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Framingham: The study and the town that changed the health of a generation
It's been 70 years since a small, middle-class community 23 miles west of Boston became the linchpin in helping to solve the mysteries of heart disease.
Oct 10 3:23PM AP

Gut bacteria may play role in heart attack recovery
The tiny microbes located inside the intestines could play a critical role in heart attack recovery, according to a new study that found gut bacteria helpful in repairing the damage after a heart attack.
Oct 8 2:39PM AP

Cancer survivor campaigns for medical marijuana, says it will allow him to work again
MOBERLY In 2007, Lonnie Kessler had a tumor the size of a softball removed from his brain. It left him with partial paralysis in his face, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and nausea. He has not worked since.
Oct 8 11:00AM AP

The Feds Termination Of A Tiny Contract Inflames Bitter Fight Over Fetal Tissue
Federal health officials announced late last month they had terminated their contract with a company that supplies human fetal tissue for medical research and were checking that similar contracts, as well as studies conducted with that tissue, comply with federal law.
Oct 8 9:00AM AP