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The Era of Impunity Has Begun
Leaders of democraciesputative and otherwisenow feel emboldened to tell their people obvious lies. Where did it begin?
Oct 16 4:17PM Esquire

The Genuine Lunacy Is Spreading from the House to the Senate
The Republicans had managed to keep the Louie Gohmerts in the lower house of Congress. No more.
Oct 15 8:47PM Esquire

Just When I Think I've Figured Out the Relationship Between What Trump Says and Reality
He goes and says something like this.
Oct 15 7:49PM Esquire

Trump Laid Out the Republican Party Philosophy While Defending His Mocking of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
The ends justify the means, always.
Oct 15 3:49PM Esquire

A Decades-Old Law Protecting Native Americans from Family Separation Is Under Threat
A Texas judge deemed the Indian Child Welfare Act unconstitutional.
Oct 14 9:37PM Esquire

Melania Trump Admitted That She Wore Her "I Really Don't Care" Jacket to Send a Message
It was a jab at, you guessed it, the "left-wing media.
Oct 13 5:34PM Esquire

There's a Lot of Talk About 'Mobs' These Days. Let Me Refer You to the Constitutional Convention.
The notion that large, emotional mobs have always been dismissed out-of-hand in America is ahistorical.
Oct 13 12:00PM Esquire

The People Orchestrating This Policy Should Be in the Hague
Yeah, they're Americans. Send them to the International Criminal Court, and send the kids back to their families.
Oct 12 7:22PM Esquire

The Beltway Know-It-Alls Just Went Into High-Sterics Over Beto O'Rourke's $38 Million
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the savviest of them all?
Oct 12 6:48PM Esquire

Anderson Cooper Offered a Stunning Reminder of Where Our President's Attention Isn't
Donald Trump has lots of time for Kanye West and Fox News all those rallies. How about the massive hurricane?
Oct 12 3:58PM Esquire

Matthew Shepard Is Finally Getting the Peace He Deserves
With Matthew Shepard's interment being announced on National Coming Out Day, there's as much to improve upon as there is to be thankful for as we remember his life.
Oct 12 1:16PM Esquire

It's Time for Chuck Schumer to Go
No matter what happens on Election Day, the Senate Democrats should have a new leader afterwards.
Oct 12 12:39PM Esquire

Yeah, Kanye Happened. But the Really Diabolical Stuff Was at the Other End of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Congress just wreaked havoc with a bunch of Trump appointments.
Oct 11 9:25PM Esquire

The 'War' on Drugs Corrupts Everything It Touches
It's not just that it's never made sense.
Oct 11 9:10PM Esquire

Here's How You Can Still Help Save Roe V. Wade
It's not too late to protect reproductive freedom, but you have to act now.
Oct 11 8:43PM MarieClaire

This Is a Day of Horrors, Foreign and Domestic
These days, and the horrors they contain, are becoming far too normal.
Oct 11 7:49PM Esquire

We Have to Cover the Trump-Kanye Oval Office Meeting. How Should We?
How can the press cover this in a way that best serves the public?
Oct 11 6:51PM Esquire

Fox & Friends Was DesperateAgainto Hang Up on President Fox News Grandpa
Once again, the residents of the Genius Couch are desperate to hang up on Donald Trump, the world's most powerful man.
Oct 11 2:59PM Esquire

Who the Hell Is Kellyanne Conway to Call for 'Civility'?
Her record in Republican politics is clearand not pretty.
Oct 11 2:15PM Esquire

Heidi Heitkamp's Campaign Might Be Sunk by the Latest Injustice Visited on Native Americans
The Day of Jubilee strikes again.
Oct 10 4:17PM Esquire