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A Future Ford EV Will Be Built on a Rivian Platform
The Blue Oval just invested $500 million in the EV startup.
Apr 24 2:35PM RoadAndTrack

Tesla Squeezes 370 Miles of Range Out of its Big-Battery Model S
Drivetrain updates add 10 percent more driving range to the 100D trim line, making the Model S the longest-range EV in production.
Apr 24 2:19PM RoadAndTrack

2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante Is a 211-MPH Drop Top
Aston slices the roof off its stunning 715-horsepower V-12 GT car.
Apr 24 1:15PM RoadAndTrack

Jaguar Is Working on a New F-Type, And Deciding What it Should Be
Ian Callum tells us the next F-Type will be a two-seat sports car. Will it be front-engined? V-8? Electric? These questions remain unanswered.
Apr 23 6:22PM RoadAndTrack

Porsche Is Already Testing an Electric Boxster and Cayman
Apr 23 2:13PM RoadAndTrack

Watch This Modified Porsche 911 GT2 RS Run a 9.42-Second Quarter-Mile
That's quicker than a Dodge Challenger Demon.
Apr 22 7:49PM RoadAndTrack

Watch the New Porsche 911 Targa Get Flung Around the Nurburgring
The 992-generation Targa looks production-ready.
Apr 21 4:00PM RoadAndTrack

Here's Our Best Look Yet at the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4
Yep, that sure sounds like a manual transmission.
Apr 19 8:37PM RoadAndTrack

Starting in 2021, Every Mercedes-AMG Will Be a Hybrid of Some Sort
Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers confirms the electrified future of AMG.
Apr 19 6:06PM RoadAndTrack

The Porsche 911 Speedster's Independent Throttle Bodies Help Reduce Emissions
The guy behind this new 502-hp 911 explains how independent throttle bodies kill two birds with one stone.
Apr 19 1:37PM RoadAndTrack

Hennessey's 1000-HP Corvette ZR1 Sounds Nasty
If there's one thing the ZR1's good for, it's that engine note.
Apr 19 12:30PM RoadAndTrack

The DBS 59 Celebrates Aston Martin's 1959 Le Mans Win
Built to celebrate Aston's most important victory, just 24 will be built.
Apr 18 5:03PM RoadAndTrack

Jim Glickenhaus' SCG 004 Will Be a Spacious Three-Seater
The SCG 004 will have room for you and two close friends, and enough headroom for your helmets.
Apr 18 4:30PM RoadAndTrack

The Next Mercedes-AMG A45 Will Have the World's Most Powerful Four-Cylinder
A whopping 420 horses from a turbo two-literthe most powerful four-banger ever put in a production car.
Apr 18 4:05PM RoadAndTrack

Hyundai Is Making a Sonata N Line With Over 275 HP
The new 2020 Sonata won't just be a pretty face.
Apr 18 3:30PM RoadAndTrack

Kia's New Limited Edition Stinger GTS Has Drift Mode
The all-wheel drive sport sedan can switch to rear-wheel drive with the push of a button.
Apr 17 8:30PM RoadAndTrack

Behold Three of Nissan's Coolest Classic Skyline GT-Rs
It's the 50th anniversary of the GT-R, so Nissan is celebrating at the New York International Auto Show
Apr 17 7:57PM RoadAndTrack

Mazda Is Finally Bringing the Diesel CX-5 to America
Three years after the CX-5 launched and seven years after Mazda first promised an oil-burner for the US market, it's finally here.
Apr 17 4:55PM RoadAndTrack

The 30 Coolest Cars of the 1970s
The 1970s were all wings and wedges and jaw-dropping designs, the best of which stand the test of time today.
Apr 17 3:06PM RoadAndTrack

The 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 Gets a Trick Hybrid V-8 Powertrain
The newest big Benz SUV gets a ton of cool tech.
Apr 17 2:40PM RoadAndTrack