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How to Start a Company, According to Female Founders Who Did Just That
Last year, women launched 1,821 new businesses every dayyet, starting your own company can feel overwhelming. Here, everything you need to know to turn your entrepreneurial hopes into reality.
Apr 24 2:00PM MarieClaire

Melinda Gates' New Book 'The Moment of Lift' and Gender Equality
This could be our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take meaningful action.
Apr 22 7:30PM MarieClaire

15 Women to Watch in the CBD Industry
From doctors and scientists to venture capitalists and marketing pros, these are the women shaping the world of CBD.
Apr 16 6:00PM MarieClaire

Tina Brown on 10 Years of Women in the World
We have to remember what's happening in other places.
Apr 11 6:53PM MarieClaire

What You Should Know About Bumble's New Magazine
(Hint: It's about way more than dating.)
Apr 4 5:45PM MarieClaire