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Another NASA Space Telescope Has Gone Offline
NASA's Chandra X-Ray Observatory is suffering from the same hardware failure that took Hubble out last weekend.
Oct 12 10:17PM PopularMechanics

Everything To Know About the January 2019 Lunar Eclipse
The shadow of the Earth will eclipse the moon and turn it blood red on January 21, 2019.
Oct 12 7:26PM PopularMechanics

Painting a Mars Rover Is Even More Complicated Than You'd Think
It's like painting a car, if the car was going into space.
Oct 11 6:53PM PopularMechanics

Ballistic Reentry: How Astronauts Survive a Failed Launch
Inside "ballistic mode," the scariest capsule ride down to Earth.
Oct 11 1:20PM PopularMechanics

Russia Is Riled Up About Being Left Behind in Space
NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine is in Russia this week, and possible talks with Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin could determine the future of the planned lunar space station program.
Oct 10 2:00PM PopularMechanics

Hubble Telescope Put Into Safe Mode Following Gyroscope Failure
The nearly 30-year-old telescope is rapidly nearing its end of life.
Oct 8 6:58PM PopularMechanics

Menacing Ice Spikes on Europa Could Endanger Future Landers
The last thing a future mission to the moon needs is a 50 foot jut of ice.
Oct 8 3:42PM PopularMechanics

Voyager 2 Is Getting Close to Interstellar Space
It's picking up readings similar to Voyager 1 when it made the leap.
Oct 5 9:42PM PopularMechanics

Virgin 747 Completes Transatlantic Flight With Fuel Made Partly From Industrial Waste
A major milestone for green flights.
Oct 5 2:43PM PopularMechanics

Scientists Find More Than a Dozen Stars Visiting Us From Another Galaxy
Using the Gaia satellite, a group of researchers found several stars in our own galaxy that likely came from another.
Oct 4 8:56PM PopularMechanics

Lockheed Martin Unveils Design for Lunar Lander
The lander will pair with the upcoming NASA lunar station to be built next decade.
Oct 3 7:35PM PopularMechanics

We're Close To Confirming the Very First Exomoon
If confirmed, this strong candidate would open up new vistas in astronomy.
Oct 3 6:00PM PopularMechanics

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Is Designing a 'Large Lunar Lander
Breaking space news.
Oct 3 5:54PM PopularMechanics

Scientists Find Dwarf Planet 'The Goblin' Lurking in the Outer Solar System
This Halloween-themed dwarf planet provides more evidence that there might be a Neptune-sized planet hiding out there too.
Oct 2 8:41PM PopularMechanics

Scientists Create Martian Dirt and It's $20 Per Kilo
The Mars Global Simulant-1 will help scientists around the globe standardize their Mars studies.
Oct 1 4:40PM PopularMechanics

A Regulatory Overhaul Could Drastically Change Who Can Fly Drones in the U.S.
There is intense debate over how closely drone and model aircraft enthusiasts should be regulated.
Sep 28 7:40PM PopularMechanics

This Skull-Shaped Space Rock is Going To Fly By Earth Right After Halloween
Very spooky, very cool.
Sep 28 7:23PM PopularMechanics

737 Lands in Lagoon After Missing Island Runway
All passengers and crew members survived though some were seriously injured.
Sep 28 4:03PM PopularMechanics

ULA's New Rocket Will Be Powered by Blue Origin's Engine
An engine under development by Jeff Bezos' rocket company will power the upcoming Vulcan rocket's first stage.
Sep 27 5:33PM PopularMechanics

New Space Junk Solution Would Clean Up Debris With Ion Beams
Originally meant as asteroid defense, a plasma system could find a new purpose.
Sep 27 5:03PM PopularMechanics