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We're Facing a Beer Shortage Because of Global Warming
Save the planet, save the booze.
Oct 16 4:18PM Esquire

Stop What You're Doing: You Can Buy 'The Golden Girls' Cereal
It comes with a collectible toy, obviously.
Oct 13 4:10PM CountryLiving

Elon Musk Is Trying to Make Tesla Tequila Called...'Teslaquila
*heavy sigh*
Oct 12 8:28PM Esquire

The 9 Best Halloween Cocktails and Drinks
It's not as simple as putting a tiny ghost costume on your beerbut it's close.
Oct 12 3:30PM Esquire

Heineken Is Bringing a Non-Alcoholic 'Healthy' Beer to the U.S.
Apparently, it tastes like regular Heineken.
Oct 12 2:29PM Esquire

Maybe Consider Paying $1 More for That Pack of Budweiser
A new study says most Americans are willing to pay more for their beer if it helps save the planet.
Oct 11 3:09PM Esquire

Cape Cod's Newest Salt & Vinegar Chips Taste Similar, But Feel Different
Proceeds from the limited edition bag go to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in support of breast cancer research.
Oct 10 10:30AM Esquire

Matty Matheson's Perfect Breakfast Is Four Slices of Bologna, an Egg, and a Slice of American Cheese
Introducing the Bologna Bowl from the chef's brand new cookbook, Matty Matheson: A Cookbook.
Oct 9 4:02PM Esquire

LaCroix Is in the Midst of a Seltzer Scandal
How up are you on sparkling water news?
Oct 8 9:38PM MarieClaire

55 Homemade Christmas Food Gifts Everyone Will Eat Up
These edible holiday treats are almost too cute to eat (we said almost).
Oct 7 7:55PM CountryLiving

75 Thanksgiving Side Dishes That Taste Almost Better Than the Turkey
The more sides you make, the more yummy leftovers you'll have!
Oct 7 7:40PM CountryLiving

43 Unbelievably Delicious Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Recipes
Yam it up this Thanksgiving with one of these easy recipes.
Oct 5 10:53PM CountryLiving

The 33 Best Thanksgiving Recipes for the Ultimate Holiday Feast
Starved for some inspiring recipes? Try a few of these easy ideas.
Oct 5 8:00PM CountryLiving

LeBron James Gave Up Wine for Two Weeks. It Just Made Him Want Wine More.
Man, it feels good to be back.
Oct 5 7:08PM Esquire

How to Make Kamikaze Cocktail Shots
Because everything old is new (and good) again.
Oct 5 11:30AM Esquire

It's Time for America to Fall Back in Love With MSG
Forget everything you thought you knew about the needlessly-controversial ingredient.
Oct 5 11:00AM Esquire

40 Green Bean Recipes You Can Make in a Snap
It's not Thanksgiving without this crisp and crunchy side dish.
Oct 5 1:17AM CountryLiving

58 of the Sweetest Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes
This Thanksgiving, we're grateful for these easy dessert ideas.
Oct 5 12:58AM CountryLiving

46 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes That Will End Your Meal on a Sweet Note
Hap-pie holidays!
Oct 4 10:57PM CountryLiving

32 Turkey Recipes for the Best Thanksgiving Dinner Ever
Here's how to master the most important dishonce and for all.
Oct 4 10:50PM CountryLiving