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The Best Cordless Nail Guns
Sometimes it's faster, easier, and a lot neater to shoot a nail rather than hammer it.
Oct 16 4:12PM PopularMechanics

How to Test Your Wi-Fi Speed
The home diagnostic that will make sure you're getting your money's worth from your internet provider.
Oct 15 9:28PM PopularMechanics

The Best Space Heater for the Cold Winter Ahead
Here's the best way to stay toasty for those cold winter months.
Oct 15 8:58PM PopularMechanics

These $30 Skull Logs Will Make Your Fireplace Extra Eerie for Halloween
How's this for a creepy conversation-starter?
Oct 15 3:47PM WomansDay

Why Baseboard Heaters Are So Common in Old Homes
Forced air isn't the only way to heat a home.
Oct 15 3:37PM PopularMechanics

Overstock's Customer Day Promises Its Biggest Sales Yet
Seriously, you don't want to miss this.
Oct 15 3:29PM WomansDay

When Storms Fell the Trees, Father and Son Make the Most of the Mess
Many winters we heat our home with the previous year's storm-broken trees.
Oct 13 1:00PM PopularMechanics

How to Fix a String of Christmas Lights
Repairing these lights won't be easy, but with a little determination and know-how, it can be done.
Oct 12 6:58PM PopularMechanics

Mermaid Skeletons Are Here to Make a Splash This Halloween
Mermaids may not exist, but these scary-realistic skeletons do.
Oct 12 3:57PM WomansDay

55 Christmas Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland
Your house needs these wreaths ASAP.
Oct 11 7:05PM WomansDay

The 48 Beer Project: This Artist Is Designing a Beer Label in Every Contiguous State
Artist Heidi Geist is traveling around the country in a retrofitted school bus, designing one label a week for a brewery in each of the contiguous states.
Oct 11 6:18PM PopularMechanics

4 Great Halloween Costumes From the PM Archives
These retro DIY costumes are hilarious, and you can make them in just a few hours.
Oct 11 1:00PM PopularMechanics

15 Fall Crafts for Kids to Make on a Lazy Sunday
Pumpkins and leaves galore!
Oct 9 10:09PM WomansDay

People Are Raving That Prime Bedding's Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets Never Come Untucked
We may have finally won the battle against fitted sheets for good.
Oct 8 5:55PM WomansDay

Give Your Neighbors the Creeps With Oversized Spider Halloween Decor
The eight-legged creatures are now larger than life!
Oct 8 5:48PM WomansDay

60 Genius Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween
What's a jack-o'-lantern without cat-eye glasses?
Oct 5 8:27PM WomansDay

The World's Most Expensive Bottle of Whisky Just Sold for $1.1 Million
The buyer called in his winning bid by phone.
Oct 5 12:53PM PopularMechanics

50+ Easy Halloween Decorations You Need for This Year's Party
Make your home the most festive one on the block.
Oct 4 9:29PM WomansDay

45+ Fun Pumpkin Painting Ideas That'll Make Your Porch a Standout
Put down the knife, people.
Oct 4 8:05PM WomansDay

Dad Builds Incredible Replica of Disney's Haunted Mansion Ride in His Garage
Totally winning the dad game.
Oct 4 7:24PM PopularMechanics