esquire

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard? Everything You Need to Know About the 2020 Presidential Candidate
She's been making history at every stage of her career.
Jan 12 4:42PM MarieClaire

I'm a Single Mom and I Can't Get Dinner on the Table Because of the Government Shutdown
Rachel Jones, 33, has gone without pay for 21 days.
Jan 11 6:44PM Cosmo

We Had to Elect the Dumbest Guy Available
Not even the second dumbest.
Jan 10 10:01PM Esquire

Another State Legislature Has Decided to Simply Ignore Inconvenient Democracy. Also Ethics.
North Dakota is the latest laboratory of democracy to throw out the test results.
Jan 10 8:38PM Esquire

How to Start Meditating in 21 Steps
Do your brain a solid in 2019 and find a sense of calm.
Jan 10 5:31PM Esquire

Steve King Is a Public Racist. Iowans Have Elected Him to Congress 9 Straight Times.
Also, the president* is his dreamboat on immigration.
Jan 10 4:27PM Esquire