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America's Starmen Are Selling Space, But Who's Buying?
The emerging U.S. commercial manned spaceflight market may depend on foreign customerswhich is a problem, given the way our laws are written.
Feb 23 3:47PM PopularMechanics

Space Startup Wants to Catapult Payloads Into Space
SpinLaunch is coming out of the shadows.
Feb 22 10:15PM PopularMechanics

Satellites Are Revealing the True Cost of Industrial Fishing
By using ships' own emergency beacons, researchers got the first comprehensive snapshot of industrial fishing's impacts around the globe.
Feb 22 8:19PM PopularMechanics

Jupiter's Great Red Spot Could Die Out in a Matter of Decades
The longest-running known storm in the solar system is coming to an end.
Feb 22 7:19PM PopularMechanics

Watch SpaceX Launch a Falcon 9 and Attempt to Catch the Rocket Fairings
SpaceX has a new boat, "Mr. Steven," that will try to catch the nose cone pieces of the rocket with a net.
Feb 22 1:40PM PopularMechanics

Amateur Astronomer Captures Very First Light of a Supernova for the First Time in History
A one in ten million shot.
Feb 21 9:25PM PopularMechanics

NASA's Nuclear Thermal Engine Is a Blast From the Cold War Past
Nuclear thermal propulsion, which was studied in the Cold War for space travel, could make a comeback to fly humans to Mars.
Feb 21 2:47PM PopularMechanics

Spacewalking Astronauts Finish Months of Robot Arm Repair
Awesome job again, with everything completed," Mission Control radioed. "We're all happy here.
Feb 17 6:42PM PopularMechanics

Watch the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch in Hi-Def Slow Motion
It almost feels like being there.
Feb 16 10:00PM PopularMechanics

Humanity's Biggest Machines Will Be Built in Space
When rockets can no longer hold oversize payloads, building in space might be the best way to go.
Feb 16 8:04PM PopularMechanics

Latest Viral Drone Video Has Pilots Freaked Out
It's only a matter of time before a crash, airline groups warm.
Feb 16 7:16PM PopularMechanics

There's a Chance Musk's Tesla Could Return to Earth
The space Tesla has a small chance of colliding with Earth over the next million years.
Feb 16 6:53PM PopularMechanics

Surprise! Andromeda Isn't Much Bigger Than the Milky Way After All
A recent discovery would upend years of size estimates for our largest galactic neighbor.
Feb 16 2:14PM PopularMechanics

Neptune's Mysterious Storm is Dying, Possibly Smells Like Rotten Eggs
Scientists remain confused at what's going on.
Feb 15 9:56PM PopularMechanics

Bitcoin Fever Is Screwing Over Alien Hunters
The global run on GPUs to mine cryptocurrency is a thorn in the side of science.
Feb 14 9:30PM PopularMechanics

The Deep Space Eye in the Desert
To be housed in a building 22 stories high, on a plateau of the Atacama Desert of Chile, the Giant Magellan Telescope will be the largest optical telescope ever built.
Feb 14 7:06PM PopularMechanics

Here's Exactly How Fast Elon Musk's Tesla Is Spinning In Space
Using telescope observations, astronomers now know both Starman's location and level of motion sickness.
Feb 13 6:20PM PopularMechanics

SpaceX Is Launching Its First Internet Satellites This Week
A launch this Saturday will put two test satellites into orbit.
Feb 12 9:01PM PopularMechanics

Winners and Losers in the New NASA Budget
The proposed NASA budget indicates a future of privatized spaceand not just the International Space Station.
Feb 12 7:56PM PopularMechanics

Astronauts are Preparing for Mars in Oman
This isn't the red planet it's the Arabian Peninsula.
Feb 10 12:12PM PopularMechanics