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NASA and France Find Evidence of Marsquakes
Working together, two space agencies find evidence that has eluded scientists for years.
Apr 23 8:34PM PopularMechanics

Japan Is Testing Earth's Asteroid Defense System
In order to figure out how asteroids explode, JAXA fired a projectile at one.
Apr 22 10:14PM PopularMechanics

SpaceX's Explosive 'Anomaly' Could Delay the U.S.'s Return To Crewed Spaceflight
The U.S. hasn't launched a crewed space mission for nearly 8 yearsand now we might have to wait a bit longer.
Apr 22 9:19PM PopularMechanics

Why The Concorde Is Such a Badass Plane
The long, strange, luxurious saga of flying faster than the speed of sound.
Apr 22 1:43PM PopularMechanics

Giant Meteor Explodes Over East Coast
The green fireball was seen by hundreds of people from Vermont to South Carolina.
Apr 18 8:38PM PopularMechanics

NASA Found the Oldest Molecules in the Universe
Helium hydride has been hiding for 13 billion years. Scientists finally found it.
Apr 18 5:41PM PopularMechanics

Earth Was Hit by an Interstellar Asteroid Years Ago, Scientists Claim
Researchers calculate that an asteroid from beyond our solar system burned up in the atmosphere in 2014.
Apr 17 8:56PM PopularMechanics

NASA's Newest Planet-Hunting Telescope Has Already Found an Earth-like World
NASA's TESS telescope was only launched a year ago, and is designed to find small Earth-sized exoplanets that may support life.
Apr 17 1:24PM PopularMechanics

SpaceX Loses its Rocket Booster to Rough Seas
After pulling off a perfect triple rocket landing, SpaceX fell victim to misfortune.
Apr 16 7:55PM PopularMechanics

Cassini Found That Titan Has Lakes of Methane Resting on Giant Mesas
The lakes form with processes similar to some that occur on Earth, scientists believe.
Apr 16 5:08PM PopularMechanics

New Lithium Metal Batteries Can Power Drones for Longer (and It Could Change Everything)
Researchers at a startup devise a new power storage design that far surpasses lithium-ion's limitations.
Apr 16 1:01PM PopularMechanics

SpaceIL Will Try Again After Last Week's Failed Moon Landing
Israeli company SpaceIL is not giving up on its goal of becoming the first private company to land on the moon.
Apr 15 4:25PM PopularMechanics

The World's Largest Plane's First Flight From Every Angle
The hulking Stratolaunch, with its two fuselages, six engines, and 385-foot wingspan, has finally taken flight.
Apr 15 1:48PM PopularMechanics

Behind the Scenes of the First Black Hole Photo
Taking the first ever photo of a black hole required an incredible amount of coordination and planning.
Apr 12 9:24PM PopularMechanics

SpaceIL's Beresheet Spacecraft Fails To Reach the Moon
The lander experienced engine and communication failures before crashing into the lunar surface.
Apr 11 6:35PM PopularMechanics

The First Results From NASA's Historic Twin Study Are Here
A year on the ISS will alter an identical twin in very small ways.
Apr 11 6:00PM PopularMechanics

Lockheed Martin's New Lunar Lander Wants To Put Humans on the Moon by 2024
With a 2024 deadline looming, Lockheed Martin reimagined its lunar lander concept for a speedier timetable.
Apr 11 5:41PM PopularMechanics

SpaceX Is Ready to Launch the Falcon Heavy for the Second Time Ever
The company hopes they've fixed the problem with the initial launch and all three boosters will land properly.
Apr 10 9:38PM PopularMechanics

How They Got the Black Hole Picture That Changed Science
A picture that's worth a thousands "whoas."
Apr 10 7:13PM PopularMechanics

We've Seen a Black Hole Directly for the First Time
A supermassive black hole has been revealed.
Apr 10 1:25PM PopularMechanics