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Puerto Rico gov slams Trump, seeks swifter storm recovery
Puerto Rico's governor pledged on Wednesday to lift the U.S. territory from a deep recession by creating more jobs, reversing a migration exodus and implementing a range of incentives as the island struggles to recover from Hurricane Maria.
Apr 25 2:00AM Nation/World

Facebook anticipates an FTC privacy fine of up to $5 billion
The company set aside $3 billion in its quarterly earnings report Wednesday as a contingency against the possible penalty.
Apr 24 11:14PM Nation/World

Kim, Putin have high hopes for their 1st one-on-one meeting
Kim wants a win after his failed summit with President Trump, and Putin hopes for a chance to raise Moscow's clout in the region and gain more leverage with Washington.
Apr 24 11:09PM Nation/World

NRA beset by infighting over whether it has strayed too far
It is rare for the NRA to betray any hint of internal turmoil. But it erupted very publicly recently when the NRA sued its longtime public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen.
Apr 24 10:17PM Nation/World

High crimes, misdemeanors are impeachable and hard to define
WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump took to Twitter Wednesday promising to fight any effort by House Democrats to impeach him for, in the Constitution's vague words, "high crimes and misdemeanors." Trump said that "not only are there no 'High
Apr 24 10:10PM Nation/World

Mysterious fires at ex-mayor's home, City Hall investigated
A small southeast Missouri town has been under a watchful police presence in the week since nearly simultaneous fires hours after the mayor left office burned her home as well as the building that houses City Hall.
Apr 24 7:13PM Nation/World

10 Things to Know for Today
Your daily look at late breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:
Apr 24 10:20AM Nation/World

As Sri Lanka mourns, Islamic State claims Easter bombings
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) As the death toll from the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka rose to 321 on Tuesday, the Islamic State group claimed responsibility and released images that purported to show the attackers, while the country's prime
Apr 23 11:08PM Nation/World

Billboards above African-American cemetery prompt lawsuit
The lawsuit seeks the removal of six lighted billboards.
Apr 23 9:13PM Nation/World

Hillary Clinton: Mueller report is beginning, not the end
NEW YORK (AP) Special counsel Robert Mueller's report is only the beginning of a reckoning on election meddling, not the end, and "raises some serious questions," Hillary Clinton said Tuesday.
Apr 23 8:49PM Nation/World

Coming to store shelves: cameras that guess your age and sex
NEW YORK Eyeing that can of soda in the supermarket cooler? Or maybe you're craving a pint of ice cream? A camera could be watching you.
Apr 23 7:48PM Nation/World

Special elections set for vacant Missouri state House seats
Elections will be held in November to replace former Republican Reps. Scott Fitzpatrick and Jean Evans.
Apr 23 7:38PM Nation/World

Henry Bloch, co-founder of tax company H&R Block, dies at 96
KANSAS CITY Tax preparer H&R Block says its co-founder, Henry Bloch, has died at the age of 96.
Apr 23 7:34PM Nation/World

Justices seem ready to OK asking citizenship on census
WASHINGTON The Supreme Court's conservative majority seemed ready Tuesday to uphold the Trump administration's plan to ask about citizenship on the 2020 census, despite evidence that millions of Hispanics and immigrants could go uncounted.
Apr 23 7:14PM Nation/World

Kushner plays down Russia's interference in 2016 election
NEW YORK (AP) White House senior adviser Jared Kushner said Tuesday the investigations into Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election "had a much harder impact on our democracy" than what Russia actually did.
Apr 23 6:52PM Nation/World

10 Things to Know for Today
Your daily look at late breaking news, upcoming events and the stories that will be talked about today:
Apr 23 10:10AM Nation/World

AP FACT CHECK: Mueller interviewed many close to president
WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump is falsely suggesting that the people "closest" to him weren't called to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller and his team because investigators didn't want to hear the "good things" those people would want
Apr 23 12:40AM Nation/World

Dem leaders stress more Trump probes, downplay impeachment
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler on Monday subpoenaed former White House Counsel Don McGahn for testimony following the special counsel's report that said McGahn refused President Donald Trump's request to curb or cut off the Russia investigation.
Apr 22 11:29PM Nation/World

Sri Lanka military gets special powers after deadly bombings
Sri Lanka's president gave the military sweeping police powers starting Tuesday in the wake of the Easter bombings that killed nearly 300 people, while officials disclosed that intelligence agencies had warned weeks ago of the possibility of an attack by
Apr 22 11:06PM Nation/World

A Trump Fed choice steps aside, and another faces new doubts
Herman Cain has withdrawn from consideration for a seat on the Federal Reserve's board amid a focus on past scandals, President Trump said.
Apr 22 10:05PM Nation/World