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CrowdStrike Launches $1 Million Security Breach Warranty
Covers all costs of a data breach that occurs within the systems protected by its EPP Complete endpoint security service.CrowdStrike is the latest security vendor to put its money where its product or service is with the offer of a $1 million warranty covering costs of a data breach for customers of its Falcon Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) Complete service.
Jun 5 8:56PM Dark Reading

Analysis: Data Breach Litigation Trends
Data Breach , Litigation , Ransomware Analysis: Data Breach Litigation Trends Attorney John Yanchunis Discusses the Latest Lawsuits Just as the cyberthreat landscape is evolving, so too are the data breach lawsuits filed in the wake of attacks, says attorney John Yanchunis, who has represented plaintiffs in many of these class action cases. For example, more suits are tied to ransomware attacks and involve efforts to recover related expenses.
Jun 5 7:30PM