Futuristic Visions Sun Feb 25 6:15 AM
Annihilation' Is a Sci-Fi Slog That's Worth the Wait
Alex Garland's sophomore sci-fi film takes some time to warm up, but it eventually explodes into something you'll never forget.
Feb 25 12:07AM PopularMechanics

Swedish scientists want to build robot replicas of dead relatives
We may not have to wait much longer before immortality becomes a reality. Swedish scientists believe that artificial intelligence can be harnessed to create 'fully conscious copies' of our loved ones after they die, according to Sputnik News.
Feb 24 12:34PM Mail Online

Business technology media company
Get your copy!The Data for Good campaign aims to apply analytics to global challenges, thereby improving lives around the world, says Antionette van Zyl, business solutions manager at SAS SA. When one considers the many critical issues facing the world today, from child abuse to rampant fraud, and from healthcare and educational issues to prison overcrowding and an epidemic of opioid addiction, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.
Feb 24 1:33AM ITWeb Technology News

This Is How a Snare Drum Sounds in a Nuclear Cooling Tower
It's like an automatic drum roll.
Feb 23 9:48PM PopularMechanics

An Apple Facility in California Has Made Over 1,500 Accidental 911 Calls
Since October, Apple devices in a repair facility in Elk Grove have sent out over 20 emergency calls per day.
Feb 23 9:17PM PopularMechanics

Jason Silva
01. Jason Silva, National Geographic: Brain Games, Visits #theCUBE.
Feb 23 8:44PM YouTube

Bring on the Weird Phones
Someone's got to shake up the sea of stagnant flagships.
Feb 23 8:17PM PopularMechanics

Next Version of Android to Have a Crucial Privacy Update
Because your camera should never be taking pictures on the sly.
Feb 23 5:18PM PopularMechanics

Demand Gen Report Announces Winners of 7th Annual Killer Content Awards
Feb 23 3:32PM GlobeNewswire News Room

If Netflix Is the Future of Sci-Fi Streaming, We May Be in Trouble
Duncan Jones's "Mute" can't deliver the goods.
Feb 23 8:00AM PopularMechanics

The Future is already here. A film by Futurist Gerd Leonhard
I am delighted to present this new 6-minute film on the future of technology and humanity. We shot this footage in some pretty amazing locations in Barcelona.
Feb 23 6:02AM YouTube

Ep. 635: Martin Ford Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio
Subscribe to Trend Following Radio on iTunes Martin Ford is a futurist and author focused on the impact artificial intelligence is having on society and the economy. He is also the founder of a Silicon Valley based software development company and recently started Genesis Systems, focused on creating sustainable water by way of atmospheric water retention systems.
Feb 23 3:03AM Trend Following Trading Systems from Michael Covel

Tech VC's new idea: Fund only startups that care about diversity
Despite promises from executives, shaming from outsiders and even goading from the federal government, tech companies still lack women, Latinos and African Americans. So an Oakland venture capital firm is taking a different route: Funding only startups that prioritize diversity.
Feb 22 10:31PM San Francisco Chronicle

5 Ways Going Paperless is Worth It This Tax Season
If you're thinking about taking your accounting department paperless this 2018 tax season, these tips will turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. 5.
Feb 22 10:10PM CPA Practice Advisor

DJI's Next Drone Is For Farmers
Leaks show a fixed wing quadcopter designed to observe crops.
Feb 22 7:05PM PopularMechanics

Robot brains will be embedded with chips to stop them from killing us
Future robots could kill humans in a 'murderous' rage if humans don't take steps to stop them, a prominent futurist has claimed. Dr Michio Kaku believes we can put a stop to the killer robots by simply embedding chips in their brains to control their thoughts.
Feb 22 6:15PM Mail Online

Cult 90s CGI Series 'ReBoot' Is Back and It's Starting Fights
This ain't your show anymore, 90s kids.
Feb 22 6:10PM PopularMechanics

Digital Transformation is not a Cost-Center, It's an Investment in Market Leadership
In many progressive cases, digital transformation prioritizes customer experience initiatives. Because it focuses (or should) on customer behavior, preferences and outcomes, digital transformation can, in its own way, making businesses more human.
Feb 22 3:09PM Brian Solis

Smart Cities Council Announces Finalists for 2018 Readiness Challenge Grants
Puerto Rico Awarded Humanitarian Grant to Speed Hurricane Recovery Washington, D.C.
Feb 22 3:00PM Smart Cities Council

All the Robots Taking Over the PyeongChang Winter Olympics
From fish bots to "waiters" South Korea displayed fun, new technology.
Feb 22 1:00PM PopularMechanics