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I Authored the Formal Complaint Against Jeff Sessions. This Is Why His Policy Is Child Abuse.
More than 600 of my fellow church members agree.
Jun 19 11:31PM Esquire

Trump's Child Detention Centers Are On Wikipedia's "Concentration and Internment Camps" List
They're alongside the Third Reich.
Jun 19 10:58PM MarieClaire

Wow, It's Strange These Russians Paid Millions in Cash for Trump Properties
Sometimes, they used shell corporations to hide their identities!
Jun 19 10:20PM Esquire

It's Not About the Law, Unless You Count How It Can Be Used as a Weapon
The Trump administration*'s newest excuse for the humanitarian crisis at the border is more nonsense.
Jun 19 9:36PM Esquire

5 Ways to Help Migrant Children and Families at the Border Right Now
Don't feel helpless. Take action.
Jun 19 7:48PM Esquire

How To Help Immigrant Children Separated From Their Families at The Border
Four easy steps you can take right now.
Jun 18 10:22PM MarieClaire

Everyone on the Trump Train Has an Excuse for Separating Migrant Children from Their Parents
It's because of The Bible.
Jun 18 9:51PM Esquire

TL;DR This Is Completely Crazy
Sure, let's just give prison counselors guns and call them guards.
Jun 18 8:59PM Esquire

Barbara Boxer's New Podcast 'Fight Back' Is a Must-Listen
The badass former senator isn't spending retirement relaxing. She's teamed up with her equally badass daughter, Nicole, to record a weekly rallying cry for American women.
Jun 18 5:00PM MarieClaire

On the Road with Beto O'Rourke, the Democrat Racing to Unseat Ted Cruz
The underdog candidate let us tag along on a 653-mile campaign swing through the Texas panhandle.
Jun 18 1:10AM Esquire

How You Can Help Migrant Parents Separated from Their Children at the Border
From contacting elected officials, to supporting advocacy organizations.
Jun 17 7:57PM Cosmo

Kellyanne Conway Said That "Nobody Likes" Separating Kids from Their Parents
But she denied that the Trump administration is holding migrant children hostage for political leverage.
Jun 17 7:01PM Esquire

The Late Show Took Aim at the NRA After an Iowa Man Was Shot By His Dog
The only way to stop a bad dog with a gun is a good dog with a gun.
Jun 17 5:57PM Esquire

We've Completely Lost the Connection Between Politics and People's Lives
Out in Iowa, where the administration*'s fumbling of an impending trade war is apparent.
Jun 17 4:06PM Esquire

I Spoke With the Female Asylum Seekers Being Held in Prison. What They Told Me Is Haunting.
Jun 16 6:21PM Cosmo

Willie Nelson Thinks Breaking Up Families at the Border is "Outrageous
Christians everywhere should be up in arms" about the Trump administration's border policies.
Jun 16 3:43PM Esquire

Let's Not Forget the President*'s Former Campaign Manager Is in Jail
Paul Manafort stands accused of, among other things, conspiracy against the United States.
Jun 15 9:03PM Esquire

Bow Before the Grift King
Scott Pruitt gives new meaning to the word "entitlement.
Jun 15 7:58PM Esquire

Natalie Portman Knew Jared Kushner at Harvard and Says He's a "Super Villain
They were friendly in college.
Jun 15 6:42PM MarieClaire

There's an Elderly Man on the White House Lawn and He May Not Be Well
The cascade of lies, accompanied by plenty of wheezing, was not encouraging.
Jun 15 6:40PM Esquire