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Thomas Halbert Drops Bombshell, Says Jeffree Star Has Blackmail Video of Manny Gutierrez, Laura Lee, & NikkieTutorials
He claims Jeffree has footage of Laura and Nikkie using racial slurs.
Oct 16 4:10PM Seventeen

The Most Popular Pinterest Halloween Makeup Idea of 2018 Is... Unexpected
Would you wear it?
Oct 16 4:09PM MarieClaire

Yep, There's a "Sexy" Meghan Markle Royal Wedding Halloween Costume Out There
Are you even surprised?
Oct 16 4:04PM Cosmo

I Never Thought My Lips Could Be This Soft Until I Used This Life-Changing "Butterstick
No more dry flakes. Like, zero.
Oct 16 3:44PM Redbook

I Never Thought My Lips Could Be This Soft Until I Used This Life-Changing "Butterstick
Literally, no more dry flakes. Like, zero.
Oct 15 10:19PM Cosmo

You'll Want to Try This Tiger Makeup Look After Seeing This Artist's Epic Transformation
Oct 15 9:05PM Cosmo

How Young Is Too Young to Dye Your Kid's Hair?
That patch test is more important now than ever.
Oct 15 7:57PM GoodHouseKeep

Dyson's Newest Hair Tool Curls Your Hair With AIR
The iron comes with other attachments that also make getting ready a *breeze*.
Oct 15 4:58PM Redbook

Jeffree Star and Thomas Halbert are in a Bloody Feud After Thomas Releases Video Accusing Jeffree of Racism
Of course, Manny MUA's name got dragged into it.
Oct 15 4:16PM Seventeen

These Ancient Rituals Should Be Your New Go-To Beauty Treatments
Traditional treatments and age-old practices are influencing the beauty world more than ever.
Oct 15 3:10PM HarpersBazaar

Starbucks Created Nail Decals for All the True Pumpkin Spice Latte Fans
This is next-level PSL love.
Oct 12 7:20PM Cosmo

How Four Women With Different Hair Types Execute Their Extensive Morning Hair Routines
Oct 12 6:00PM Elle

This Woman Treated Her Acne with 3 Products and the Before-and-After Pics Are Insane
I need all of these ASAP.
Oct 12 5:49PM MarieClaire

Can Eating Chicken Soup Give You Better Skin?
Collagen as cure is everywhere. One writer investigates whether or not slurping bone brothor taking supplements and spreading on creamsactually works.
Oct 12 5:00PM MarieClaire

The Fascinating Story Behind Sarah Ferguson's Wedding Tiara
Her tiara unveiling was *so* dramatic.
Oct 12 11:50AM GoodHouseKeep

Princess Beatrice Bucks Royal Tradition at Princess Eugenie's Royal Wedding
Will we ever see Bea in a hat again?
Oct 12 11:17AM GoodHouseKeep

Kate Middleton Wore a Hot Pink Dress to Princess Eugenie's Wedding
Pink is definitely Kate's color.
Oct 12 10:50AM GoodHouseKeep

This Lisa Frank-Inspired Cheetah Makeup Look Is the Ultimate Throwback Halloween Costume
Like a walking trapper keeper.
Oct 11 9:26PM Cosmo

Princess Eugenie Dyed Her Hair Red for Her Wedding, and I'm Freaking Out
This, folks, is not going to be a typical royal wedding.
Oct 11 8:22PM MarieClaire

This $7 Red Lipstick Can Survive the Apocalypse
A lipstick for these times!
Oct 11 5:48PM Seventeen