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Conversational UX: Repair Sequences
The last six months have been a pretty busy time in the Conversational UX (CUX) scene in Germany and the UK. I've taken part in lots of exciting courses and events related to conversational interfaces and have had the chance to speak with dozens of colleagues from across the world about recent developments in the field.
Dec 22 6:50PM Medium

Aquarium apologizes after viral tweet about 'thicc' sea otter spawns harsh backlash
After a brief moment of internet glory, a sea otter at Monterey Bay Aquarium has become the poster child for cultural appropriation. Abby delighted the internet Tuesday when Monterey Bay Aquarium shared a photograph of the animal along with a string of memes referencing her size.
Dec 21 4:14AM latimes.com

Aiera nails $3.5 million in funding
Source: Aiera Aiera (pronounced era), an adaptive deep learning platform designed to enhance active fundamental investment strategies, announced today a $3.5 million seed funding round led by Boston-based Flybridge Capital Partners.
Dec 20 10:53AM Finextra Research

Cheating students face FBI-style crackdown
On a handful of university campuses around the UK, a new weapon in the battle against cheating is being quietly tested. Many students know that cutting and pasting content can get them into trouble for plagiarism.
Dec 14 8:21AM BBC News

Jane Austen's Subtly Subversive Linguistics
Upon first reading Jane Austen, there are those who would reward her by smiles of approbation and others who would punish her with a cudgel (or in the words of Mark Twain, dig her up and beat her over the skull with her own shin-bone). Some two hundred years after her death, why is it Jane Austen is still so very much lovedand so very much hated? What is it about the slow-moving spectacle of good manners in grand manors, in a confined and unvarying society of three or four families, ending in a rewarding marriage to the satisfaction of all, that gets readers all fired up? Austen's contemporary Maria Edgeworth complained that there was no story in it.
Dec 13 3:14PM JSTOR Daily