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The Great Wall no-one knows
It is 600 years old and measures more than 35km
Sep 20 1:18PM BBC Travel

The snake people of southern India
The Irula tribe are known for their ancient and intimate knowledge of snakes
Sep 19 5:18PM BBC Travel

The trendy word that's misunderstood
It's a practice that resonates all over the world
Sep 17 8:45PM BBC Travel

The clock that's (almost) never on time
The story is legendary in Edinburgh, but remains a riddle for many first-timers
Sep 14 7:22PM BBC Travel

How Canary Wharf got its name
The answer lies with a Welshman, bananas and an Atlantic archipelago
Sep 13 7:36PM BBC Travel

The language the French forbade
It was once the lingua franca of southern France
Sep 11 7:19PM BBC Travel

The most liveable city in the US
And four other 2018 hotspots you need to visit
Sep 10 7:25PM BBC Travel

A new life for an abandoned skyscraper
'This building has been through hell and back'
Sep 8 4:40PM BBC Travel

An ingenious way to escape the Nazis
It is how the French Resistance managed to evade capture
Sep 7 3:47PM BBC Travel

Where people eat 80,000 ducks a day
'Any meal served without duck is not a real meal'
Sep 6 8:34PM BBC Travel

The sinking islands of the Southern US
'At some point, based on predictions, we will have to move.'
Sep 5 3:55PM BBC Travel

The Bedouin answer to barbecue
In one of Earth's most inhospitable places, hospitality is the highest virtue
Sep 4 7:21PM BBC Travel

India's ingenious approach to life
'Jugaad' is used across India, from powering villages to a mission to Mars
Sep 3 12:46PM BBC Travel