BBC Travel
The breakfast capital of the world?
It even has a street called 'Breakfast Makers Street'
Jul 16 1:56PM BBC Travel

An ingenious way to hide a map
Would you trust your life to a handkerchief?
Jul 13 9:15PM BBC Travel

Is the iconic Parisian bistro dying?
'The bistro bar is a place of exchange, of conversation, a way of life'
Jul 10 7:22PM BBC Travel

The country that can't slow down
Speediness is so prevalent that there's even a term for it
Jul 8 3:26PM BBC Travel

Where people still speak Aztec
It's hard to believe that it's part of Mexico City
Jul 6 7:56PM BBC Travel

How Danes defied occupation with cake
It was an act of defiance and resistance against the oppressor
Jul 5 7:02PM BBC Travel

A language people don't want to speak
It was adopted to make communication easier but has created new barriers
Jul 4 5:35PM BBC Travel

How America got its name
Two obscure scholars created a map that showed the world in a whole new way
Jul 3 9:17PM BBC Travel

Five countries that set world culture
How did these places make such a global impact?
Jul 2 1:39PM BBC Travel

A peculiar way to save a village
One woman's mind-spinning response to a common crisis
Jun 29 8:29PM BBC Travel

The Swiss language that few know
Few people know that Switzerland has four national languages
Jun 28 7:40PM BBC Travel

An epic hike that's rewriting history
It was once a route for pilgrims and smugglers
Jun 27 8:07PM BBC Travel

One of Sardinia's best-kept secrets
'Nobody knows and nobody talks about it'
Jun 26 7:29PM BBC Travel

Could 'cwtch' be the next 'hygge'?
It's from a country that cuddles with purpose
Jun 25 7:05PM BBC Travel