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Saturn's Rings Are Much Younger Than You Might Think
A new study finds that Saturn has only had its iconic rings for a fraction of its lifetime.
Jan 18 9:37PM PopularMechanics

A Russian Start-Up Wants to Project Giant Billboards in Space
Hope you love looking at giant Big Macs in the sky.
Jan 18 5:33PM PopularMechanics

How a Total Lunar Eclipse Works
It only happens when the sun, moon, and Earth align just right.
Jan 18 4:37PM PopularMechanics

A Hacker Exposed the Ancient Flaw That Makes Airlines So Hackable
Many airlines still use archaic technology that can put your private details at risk.
Jan 17 9:31PM PopularMechanics

GE's Enormous New Jet Engines Sound Fiercely Loud in Runway Test
The GE9X jet engines are probably as loud as they are big.
Jan 17 8:18PM PopularMechanics

Astronomers Discover Bizarre Quadruple Star System
The newly-discovered system could lead to finding even stranger distant planets.
Jan 15 11:18PM PopularMechanics

8 Emergency Landings That Rival 'The Miracle on the Hudson
Though the 'Miracle on the Hudson' lives on in infamy, these other emergency landings are proof that pilots are regularly capable of heroics.
Jan 15 7:48PM PopularMechanics

This Steam-Powered Spacecraft Could Travel the Solar System Forever
The spacecraft could harvest water from moons and asteroids to generate unlimited fuel.
Jan 15 7:34PM PopularMechanics

Seeds Have Sprouted on the Moon for the Very First Time
Scientists hope fruit fly eggs will be the next to perk up.
Jan 15 6:38PM PopularMechanics

What My Father Taught Me: Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger
What Went Right: Revisiting Captain "Sully" Sullenberger and Flight 1549 Ditch into the Hudson
What happened to Flight 1549 was a piece of tremendous bad luck, mitigated by smart decisions by the captain and crew. Here's a pilot's-eye view of what went right.
Jan 15 2:24PM PopularMechanics

The Giant Airlander 10 Airship to Welcome Commercial Passengers
The plane that looks like a giant butt gains approval to carry human passengers.
Jan 14 10:51PM PopularMechanics

Authorities Find Cockpit Voice Recorder of Crashed Lion Air Flight 610
It's a crucial development in determining exactly what went wrong.
Jan 14 6:59PM PopularMechanics

Passenger Accidentally Brought Firearm on Flight, TSA Confirms
The incident occurred while TSA agents aren't being paid during the government shutdown.
Jan 14 4:54PM PopularMechanics

Watch China's Lander Touch Down on the Far Side of the Moon
Chang'e-4 recently became the first spacecraft to successfully land on the far side of the moon. Here's what that landing looked like.
Jan 11 8:02PM PopularMechanics

Elon Musk Reveals SpaceX's New Retro Test Rocket
The hopper won't go into space. But it'll look cool on Earth.
Jan 11 5:06PM PopularMechanics

Scientists Have Spotted Some of the Oldest Light in the Universe
With help in deep space, a Hawaiian telescope captures a quasar dating back to the days of the first stars.
Jan 10 7:42PM PopularMechanics

The Hubble Is Malfunctioning, Again
One of the telescope's cameras is offline, with no details on what happened or when it will be fixed.
Jan 10 2:00PM PopularMechanics

Moscow Airport Buys Tank Recovery Vehicle for Airport Emergencies
The BREM-1 was built to haul tanks off the battlefield.
Jan 9 10:34PM PopularMechanics

Repeating Radio Signals Are a Deep Space Mystery and Astronomers Just Found a Second One
Fast radio bursts have long eluded astronomers, but now a second repetitive source has been found.
Jan 9 6:39PM PopularMechanics