Debate & Dialogue
Creating a Welcoming Environment with Conservatives
As people convene this week for the National Week of Conversation, we wanted to share this piece from NCDD member org, The Village Square Tallahassee on how to build authentic relationships and civic events with conservatives. In order to truly engage the public, its vital to have an actual diverse group. Often times, particularly in the D&D field, the same usual suspects of left-leaning folks are gathered and Conservative-identifying are left out.
Apr 26 12:30PM

NCDD Teams Up for Bridging the Divides Workshop in CO
Several weeks back, I was invited by Colorado Common Cause to give a workshop at their monthly membership meeting in Denver, Colorado, on Bridging the Divide: or How to Have a Productive Political Conversation. This was an exciting opportunity to connect with this fantastic organization and share some of the best practices from the NCDD network on how to navigate emotionally-heated conversations. Huge thank you to all the participants who attended the event and made it an engaging experience! Another big thank you to Caroline Fry from Colorado Common Cause for inviting []
Apr 25 12:30PM

Ben Franklin Circles and Understanding Common Ground
One of the more challenging realities when trying to find common ground is that often times the core understanding of words can be dramatically different than from someone across the aisle. As NCDD board member, Jacob Hess discusses in this relevant piece with NCDD member org, the Ben Franklin Circles, while we live in a period of rampant hyperpartisanship how can we work together to find common ground when folks can have fundamentally different definitions? How do we take this phenomenon into account when building []
Apr 24 12:30PM

NIFI During NWOC and A Public Voice 2018 on May 9th
This week, people are hosting and participating in conversations around the country as part of the National Week of Conversation (and going on until this Saturday, April 28th). NWOC is an opportunity for folks to come together through conversation and build relationships, in order to continue healing the divisive state of our society. The National Issues Forums Institute (NIFI) and the Kettering Foundation both NCDD member organizations have created an issue guide to facilitate public deliberation around immigration; which is both a resource for []
Apr 23 12:30PM

National Week of Conversation Kicks Off Today!
Today officially kicks off the National Week of Conversation, an unprecedented week of connecting conversations that will run until next Saturday, April 28th! The last few years have been hard on conversations. 75% of Americans now believe our inability to engage civilly with one another has reached a crisis level. We have not been this divided since the 1850s.
Apr 20 12:30PM

Join Us at the Boston Public Library for April 24th Dialogues
For those of you in and around Boston, consider joining us next Tuesday (April 24th) for seven dialogue events at the Boston Public Library as part of the National Week of Conversation. NCDD has been working with the Boston Public Library and Big Tent Nation to offer these dialogues supported by highly skilled facilitators, and we encourage you to attend or to just help spread the word! All dialogues will take place in BPLs beautiful Central Library in Copley Square at 700 Boylston Street in []
Apr 19 12:30PM

Lessons from our Confab Call with Community Rights US
Last week we held our April Confab call about the Community Rights movement here in the US and its implications for our democracy. We were joined by two dozen participants to learn more about how this movement has helped people to be more participatory, exercise truer democratic practices, and work to protect the well-being of communities. It was an informative call and we encourage you to check out the recording! On the call, NCDD member Linda Ellinor interviewed Paul Cienfuegos who works in the Community []
Apr 18 12:30PM

Insights on Participatory Democracy via the Jefferson Center
NCDD member org, The Jefferson Center, recently shared their recap of the Innovations in Participatory Democracy conference that happened last month. In their reflections, they discuss the future opportunities for our democracy by better bringing together participatory principles and deliberative approaches. You can read the post below and find the original on Jefferson Centers site here.
Apr 17 12:30PM

Undivided Nation Bridging Divides One State at a Time
Have you been keeping up with the travels of NCDD member Undivided Nation? David and Erin Leaverton and their family are traveling to every state in the US in order to listen to peoples stories and bring folks together over dinner to dialogue with the other; all to explore the myriad of experiences in our country and to find our connection points despite differences. They have shared with us a powerful learning opportunity they experienced in their journey about the way divisions manifest in peoples lives and []
Apr 16 12:30PM

MetroQuest Webinar on TxDOT Innovative Engagement
Next week, NCDD member org MetroQuest will be hosting the webinar, Public Involvement - How TxDOT Engages Beyond Meetings; co-sponsored by NCDD, IAP2, and the American Planning Association (APA). The webinar on Tuesday, April 17th will feature speakers from the Texas Dept of Transportation on their innovative outreach approaches and how online engagement input is informing transportation decisions in Texas. You can read the announcement below or find the original on MetroQuest's site here.
Apr 13 12:30PM

Restorative Justice Webinar on Centering Survivors, 4/18
Next Wednesday, April 18th, the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice, a program of NCDD member org, the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, is offering a free restorative justice webinar on centering survivors. Join this critical conversation as the three RJ-informed speakers share their work, help to broaden the understanding of survivor/victim, and offer implications for centering survivors in RJ and other movements. You can read the post below and find the original on the Zehr Institute site here.
Apr 12 12:30PM

Join the Nat'l Week of Conversation Coming up Next Week
Have you checked out the National Week of Conversations site recently? There are currently over 70 events planned, either in person or online and more being added every day! Join the unprecedented National Week of Conversation starting next week on Friday, April 20th and going until Saturday, April 28th. This is a unique opportunity for Americans of different views to talk with each other and, more importantly, really listen to each other. We encourage you to go check out the site to sign up for an event []
Apr 11 12:30PM

The Better Arguments Project Nominations due TODAY
Now, this is a tight turnaround for this next announcement, but we wanted to give folks in our network a heads up in case you missed it. The Better Arguments Project is an effort for Americans to engage each other around core US values and they are seeking nominations for communities to host their Better Arguments forums. Applications are due TODAY April 10th, so check it out and get yours in ASAP! In the post below, learn more about the funding support and other opportunities []
Apr 10 12:30PM

NCDD2018 Call for Session Proposals is Now Open!
NCDD's 2018 National Conference on Dialogue & Deliberation is coming up this November 2-4 in downtown Denver. NCDD conferences bring together hundreds of the most active, thoughtful, and influential people involved in public engagement and group process work across the U.S.
Apr 9 12:30PM

Exploring How We Engage Values with Ben Franklin Circles
As we mentioned a couple of weeks back, we are going to be sharing stories from the Circles convened by NCDD member org, the Ben Franklin Circles. NCDD teamed up with BFC on this collaborative effort to bring alive the circle process our founding father, Ben Franklin, maintained for over 40 years. In the article, NCDD member Katherine Roxlo reflects on the Circle she convened in Scottsdale, Arizona with students from the Community College Initiative; and how the experience impacted the youth, as well as, []
Apr 6 12:30PM