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GUEST COMMENTARY: Can we tweak ocean to hold back climate change?
The worlds nations are nowhere near to meeting the global Paris Agreements goals on climate change of holding global temperature increases to 2 degrees Celsius compared to 19th-century averages, much less its more aspirational goal of holding temperatures to a 1.5 degree C rise.
Mar 13 11:00AM AP

Nobel Laureate George P. Smith donates prize money to MU for A&S scholarships
George P. Smith, who made history Oct. 3 when he won MUs first Nobel Prize, further cemented his legacy Tuesday with the announcement that hell donate his $243,000 prize money to MU.
Mar 13 12:55AM AP

Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes
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Mar 8 6:17PM AP

DAVID WEBBER: Legal rights for nature not such a crazy idea
The Lake Erie Bill of Rights, adopted by voters in Toledo, Ohio, last month, establishes the right of citizens to sue polluters of Lake Erie for damages to the lake itself. It establishes legal rights for nature.
Mar 8 6:14PM AP