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NASA X-Plane Gets Closer to Electric Flight
The X-57 Maxwell is expected to fly for the first time in the next year.
Jun 18 8:46PM PopularMechanics

Stephen Hawking's Voice Got Beamed To a Black Hole
In memorial to the renowned astrophysicist, a song featuring Hawking's voice got beamed to a black hole.
Jun 17 5:55PM PopularMechanics

The Time I Thought a Mars Rover Spoke To Me On a Barstool
I was wrong. But it wasn't because of the drinking.
Jun 15 5:19PM PopularMechanics

Smart Robots Are the Secret to Spaceflight's Future
How automation will revolutionize launches, orbital operations, and building huge things in space.
Jun 15 1:58PM PopularMechanics

Scientists Witness Aftermath of a Black Hole Destroying a Star
Nobody has ever had a confirmed sighting like this before.
Jun 15 1:24PM PopularMechanics

The Soviet Laser Space Pistol, Revealed
The USSR honestly did try to build a handheld laser pistol for cosmonauts to carry. It never made it to orbit, thoughthat we know of.
Jun 14 5:43PM PopularMechanics

Women Sues NASA to Maintain Ownership of Moon Dust
Laura Cicco is preemptively suing NASA to retain ownership of a vial of dust she says was a gift from Neil Armstrong.
Jun 14 4:41PM PopularMechanics

How Drones Will Revolutionize Ranching
There's no need for a cowboy to ride all day in search of a stray when a drone with an infrared camera can spot it from on high.
Jun 13 8:57PM PopularMechanics

NASA Optimistic That Opportunity Can Survive Martian Dust Storm
We think we can ride this out for a while.
Jun 13 8:14PM PopularMechanics

The Milky Way Galaxy Might Be Twice as Wide as Astronomers Thought
A new study measured stars at the very edges of our galaxy, and they are a lot farther away than predicted.
Jun 13 4:26PM PopularMechanics

Three Newborn Planets Discovered Around an Infant Star
A brand new method of exoplanet detection makes it possible to spot planets just as they are forming in a disk of gas and dust swirling around young stars.
Jun 13 2:00PM PopularMechanics

What It's Like to Fly in Delta's New Business-Class Suites
It's amazing what one little sliding door can do.
Jun 13 1:02PM PopularMechanics

Cape Canaveral, Reinvigorated
Jun 12 4:08PM PopularMechanics

The Flyeye Telescope Will Use Insect Vision To Save the World
Spotting space rocks before they squash humanity like a bug.
Jun 11 6:56PM PopularMechanics

NASA's Opportunity Rover Is Heroically Riding Out an Enormous Martian Storm
A dust storm bigger than North America? Opportunity can handle it, apparently.
Jun 11 4:37PM PopularMechanics

What If They Were Looking for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Wrong Place All Along?
There are plenty of crackpot theories about the airlines that's been missing since 2014. But the futile four-year search has at least one serious investigator wondering if we've been looking in the wrong place.
Jun 8 8:53PM PopularMechanics

It's Incredible No One Was Injured in This Helicopter-Plane Crash
Footage from the 2017 crash is a sight to behold.
Jun 8 6:28PM PopularMechanics

Emirates Is Pushing Toward a Future of Windowless Planes
So far, virtual windows have been a hit. But is world ready for a plane full of them?
Jun 8 5:20PM PopularMechanics

New Horizons Wakes Up to Prepare for Asteroid Flyby
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will spend the next few months preparing for a New Year's Day flyby of a distant asteroid.
Jun 7 6:39PM PopularMechanics

Chasing Signs of Life, Curiosity Rover Discovers Organic Building Blocks on Mars
The robot, which has been exploring Mars for almost six years, discovered new organic compounds and cycles of methane that could point to life on Mars.
Jun 7 6:00PM PopularMechanics