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The Brain-Saving Bike Helmet
Bontrager says its new breed of helmets containing the breakthrough Wavecel material are 48 times better than older helmets at preventing concussions.
Apr 24 1:36PM PopularMechanics

'What Kind of Maniac Would Do This?': Cord Strung Across Bike Trail Severely Injures 69-Year-Old Rider
A Colorado cyclist suffered broken bones, a concussion, and road rash when a booby trap caused him to crash.
Apr 21 12:00PM PopularMechanics

The Best Portable Hammocks You Can Take Anywhere
Tranquility you can take with you.
Apr 17 4:11PM PopularMechanics

This Is Why You Should Always Pack a LifeStraw
California hikers credit a LifeStraw for helping them survive being lost for 5 days in the wilderness.
Apr 14 6:00PM PopularMechanics

Brazen Thief Makes Off With $5,000 Road Bike During Test Ride
Bike shop employees were in shock when he rode off with a pricey BH Ultralight EVO Disc.
Apr 14 12:00PM PopularMechanics

Apple's Second-Gen AirPods Are GreatBut Are They Worth the Upgrade?
The second version of AirPods perform in the gym and offer wireless charging, but not much else is new.
Apr 13 12:00PM PopularMechanics

The Best Hiking Boots for Exploring the Outdoors
10 light, high-tech, comfy options your feet will love.
Apr 9 3:37PM PopularMechanics

The 24-Oz Yeti Rambler Was Made for Drinking a Big Beer Around the Campfire
A hop-happy drinking vessel for your next camping trip.
Apr 8 4:46PM PopularMechanics

Researchers Capture the Biggest Snake Ever Found in the Florida Everglades
The Burmese Python is a 17-foot behemoth.
Apr 8 4:22PM PopularMechanics