News With Edge Sun Feb 25 6:15 AM
The Schiff Memo Dropped While Devin Nunes Won the 'Defender of Freedom' Award at CPAC
Timing is everything.
Feb 24 10:31PM Esquire

Trump's CPAC Speech Was a Reminder of What We've Done to Ourselves
Out on the weekend.
Feb 23 10:24PM Esquire

Arm the Teachers' Is the Vain and Foolish Fantasy of a Vain and Foolish President
We shouldn't add more guns to a problem caused by too many guns.
Feb 23 9:57PM Esquire

These Companies Still Do Business With the NRA, Despite, Well, Everything
Here's a running list.
Feb 23 9:55PM Esquire

There Was an Armed Officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, He Didn't Confront the Shooter
The officer has been suspended without pay and is under investigation.
Feb 23 9:31PM Cosmo

Can We Really Expect Teachers to Act Like Soldiers? Three Veterans Weigh In.
Sometimes training isn't enough, because humansand even soldiersare hardwired to stay alive.
Feb 23 9:29PM Esquire

Breaking: The White House Is on Lockdown
This post will be updated.
Feb 23 8:51PM MarieClaire

Armed and Academic? What 30 Teachers Think About Guns
President Trump thinks arming educators will make students safer. We asked teachers if they agree.
Feb 23 8:08PM MarieClaire

Mueller Is Steadily Working His Way Up the Food Chain
After Rick Gates and Paul Manafort, the air up there gets pretty thin.
Feb 23 7:58PM Esquire

FYI: Adam Rippon Would "Totally" Take Mike Pence's Call Now
Also FYI: there are three more full days left of the Olympics.
Feb 23 6:53PM Cosmo

Trump Ditched the Script at CPAC. Here's What Happened.
He talked about, among other things, jogging.
Feb 23 5:25PM Esquire

So, Who Will Be the Next Person Kicked to the White House Curb?
It's not looking good for H.R. McMaster.
Feb 23 2:41PM Esquire

Gary Johnson Is Ready to Talk About Aleppo
And weed, and Trump, and Hillary.
Feb 23 5:08AM Esquire

Desperation Is Settling in for Pennsylvania Republicans
This week in the laboratories of democracy.
Feb 22 9:59PM Esquire

What You Should Know About NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch
She went from mommy blogger to crusader for gun rights.
Feb 22 9:10PM Esquire

I'm a North Korean Defector. I'm Saddened by What I'm Seeing at the Olympics.
People are being used as propaganda tools, and the media is completely naive to it.
Feb 22 8:27PM Esquire

Everytown for Gun Safety Just Overtook the NRA on Instagram
It's all thanks to a viral #safetyinnumbers campaign.
Feb 22 7:07PM Esquire

Everytown for Gun Safety Just Overtook the NRA on Instagram
Thanks to a viral #safetyinnumbers campaign.
Feb 22 6:53PM MarieClaire

Some Thoughts on Marco Rubio, Dana Loesch, and the Parents of Murdered Students
The gun debate does not look the way it looked one week ago.
Feb 22 5:39PM Esquire

Wayne LaPierre Is Not Backing Down
The head of the National Rifle Association addressed CPAC this morning.
Feb 22 4:17PM Esquire