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UN authorizes monitoring of Yemen cease-fire in key port
UNITED NATIONS (AP) The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Wednesday to authorize a U.
Jan 16 8:07PM AP

Leaders always 'manufacture' crises, in politics and business
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Jan 16 11:42AM AP

UN says Yemen's warring parties refuse to meet together
UNITED NATIONS (AP) The warring parties in Yemen have refused to talk face-to-face during two meetings to discuss the redeployment of forces from the key port of Hodeida, which is to be overseen by a U.N. monitoring team, the United Nations said Monday.
Jan 14 11:02PM AP

UN proposal calls for monitors to oversee Yemen cease-fire
UNITED NATIONS (AP) A proposed U.N. resolution would establish a United Nations political mission to oversee implementation of a cease-fire and the withdrawal of rival forces from Yemen's key port of Hodeida.
Jan 12 12:17AM AP