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Google employee activism on diversity, Pentagon contract is shaking up Internet giant
Corrections & Clarifications: Clarifies Mozilla ex-CEO Brendan Eich's support of a California gay marriage ban. SAN FRANCISCO At Wednesday's shareholder meeting, a Google employee will step up to the microphone to argue that executive compensation should be tied to diversity goals.
Jun 5 8:20PM USA TODAY

Understanding The Internet of Things
Tech & Gadgets In recent years the use of the term the Internet of Things, often abbreviated to IoT, has rapidly increased and entered the everyday lexicon. But what does it actually mean? The Internet of Things refers to the connection of new technological devices to the internet - this can be anything from fridges to dog collars - and allows these devices to talk to each other and anything that has access.
Jun 5 6:04PM Business 2 Community

Friends lost their camera at Coachella. It only took the internet 1 day to reunite them.
The internet can be a beautiful place. During Coachella a few weeks ago, Garet Hanson found a lost disposable camera.
Jun 5 5:12PM Mashable

Mozilla Puts Up $225,000 to Explore How AI Threatens a 'Healthy Internet'
Mozilla announced on Tuesday that it's offering five-figure grants to researchers and creatives studying the impact of artificial intelligence on society. This latest round of the annual Mozilla awards will net lucky winners up to $50,000 for producing AI-awareness content: videos, browser extensions, or interactive data visualizations.
Jun 5 5:02PM Gizmodo