Eminent Philosophers Name the 43 Most Important Philosophy Books Written Between 1950-2000: Wittgenstein, Foucault, Rawls & More
Image by Austrian National Library, via Wikimedia Commons Faced with the question, who are the most important philosophers of the 20th century?, I might find myself compelled to ask in turn, in respect to what? Ethics? Political philosophy? Philosophy of language, mind, science, religion, race, gender, sexuality? Phenomenology, Feminism, Critical theory? The domains of philosophy have so multiplied (and some might say siloed), that a number of prominent authors, including eminent philosophy professor Robert Solomon, have written vehement critiques against its entrenchment in academia, with all of the attendant pressures and rewards. Should every philosopher of the past have had to run the gauntlet of doctoral study, teaching, tenure, academic politics and continuous publication, we might never have heard from some of history's most luminous and original thinkers.
Apr 17 5:02PM Open Culture

How Moving to England Cured My 'American Verbal Inferiority Complex
I had lived in England for three years when Eats, Shoots and Leaves struck in 2003. English writer Lynne Truss' zero tolerance approach to pronunciation became a British publishing phenomenonhelped along by its fun title and its naming and shaming of proofreading sins.
Apr 17 1:30PM Zcalo Public Square

Our Towns
Features James and Deborah Fallows explore what the hell is happening in America. Heading west by small plane from the East Coast, writes James Fallows '70, you have a sense of going uphill, and into drier air.
Apr 17 4:20AM Harvard Magazine

GeekWire Awards 2018: CEO of the Year candidates lead their companies to big growth
They run companies across various industries, from AI training to text analysis to wireless networks. But all five of our GeekWire Awards candidates for CEO of the Year share a similar trait: leadership that's helped propel their respective companies to growth and success.
Apr 16 5:36PM GeekWire

Associate Professor in Statistics (151352)
NTNU - knowledge for a better world The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) creates knowledge for a better world and solutions that can change everyday life. Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical EngineeringDepartment of Mathematical Sciences The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) invites applications for a full-time associate professorship in statistics affiliated with the Department of Mathematical Sciences (IMF).
Apr 16 5:02PM

How do you pronounce Pulitzer?
Every year around this time, you'll hear two different things when people talk about the Pulitzer Prizes. There's the pull-it-sirs and the pew-lit-sirs.
Apr 16 12:12PM Poynter

Chomsky's linguistics and military funding: a non-issue
thought-provoking piece makes two independent assertions, though Knight sees them as crucially linked. The first is that the Pentagon had high hopes of applying the results of Chomsky's theorizing for military purposes.
Apr 16 12:53AM openDemocracy

A 'Brief' History of Neural Nets and Deep Learning
The beginning of a story spanning half a century, about how we learned to make computers learn | December 24, 2015 This is the first part of 'A Brief History of Neural Nets and Deep Learning'. Part 2 is here, and parts 3 and 4 are here and here.
Apr 16 12:45AM Andrey Kurenkov's Web World

Children's Gestures, and What They Mean
Summary: A new study explores how children's use of gestures is connected to communication and language acquisition. Source: Bielfeld University.
Apr 15 4:27PM Neuroscience News

The Stanford Natural Language Processing Group
| About | Download | Usage | Support | Questions | Release history | Open information extraction (open IE) refers to the extraction of relation tuples, typically binary relations, from plain text. The central difference is that the schema for these relations does not need to be specified in advance; typically the relation name is just the text linking two arguments.
Apr 15 6:37AM

Deep Learning Research Review Week 3: Natural Language Processing
This is the 3rd installment of a new series called Deep Learning Research Review. Every couple weeks or so, I'll be summarizing and explaining research papers in specific subfields of deep learning.
Apr 15 4:06AM Open Data Science

University of Sydney academics back BDS, as Israel guns down protesters
Dozens of academics at the University of Sydney have declared their support for the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, reported the Australian. According to the paper, the move comes as a response to the lethal crackdown by Israeli occupation forces on Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip.
Apr 14 7:44PM Palabroad

Reinventing the Rolodex: Why we're asking our 60,000 members what they know
There's a great untapped resource in journalism, and it's available to journalists right now. It's the experience and expertise of your readers.
Apr 14 10:49AM Medium

US, UK and France are bombing Syria! How Will Russia Respond? Lada Ray Analysis
The early Russian reports say that compared to last year's strike, twice as many missiles were used so far. But it appears US is promising that it was only the first wave, more is coming.
Apr 14 5:35AM Futurist Trendcast

Is British English Conquering America, or Vice Versa?
Advertisement StyleIt's not a vacation, but a holiday; not an apartment, but a flat. It's ring my mobile instead of call my cellphone, cheers for thanks, or brilliant instead of great! In recent years, so-called Anglocreep, the subtle adoption of British phrases into everyday American speech, has become a tic (or some might say an annoyance) among star-spangled strivers, particularly coastal creative types otherwise known as the chattering class, to invoke another Britishism.
Apr 13 8:01PM

Microsoft Power BI Desktop Gains Linguistics Capabilities
The Q&A feature in Microsoft's Power BI allows users to find answers and gather insights by posing questions using plain language. It can come in handy, but Microsoft is betting that it can do a better job with some help in the linguistics department.
Apr 13 12:15PM eWEEK

Is the Chinese Language a Superstition Machine?
Every year, more than a billion people around the world celebrate Chinese New Year and engage in a subtle linguistic dance with luck. You can think of it as a set of holiday rituals that resemble a courtship.
Apr 13 4:02AM Nautilus

Berkeley Project Managers Round Table 2018
Promote a better understanding of the localization project management environment on both sides of the industry Create a channel of open communication for project managers to discuss specific issues of localization project management outside the client-vendor relationship Discuss the dynamics of the localization activities on the client and vendor sides Peer-to-peer exchange of ideas Sharing of experiences Frank and free discussions of issues confronting the industry Networking Evaluation of recent developments Most Round Table attendees have three or more years of experience in localization project management. As a result, presentations and discussions deal with advanced topics.
Apr 12 11:03PM The Localization Institute

Webster's Second and Webster's Third: Editors going against stereotype
previous post | next post One of the most well-known pieces of lexicographic history is the controversy that greeted the publication of Webster's Third New International Dictionary. Whereas the predecessor of W3, Webster's Second New etc.
Apr 12 6:27PM Language Log

How To Analyze Unstructured Data Visually
From raw data to actionable intelligence, I will share how easy it is to collect, ingest and visually analyze unstructured data in this next Oceans of Data series article. Unstructured analytics is ideal for monitoring customer sentiment, gathering market intelligence and many other types of analysis.
Apr 12 3:19PM Analytics Industry Highlights