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Beyond I Do' campaign reveals why LGBTQ discrimination is still legal
It's been nearly three years since the Supreme Court decision Obergefell v. Hodges gave same-sex couples the right to marry in all 50 states.
Apr 17 5:33PM Mashable

Human Rights Watch Country Profiles: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
The following country profiles are derived primarily from sections of the Human Rights Watch 2018 World Report that relate to the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. The report, released in January 2018, documented events of 2017.
Apr 17 5:23PM Human Rights Watch

Password-less Sign-In to Windows 10 & Azure AD using FIDO2 is coming soon (plus other cool news)!
Howdy folks, Today I want to tell you about some exciting new features we've been working on that I think you'll be pretty excited about. Specifically, today we are announcing that: A limited-preview of Password-less sign-in using a FIDO2 security key will available in the next update to Windows 10 (coming this spring).
Apr 17 5:11PM

A North Carolina Federal Court Allows A Treble Damages Claim In Employee Data-Breach Lawsuit
As we have explored before, a common scam known as W-2 phishing can put companies in the crosshairs for data-breach lawsuits brought by their employees. In honor of Tax Day, today's post examines an interesting recent decision from a North Carolina federal court in one of these cases.
Apr 17 4:11PM JD Supra

Consumer Security: What Are They Experiencing?
While you may be an information security guru, you are also a consumer. So does your knowledge and experience transfer to your family, both immediate and extended? Furthermore, not all who work within the cybersecurity industry are knowledgeable about the why behind the processes or technologies they use in their professional instance, thus it doesn't always translate to their personal lives.
Apr 17 4:11PM

The 3 ways Azure improves your security
Today we're at RSA, and we are delighted to sponsor and participate in this industry event centered in security. I thought I'd take the opportunity to share our perspective on cloud security with Azure.
Apr 17 3:03PM

Announcing new Azure Security Center capabilities at RSA 2018
Migrating your workloads to the cloud can enable some inherent security benefits. With cloud scale machine learning and security analytics, you can mitigate threats quickly, making your environment more secure and your organization more productive.
Apr 17 3:03PM

Connect to the Intelligent Security Graph using a new API
Most organizations deal with high volumes of security data and have dozens of security solutions in their enterprise, making the task of integrating various products and services daunting and complex. The cost, time, and resources necessary to connect systems, enable correlation of alerts, and provide access to contextual data is extremely high.
Apr 17 2:03PM

What does GDPR do?
This is the first of three articles in which Purewal & Partners' Jas Purewal and Peter Lewin will explore the EU General Data Protection Regulation, an imminent reform that will have a huge impact on digital entertainment businesses all over the world. Tomorrow, Purewal and Lewin will explore how it specifically effects companies in the games industry, and offer ten important tips to prepare for its arrival on May 25, 2018.
Apr 17 1:37PM

Cisco announces new endpoint and email security services
To combat the rise of advanced threats targeting employees, Cisco is announcing new email security services at RSA Conference 2018, to protect users from fraudulent emails, as well as new capabilities to protect employees' devices from ransomware, cryptomining, and fileless malware. Nearly all endpoint security solutions on the market claim to block 99 percent of malware.
Apr 17 12:00PM Help Net Security

BigID is this year's most innovative startup at RSA Conference
BigID was named Most Innovative Startup at the 2018 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest. A judging panel comprised of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and industry veterans selected BigID from a group of 10 finalists and announced the winner at RSA Conference 2018.
Apr 17 11:11AM Help Net Security

SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0 SP 06 What's New - by the SAP HANA Academy
In the upcoming days and weeks, we will be posting new videos to the SAP HANA Academy to show new features and functionality introduced with SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 03.
Apr 17 9:49AM SAP Blogs

Rabobank Desensitizes Client Data for GDPR and DevOps with IBM
Rabobank, the Dutch multi-national bank and financial services company, is working with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to use cryptographic pseudonyms on its client's personal data to innovate and comply with new financial regulations in the EU. Starting on 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) seeks to create a harmonized data protection law framework across the EU and it aims to give citizens and residents back control of their personal data, whilst imposing strict rules on those hosting, moving and processing this data, anywhere in the world.
Apr 17 5:42AM The Quill

Bitcoin Self-Defense, Part I: Wallet Protection
Wallet security has always been a primary concern in the Bitcoin development community. Although no other payment system in existence grants you the same level of freedom and control over your money that Bitcoin does, at the same time it can also be its greatest weakness.
Apr 17 4:39AM Bitcoin Magazine

Microsoft Debuts Azure Sphere for IoT Security From Chip to Cloud
For the first time in its 43-year history, Microsoft has announced a Linux-based operating system. The company announced its new holistic Azure Sphere platform for end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) security, which contains three levels: new custom microcontroller chips, the Azure Sphere Security Service for connecting and security IoT devices, and Azure Sphere OS, which runs on a custom Linux kernel.
Apr 16 11:00PM PCMAG

More Than Half of Android Apps for Kids Are Violating US Privacy Laws
Privacy experts have analyzed 5,855 child-directed Android apps and have found that more than half 57% are potentially violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), a US law protecting children's private data online. "We identified several concerning violations and trends: clear violations when apps share location or contact information without consent (4.
Apr 16 9:55PM BleepingComputer

Tapping the intelligent cloud to make security better and easier
There has been a distinct shift in my conversations with customers over the last year. Most have gone from asking 'can we still keep our assets secure as we adopt cloud services?,' to declaring, 'we are adopting cloud services in order to improve our security posture.
Apr 16 8:30PM

992 F2d 449 Vingelli v. United States
992 F.2d 449 61 USLW 2731, 37 Fed.
Apr 16 6:41PM OpenJurist

Blockchain and electronic health records: Hype or problem solver?
Innovation big data blockchain culture of care electronic health records patient data ransomware Electronic health records (EHRs) have been a long time coming, with blockchain touted as one of the technologies of promise, with a lot to offer in this field - specifically with relation to the minefield of issues relating to data privacy and patient autonomy. By TonyaStewart But, we must not get swept along by the hype surrounding the technology - much of it is generated by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which are, of course, built on blockchain technology.
Apr 16 4:12PM

Third-party and insider threats one of the biggest concerns to IT pros
External threats are not the main concern for IT professionals, but rather breaches that are linked to vulnerabilities caused by staff or third-party vendors operating within an organization's own network, Bomgar's 2018 Privileged Access Threat Report reveals. In fact, 50% of organizations claimed to have suffered a serious information security breach or expect to do so in the next six months, due to third-party and insider threats - up from 42% in 2017.
Apr 16 2:30PM Help Net Security