Futuristic Visions
How Neal Stephenson Got Book Ideas by Moonlighting at Blue Origin
Many of the famed sci-fi author's ideas come from real world worklike helping the private space company Blue Origin find a machining tool.
Jun 19 7:51PM PopularMechanics

Machine Learning Finally Tackles the Rubik's Cube
Are you just gonna let a robot show you up like that?
Jun 15 4:23PM PopularMechanics

7 of the World's Wackiest Interchanges and Intersections
Please, look both ways.
Jun 15 1:57PM PopularMechanics

Musk's Boring Company Gets a Tunnel-Digging Gig in Chicago
From downtown to O'Hare in 12 minutes.
Jun 14 4:26PM PopularMechanics

The 10 Games You Should Know From E3 2018
The show is almost over, but the hype has just begun.
Jun 13 6:51PM PopularMechanics

These 165,000-Pound Columns Will Heft a 38-Story Tower 85 Feet Off the Ground
A one-of-a-kind design that's worth standing beneath.
Jun 12 6:00PM PopularMechanics

Domino's Is Fixing Potholes Because They're Ruining Pizza
Paving for pizza" is a good advertising gimmick, and the sign of a sad state of infrastructural affairs.
Jun 12 5:41PM PopularMechanics

What 7 Famous Ruins Would've Looked Like on the Inside When They Were New
How the Parthenon and Angkor Wat were meant to look.
Jun 11 6:16PM PopularMechanics

Meet Norman, a Psychopath AI Based on Reddit
Computer scientists fed AI data from a disturbing subreddit, and taught it to see violence almost everywhere.
Jun 9 5:59PM PopularMechanics

The United States Has the World's Fastest Supercomputer Again
The newly-completed Summit supercomputer is specifically designed to run artificial intelligence software.
Jun 8 8:48PM PopularMechanics

Microsoft's New Data Center Sits at the Bottom of the Sea
The goal is custom-built centers that can be launched quickly.
Jun 7 10:02PM PopularMechanics

Scammers Plead Guilty To Taking Amazon for $1 Million
They scammed their way into over $1 million worth of electronics from the site. Now they're going to jail.
Jun 7 8:08PM PopularMechanics

NTSB: Tesla's Autopilot Steered Into Barrier in Fatal Crash
The National Transportation Safety Board's preliminary review of a fatal Tesla crash in March finds that the software was steering the car at the time of the crash.
Jun 7 6:56PM PopularMechanics

Is This The Most Bonkers Nerf Mod Humanly Possible?
Where do we even go from here?
Jun 7 4:01PM PopularMechanics

When Is Instagram Going to Blow It?
It feels like something's got to give.
Jun 6 7:01PM PopularMechanics

Meater Is the Best Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer. Ever.
You'll never suffer overcooked meat again.
Jun 6 5:00PM PopularMechanics

Real estate property manager and developer JLL launches a $100 million tech investment fund
The multi-billion-dollar real estate developer and property manager JLL is getting into the tech investment game with the launch of a new $100 million fund run by corporate subsidiary JLL Spark. Initially envisioned as a technology-focused business unit of the multinational real estate company, the firm eventually turned to the more traditional venture capital investment model as a way to get more exposure to all of the new technologies that are coming to market, according to JLL Spark's co-chief executive, Mihir Shah.
Jun 6 2:49AM TechCrunch

Edcamps: The 'Unconferences,' Where Teachers Teach Themselves
Advertisement It was 8:30 a.m.
Jun 5 11:38PM nytimes.com

Syllabus for Sales Mastery
Books are a uniquely portable magic ~ Stephen KingThe average CXO reads over 50 books per year while the average reader digests around 6. Success leaves clues.
Jun 5 9:47PM RSVP Selling

Start Your Engines For the Totally Customizable RC Car
Raceya is making a 3D-printed remote control car that kids can mod to their hearts' content.
Jun 5 7:46PM PopularMechanics