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This Elegant Dallas Home Is Surprisingly Kid-Friendly
You'd never guess how durable every surface is
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Jennifer Garner's 13 Going on 30 Apartment Is Just as Dreamy on the Movie's 15th Anniversary
It's the only thing better than Razzles.
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Drew Barrymore's Hidden TV Trick Is A Boho Lovers Dream
#FlowerHomeHack for the win.
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This Island-Inspired Palm Beach House Is the Ultimate Vacation Retreat
To create this pastel-hued oasis, designer Caroline Rafferty simply looked to the world around her.
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Patrick Printy Designed This California Home to Bring the Great Outdoors Into Every Room
The views look like postcards.
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Watch an Incredible, 25-Foot Mosaic Mural Come to Life
It's the backdrop for a new bar at a Young Huh-designed hotel in Turks & Caicos.
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Why You Need to Start Collecting Interior Drawings
And what to look for when shopping.
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Why You Should Be Skirting All Your Chairs
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Chip and Joanna Gaineses' Love Story Is Better Than The Notebook
Let's set the record straight on those divorce rumors, while we're at it.
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Here's How Much It Would Cost to Rent the Insane Mansion in The Great Gatsby For The Night
Leonardo DiCaprio not included.
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This Company Let Kids Draw Their Dream RoomsAnd Then Brought Them to Life
I'd happily live in most of these.
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You Won't Believe What This Chic Pendant Light Is Made Out Of
Making something beautiful out of nothing.
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Sunnylands: The California Mansion That Has Hosted Frank Sinatra, Queen Elizabeth, and More
Eight U.S. presidents have visited, too.
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How to Design a Mountain Home That's Modern, Not Kitschy
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Kim Kardashian Finally Explains Her Basin-Less Sink
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Why You Should Let Your Favorite Art Determine How You Decorate a Room
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What It Takes to Create a Mountain Home That's Bright, Light and Modern
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What to Do with Fabric Scraps, No Matter How Little You Have Leftover
DIYs that are almost too easy.
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