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Taking Your Car To Redline Can Remove Harmful Carbon Deposits
Does the Italian tune-up actually work? It depends.
Oct 16 4:08PM PopularMechanics

BMW Wants Its Electric Cars to Look More Boring
BMW's i3 and i8 paired electric drivetrains with radical designs, but the next round of electric cars will be much more conventionally designed, on purpose.
Oct 16 3:40PM RoadAndTrack

What New Car Deserves a Convertible Version?
Plenty of new cars don't have a drop-top version, but should.
Oct 16 3:30PM RoadAndTrack

How Italdesign Builds the Nissan GT-R50 Almost Entirely by Hand
The 50th anniversary tribute to the Nissan GT-R gets its shape from Italdesign's master body formers, hammering sheetmetal by hand.
Oct 15 7:30PM RoadAndTrack

Please Buy This Perfectly '80s Isuzu Impulse Before I Do
Strange proportions. Pop-up headlights. Square pattern wheels. And it's only $2500. Someone stop me.
Oct 15 7:00PM RoadAndTrack

Matt Farah Is Selling His Badass Fox-Body Mustang For Charity
It's up for auction on Bring a Trailer right now, and half of the proceeds will go to the charity of the buyer's choice.
Oct 15 5:15PM RoadAndTrack

Which New Car Needs to Be Made Into a Wagon?
There are dozen of fantastic new cars out there that don't have wagon variants. Which one do you think deserves the estate treatment the most?
Oct 15 3:30PM RoadAndTrack

Taking Your Car To Redline Can Remove Harmful Carbon Deposits
Does the Italian tune-up actually work? It depends.
Oct 15 1:48PM RoadAndTrack

Six Ways to Extract Stuck Boltsand the Nightmare of Trying Them All in a Row
Seven if you count getting help from professionals.
Oct 15 1:00PM PopularMechanics

The Jaguar XJR-15 Is Barely a Road Car
This is a Le Mans-winning brute, made street legal.
Oct 14 5:30PM RoadAndTrack

Bruce Canepa Is the Biggest Porsche Fanatic You'll Ever Meet
His obsession with the German brand has resulted in one of the coolest car collections on earth.
Oct 14 4:00PM RoadAndTrack

Please Enjoy Three Straight Minutes of Slow-Motion Ford Rally Drifting Action
The Team O'Neil Rally School knows how to have fun.
Oct 13 5:30PM RoadAndTrack

I Hope My 70th Birthday Is Half as Good as Lotus's
A whopping 1600 Lotus cars gathered at Hethel to celebrate.
Oct 13 4:00PM RoadAndTrack

Let This Lightweight Land Rover Parachute Drop Its Way Into Your Heart
It doesn't look like any other Land Rover. Depending on what you're into, that could be a good thing.
Oct 13 12:00PM PopularMechanics

A GoFundMe to Help Ailing Custom Car Icon Gene Winfield Just Raised $98,000
The legend of the custom car world broke a hip in Finland and can't fly back on a commercial flight.
Oct 12 8:41PM RoadAndTrack

Turn Heads at Your Local Porsche Meet With This 500-HP 930 Turbo Built for SEMA
There's nothing cooler than a custom 911 done right.
Oct 12 7:00PM RoadAndTrack

The Tarform Motorcycle is a Retro Electric Bike
Steampunk, but emission-free.
Oct 12 6:08PM PopularMechanics

Here's What Happens When a Defective Tire Explodes While It's Still on a Car
That fender was later found in a tree, 25 feet in the air.
Oct 12 5:36PM RoadAndTrack

Rennsport Reunion VI Was Unfiltered Porsche Madness
Last month, Porsche took over WeaterTech Raceway Laguna Seca for four days. It was heaven.
Oct 12 5:30PM RoadAndTrack

The Dodge Viper Needs To Be Driven To Be Appreciated
Taking America's greatest car to Ohio's smallest grocery store on the Midwest's best roads.
Oct 12 4:30PM RoadAndTrack