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Why Finnish people don't like to chat
One of their national sayings is 'Silence is gold, talking is silver'
Oct 17 10:16PM BBC Travel

The tiny 'nation' you've never heard of
It boasts its own president, government, constitution and currency
Oct 15 6:34PM BBC Travel

The city that taught children to laugh
It's a world of impossible creatures, eye-popping characters and memorable puns
Oct 12 8:50PM BBC Travel

The last lighthouse keeper of Capri
'The reality is, in 10 years, this job will be extinct'
Oct 11 9:16PM BBC Travel

Japan's ultimate travel food
More than something just to eat, ekiben is another way to experience a locale
Oct 10 4:21PM BBC Travel

The capital city older than Rome
This year, it is celebrating its 2,800th anniversary
Oct 8 8:29PM BBC Travel

The end of London's red phone boxes?
The mobile phone may have sounded the death knell for these landmarks
Oct 6 3:42PM BBC Travel

The town that throws wine in the sea
What started as a small tribute has since grown into an annual phenomenon
Oct 5 2:32PM BBC Travel

The secret story behind Turkish delight
Although it was created by a man, the sweet owes its success to women
Oct 4 4:48PM BBC Travel

America's nearly forgotten language
'Most residents can't say which language the terms evolved from'
Oct 4 2:54PM BBC Travel

Can all Welsh people really sing?
Singing is part of Wales' identity and tradition - but why?
Oct 1 2:43PM BBC Travel

Germany's answer to afternoon tea
It is a sweet tradition that's on the rise
Sep 28 3:52PM BBC Travel

The birthplace of air conditioning?
These ancient towers were designed to harness the wind
Sep 27 5:38PM BBC Travel